Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Doll Reviews by Venetica

Today I will feature a really nice person called Lady Venetica. 

I found her Flickr and Youtube with a simple search of dolls, and got to see all of her albums. Why am I talking of this? Because she does really nice possability and aesthetics reviews of her dolls's bodies, and I found them pretty usefull. The posability reviews are on her Youtube channel, and the aesthetics on the Flickr account.

So far, I have seen two of the dolls I like over there, and it was fabolous to see the dolls in action in a video. If you want, go to see the videos and pics:


  1. I've never heard of Lady Venetica before, but I found it very useful. :) Thanks for the links!

  2. Hello Musume, this is Venetica. You are so sweet! Thank you so much for featuring my reviews on your blog:)

    1. It is no problem at all! Thanks to ou for doing those reviews!