Sunday, 17 January 2021

Another Dragon's Anniversary!

Hello everybody! You know, I always say the same stuff: it is unbelievable! Time flies! ;Anyways, today we are celebrating Aion and Nyx's 3rd bday/arrival anniversary (they are from 2018) and Eiar's 1st (from 2020!).

Theros didn't arrive close to them, but she wanted to participate in the celebrations anyways... and may have stolen the podium to blow the candle humans prepared for them. You know... if your cookies are stolen, that is because the dragons visited your hourse. Beware of them!

Sunday, 10 January 2021

BJD Goals for 2021

Hello everybody! We are welcoming a new year, and thus, it is time for the goals of the year. I like doing this to have some sort of sense of direction to where my hobby is going during a given day. I know 2020 was crazy, and the new normal is probably going to be weird... but I'll try to put up so goals and stick to it!

Before we start, have a Cookie. She is looking adorable in this new dress!

Sunday, 3 January 2021

V's Bday!

You know, I had to actually go back to my own previous posts and double check on V's box opening post, and then stare at the posting date for a solid 5 minutes. Picture me in the full stare, with my elbows on the desk and my head resting in my hands, as realisation downed upon me. 

Venezia arrived in 2017. It is January 2021. Venezia is 4 years old. Like WTF? How did that even happen? Where did the time go? Dude!

Okay, enough with the rants. The outfit I made for this photoshoot was inspired by this photo and outfit by @poppylovesfashion on Instagram. Also, I tried to make these pics fall in the categories of "fashion" and "full body" from OrchidDolls' photo challenge. Yeah, I'm still doing that challenge.

Anyways, no story, no photo analysis, just a bunch of pics to celebrate that V is dang gorgeous, incredible photogenic, and that I have had my grail doll for 4 years! Even if it sounds unbelievable, though.

Wednesday, 30 December 2020

Happy New Year!!

Hello everyone!! 2020 is almost gone, so here is to wishing you an awesome 2021! You deserve the best!. Here is Kanon wishing you the best! I know I have several pictures that are quite similar, but she was looking adorable and couldn't help it.

Also, I finally redid her faceup (in the same style), got her new lashes and a new Crobidoll wig, and I'm loving her style!!

Thursday, 24 December 2020

Merry Xmas Everyone!!

Hello everybody! We are almost finishing the year, so it is time for some xmas photos! This time, I am featuring my dragons. As this is the season of colourful lights everywhere, I warn you about the overflow of bokeh in all the photos of this set. Because there is nothing more xmas-y than bokeh and snow! Anyways, here is one and more under the cut.