Sunday, February 17, 2019

Valentine's Day ~ Short Story

Ok, this one was hard to figure out. I didn't want to make a story with V and Coco because they are not a established relationship, and I thought that maybe some of you may get bored of reading about their story? So I did a little brainstorming and came up with this idea: you know... kitten fairies like to get inside human houses and sort of... use, their things.

So here it is Cookie, again, proving to Merry that kitten fairies do have this tendency in fact. And maybe... Merry gets carried out with the Valentine's goodies.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Theros ~ Character Info

Well, Theros eyes took its sweet time to arrive, and then I already had posts planned (you know, I schedule posts months ahead, just to be sure that if something happens, I can still post something on my blog).

So here it is, finally! Theros proper introduction and backstory! The gorgeous eyes are from ShrikeAesthetics, and they are perfect! I knew I wanted rainbows for a character as soon as I saw them for the first time. I want to be crystal clear when I say that my issues and delays were because of customs and NOT because of the artist. She even shipped an extra pair of eyes for free to me... and those were the ones that arrived. The original pair is still MIA at customs.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Interview with Depths Dolls

Another interview is here, and we are starting the 7th year of interviews!! Woohoo! Who would have thought that seven years after opening this blog, I would still be here. It is amazing.

Anyways, today I bring you Aurélien from Depths Dolls! He is renown for his anthro dolls like bunny Giorria, or his mermaids. As always, this is in English and Spanish, and all photos were used with permission. So, without further ado... let's start!

Hi there! Thank you so, so much for agreeing to the interview! Will you introduce yourself to the readers?
Hello and thank you for doing this interview!! My name is Aurélien, I’m a French man of 31 years old. Originally from the south of France, I live near Montreal now. My company name is Depths Dolls, because I always have been obsessed with mermaids!
¡Hola! ¡Muchas gracias por aceptar la entrevista! ¿Te presentarías a los lectores?
¡¡Hola y gracias por hacer esta entrevista!! Mi nombre es Aurélien, soy un hombre francés de 31 años de edad. Originario del sur de Francia, ahora vivo cerca de Montreal. El nombre de mi tienda es Depth Dolls, ¡porque siempre he estado obsesionado con las sirenas!

Deilf, limited edition for LDoll2016. Photo by Shimiro.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Shrike Aesthetics Urethane Eyes ~ Review

Hey there! I finally can share with you the review of Shrike Aesthetic's urethane eyes! I ordered twice from her, and I definitely want my dragons to have her eyes, as she makes incredible products. Here is a video review with subtitles in English and Spanish. Also, remember that I have an interview with her, if you want to read it.

There are some closeup photos and other stuff under the cut!

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Dragons' Anniversary? ~ Short Story

And so, I apparently have reached the state in which a) I have too many dolls or b) I have too much work, and either (or both) are making me forget my dolls' arrival dates. To prevent any further oblivion, I decided to make a draft post where I put all the dolls ordered by arrival dates. I have them all clustered from January to May, actually!

And so, today we are celebrating Aion and Nyx arrival, and my stepping down into the rabbit (or maybe dragony?) hole of wanting an army of tiny and adorable Aileendoll Plapicos to paint. Anyways! Here is a very small story and you will see that my poor hubby had to bite the mini-pudin to make it look like Aion's fault xD