Size: Big-Headed

This are the dolls I own, that are Blythe-like. I love Blythe's clothes, but don't tend to dig their face sculpts that much... and I prefer to stick to BJDs. So these are BJDs that have Blythe-like or Pullip-like proportions... but they are still made in resin and strung up! These dolls have no story for now.

NOTE: I do not support recast/fake dolls. I'm pro-artist, and all my dolls are originals.


Sculpt: ClockworkFaery Alice, Caramel skin.
Size: 27cm tall, 10" head.
Faceup: by myself.
Wig: CRWL-13, Smoky Sliver. Cropped by me.
Eyes: MehiArt, custom 24mm/12mm (sclera/iris).
Character Profile: N/A
DoA's Doll Profile: [ here ]
Box Opening: [ here ]