Sunday 24 April 2016

Researching BJDs (2/4): Realistic Minis

Hello! Here is another of my "list posts" regarding a given type of BJDs. The first post was about mature minis and you can read it here.

This post focuses on realistic minis. What are they? Tipically promoted as fashion lines, they have mature and proportional bodies in 1/4 size, they are usually pin-headed (4-5" wigs) and use very small eyes. I'm talking only about resin dolls here, and I have guided myself on what is approved in DoA, to avoid any issues.

As with the post before, I will be touching the same topics for each brand: head size, eyes size, available face ups, available skin tones, body options, sales type (basics, limiteds, pre-orders), other information and links to the sales page. I hope you will find this useful!

Finally, this list does include male dolls, because they are easier to find, and usually companies offer similarly styled dolls both for male and female, which is different of what happens with mature minis (usually mature female dolls and childish boy sculpts with six-packs).

The list will start under the cut, and all images belong to the respective companies. Beware of doll nudity!

Fairyland Chicline

Head size: Close to 5" for both male and female.

Eyes size: 6mm.

Face-ups: Default only.

Skin tones: White and normal, although some limited releases had a light tan skin.

Body options: Two types of busts, and two types of legs for the female dolls. This line has faceplates. Sales type: Originally, there were the a la carte system, basic dolls, and limiteds. The line is currently at a halt with everything sold-out, but I haven't heard of Fairyland discountinuing them permanently, and that is why I have included them.

Other info: This body poses really well, and I've seen a lot of hybrids.

Links: FL Chicline website section.


Head size: 5"-6", although closer to 5".

Eyes size: 6~8mm. Small irises appear to fit them best.

Face-ups: Default only.

Skin tones: White, normal and mocha. The mocha skin is limited.

Body options: Currently there are only female dolls. There are two bodies (glamorous and slim) which vary on the hip size; there is also two bust options (small and big).

Sales type: Basic dolls and limiteds.

Other info: The artist behind Raccoon doll used to work with Iplehouse, and made several famous sculpts. However, I do not know why they split. The artist has also said they are working on a male body and doll, but so far there haven't been any news. Also, Raccoon has new face sculpts very often.

Links: Raccoon woman doll sales page. You can also check Bustamante119's video comparison of a Raccoon doll with other minis (including a JID Violet, a Souldoll Vito, Soulkid Girl, Minifee, and others).

Dollshe Fashion

Head size: 4-5".

Eyes size: 6~8mm, preferably small iris.

Face-ups: Dollshe does not offer faceups.

Skin tones: From white to dark tan, including new special colos as grey, blue and so on.

Body options: There are two male bodies: a slimmer one (line 18M) and a shredded one (26M). The 26M male body has two options (named Pose and Pose+) that has extra joints. The female body (26F) has three types of bust, from flat to full, and heel legs. There are also make-up hands, glasses, and other special parts.

Sales type: Basic dolls only.

Other info: When I checked DoA, the waiting time for this dolls was roughly 12 months. I'm not sure if this time has been reduced or increased. There is also a "16F Female Line" listed on the site, so there will probably be a new female line in this size, with a different body.

Links: Male Line 18M, Male Line 28M, Female Line 26F. Also, there is an interview with Dollshe.

Lumedoll 1/4

Head size: 5-6". Thanks Customlovers!

Eyes size: 6mm, preferably low dome and small irises.

Face-ups: Default only.

Skin tones: From white to tan, and occasionally gray (the zombie event).

Body options: There are no options, but you can order a male head in a female body, and a female head on a male body.

Sales type: Basics doll only. The artist used to sell B-grade kits (dolls of lower quality) unstrung and with a lower price on her official eBay account. Those dolls are sell by the artist herself, so they are legit.

Other info: The artist behind this brand is American. Also, the dolls are not sorted by size on the website, so you'll need to check their measures.

Links: Sales page. Also, I have an interview with Lumedoll. Finally, I have a comparison of male Lumedoll with female Withdoll.

aGattiDoll 1/4

Head size: 5.8", it is one of the bigger heads on this list.

Eyes size: 6mm, preferably small irises.

Face-ups: as far as I know, the dolls are sold blank only.

Skin tones: it has an incredible variety, including several shades of tans, which is not a common thing. There are some really dark skins, and very pale whites too.

Body options: There are no bust/joints options, but you can add additional pairs of feet.

Sales type: First of all, this artist is approved in DoA. However, they don't have a sales page, and sell their dolls through pre-orders arranged in Flickr. I highly suggest checking their Flickr to see how amazing their doll bodies pose.

Other info: For what I've seen, this artist provides one of the most realistic faces, and also have very ethnic/older-looking sculpts. They have also based their designs in idols/actors/famous people.

Links: Artist Flickr. Also, check this review from an owner who got an aGatti Guarvo.

Dollmore 16inch FMD BJD

Head size: 5". They should use 4-5" wigs.

Eyes size: 6mm, preferably small irises.

Face-ups: Default only.

Skin tones: They have from white to tan, but the color is fixed depending on the sculpt. Body options: There are no body options.

Sales type: Only quantity limited editions.

Other info: I wasn't able to find photos of the bodies, so this pictures are from some of the releases, to get an overall idea of the doll.

Links: Dollmore sales page.

Wilhelm (head for Chicline)

No photos of the body, because this is only a head

Head size: 4.5" (should wear 4-5" wigs).

Eyes size: 6mm.

Face-ups: Blank only.

Skin tones: White and peach, both are close resin match to Fairylands.

Body options: N/A. This is a head only created to fit the FL Chicline body.

Sales type: Through storenvy. It appears they have in stock, or are casted upon request.

Other info: The artist is from Netherlands, and so far they only did this one head. The thread on DoA has been quiet since 2014. There has been no new heads or releases after this one.

Links: Artist's storenvy.

Popovy Sisters

Head size: 4-5". They even sell the characteristic wigs made by the sisters, in the wig section of the shop.

Eyes size: 4~6mm, small irises.

Face-ups: They have a number of default faceups, and you can choose which style you want for your doll. They do not do custom face ups.

Skin tones: from white to light tan.

Body options: There is only a female body, with no bust/joints option. However, you can choose the feet type, as they also come with ballet feet.

Sales type: Basic and limited dolls.

Other info: The glass-eyes versions are approved in DoA, and can be discussed there!

Links: Sales page in the website; take in mind you need to add everything separatedly: face ups are in a different section than the dolls. Also, I have an interview with Popovy Sisters.

Extra Comparison: I found this post on DoA that compares a ChicLine, a Dollshe 28M and a aGatti Guarvo. I personally think they all look very proportionate together.

This was all for this new list! Once again, thanks to Tsukiyono for helping me with the research for this list!! I love researching dolls, and had a lot of fun doing this list.

The next one will be mature bodies to make hybrids, so if you happen to have an hybrid and want to collaborate, please contact me so we can arrange photos/credits and all! Also, feel free to let me know if I missed any artist/company in here, just give me the link and I will add them.

Finally, don't forget to check out my Etsy! Hope you find this useful, and have a perfect weekend! :D


  1. I only knew chich line and dollshe fashion dolls haha so thanks for this list!! I always thought popovy dolls were Sds for some reason

    I LOVE this kind of proportions, but its so hard to find tiny eyes and make them look good in photos, so I always end up gravitating towards big eyed dolls in the end XD love seeing what everyone does with theirs though!

    1. Popovy's are 40cm! I love this size too, but the eyes and wigs are an issue, as you say! The adventage is that many of them can wear fashion dolls shoes, so pretty shoes are available! :D

  2. I'd never heard of aGatti before, but looking through their flickr they have some stunning offerings - thanks for sharing their info!

    I have a Lumedoll mini (Atik, specifically), and he's fantastic - love everything about him from the resin weight to the sculpt to the engineering. My only complaint there is the trouble finding ready-made wigs that fit.

    1. They make amazing dolls! Recently the DoA thread has been really active due to the new pre-order.
      Lumedoll guys are awesome,I agree! But the wigs, you certainty have a point there.

  3. Ahh, the popovy sisters dolls are so pretty~~ :D Thanks for the review!

  4. Los lumes tienen cabeza de 5-6, no de 4 pulgadas. De hecho, no tienen menos cabeza que un Agatti:

    1. Actualizado! Muchas gracias por el dato :D

  5. Adore the Popovy sisters dolls! That is some amazing work! And thanks for the review, learned some new things!

  6. The Popovy sisters really won my heart! Thanks for the review, I love learning about new dolls!!

    1. Those are amazing dolls, indeed!
      Glad you liked the post!

  7. Unoa Quluts Second maybe can be add?

    1. That is a good suggestion!! I will add it!

  8. it's really cool blog. Linking is very useful have really helped realistic doll