Size: Mini

This are the dolls I own, that are mini-sized (1/4, around 40cm tall). At the beginning, when I got Coco -my first doll- I wasn't sure I would be able to have an story for my dolls; however, through playing with her, sewing and taking photos, I came to 'realize' some sort of personality for her, and through it, a whole story.

I currently own only one doll of this story, but I have planned two more, that I hope to have some day. You can read more about those characters on my Charahub page.

NOTE: I do not support recast/fake dolls. I'm pro-artist, and all my dolls are originals.

Story Setting

The story is about humans, all between their 20-ish and 30-ish, that are somehow related to the fashion industry, either being models or fashion-reporters. The main character is Coco Seong, a fashion model that is from mixed race; some people say she got into the industry thanks to her mother, a renowned manager of a fashion magazine.

The plot is very simple, and goes about the girls working on a fashion brand in Paris, and that has a diversity of models. Most of the planned characters speak several languages -as I do love languages- and play some musical instrument.

There is more info about this story on the following categories. "Stories" has writing blog posts with stories and narrative about the ongoing story, and the "World" category contains facts and other secondary 'lore' about the world.

Coco Seong

Sculpt: Withdoll Rachel, basic edition, big breast, new wrist, normal skin.
Size:  41cm ~ mature mini.
Faceup: default ~with requested modifications.
Wig: LullabyPoem LPW-002, in Milky Brown.
Eyes: Garodoll urethanes, 12mm small irises, light blue color.
Character Profile:  [ here ]
DoA's Doll Profile: [ here ]
Box Opening:  [ here ] (excuse the horrid photos).

Venezia Reyes

Sculpt: Iplehouse JID Violet, doll choice, glamour bust, mobility joint, glow light brown.
Size: 43cm ~ mature mini.
Faceup: Stella's B-Type faceup, with black eyebrows.
Wig: Iplehouse IHW_SS035, 6-7", color black.
Eyes: Garodoll Urethanes, 12mm small iris, custom hazel color.
Character Profile: [ here ]
DoA's Doll Profile: [ here ]
Box Opening: [ here ] (with Kitty Cookie).