Sunday, 2 May 2021

Interview with PuppetTalesDolls

Hello everybody! New month is here and we have another interview! Please, welcome Kyohe and Kaya from PuppetTalesDolls--they are two very skilled customisers from Brazil. As always, all images are used with permission, and the interview is both in English and Spanish. Enjoy!

Hello and thank you for doing the interview! Would you introduce yourself to our readers?
Hi, we're a store formed by two girls, Kyohei, who is the dollmaker and customizer and Kaya, who takes care of the customer service, wigs and clothes. We're married made 10 years and have a lot of love for this amazing work wich is made our customers dreams come true! We're from Brazil, living in Curitiba, Paraná at the moment. As we're two different people, we'll answer with our names when the question is only for one of us.
¡Hola y gracias por hacer la entrevista! ¿Se presentarían a los lectores?
Hola, somos una tienda formada por dos chicas, Kyohei que hace las muñecas y las customiza, y Kaya, que se encarga del servicio al cliente, pelucas y ropas. Estamos casadas desde hace 10 años, y tenemos mucho amor por este increíble trabajo que es hacer realidad los sueños de nuestros clientes. Somos de Brasil, viviendo Curitiba, Paraná en este momento. Como somos dos personas diferentes, vamos a responder con el hombre cuando la pregunta es para una sola.

Sunday, 18 April 2021

Dragons Coven ~ Photography Challenge

Yes, it is Musume, who is still doing the Photography Challenge! At least I am having fun, and it makes me try new, weird things! Anyways, beware of photography rant ahead.

Anyways, I got some good news on October/November, so I decided to splurge to congratulate myself... and ended up purchasing more vintage lenses. Why? Because they are cheap, and I don't need autofocus to focus dolls. Dolls will "wait" for me to be ther 15min trying to get tack-sharp focus. Anyways, I found this guy who had an arsenal of vintage lenses, and among them, had a very unique thing: a Carl Zeiss Jena 100-300mm F4.5-5.6 that was using the Minolta mount! I had to research them as well because I only knew the moder Sony Zeiss. It turns out that this lens was from 1962, and Jena was the side of the factory that ended up in East Germany. The lens is huge and heavy (about 700gr just the lens).

I wasn't that keen on getting telephoto lenses for dolls, but as I said, it was cheap (like USD 55) and in such a perfectly mint condition that even included the original (leather!!!) carry case. So I practiced a bit at home with it, and went to the park. The photography challenge had Full Body and Silhouette. I know I did both already, but I wanted a different take on it: I wanted to make the dragons standout in a fully blurred background. Here is my top photo, and before/afters plus setup photos underneath!

Sunday, 11 April 2021

Interview with SpiritImprint!

Hello everybody! New month, new interview! Please, welcome Anna from SpiritImprint! You probably know her because of the amazing She Is a Dragon. As always, the interview is in English and Spanish, and all the photos are used with permission. Let´s start!

Hello! Thank you for doing this interview! Will you introduce yourself to the readers?
Hello! My name is Anna and I am known as CrowBlackJay. I am a doll author from Russia.
¡Hola! ¡Gracias por hacer la entrevista! ¿Te presentarías a los lectores?
¡Hola! Mi nombre es Anna, y me conocen como CrowBlackJay. Soy una autora de muñecas de Rusia.

Sunday, 4 April 2021

Chicks, Bunnies... and the Chocolate?

Well... basically, I had the chicks, I had the bunny, but I couldn't get miniature chocolate eggs, so that's why the title! Anyways, getting these photos was such an "adventure".

First, the camera decides to stop reading the cards. Mind you, I have two high-quality 128gb cards because the a7Riv just takes so much;space with each RAW photo. And then, Kanon fell like 4 times. And then, because it wasn't enough, I hurt one of my ankles. Oh, and a spider crawled on my backpack. Like just... I just wanted to take photos D: D:

Anyways, Kanon is looking adorable, as always.

Sunday, 28 March 2021

Reflection ~ Photo Challenge

Yes, I have not finished the challenge, and I regret nothing. Just so that the link is here, I am still doing @OrchindDoll's Photography Challenge, at a very snail-like pace. Nevermind me. Today, I want to show you my take on the Reflection topic... and share some good laughs about this! Anyways, this is the final photo, and will rant more under the cut.