Sunday, March 24, 2019

The Jungle ~ Story Time

Hello there! Well, one day I decided to bring a small Dandelion in a pot to the house. It had a very small patch of green, so I still had my potted plants. Fast forward a couple weeks, plain summery November, when I realized that patch was now covered in Dandelions.And they were so big! So I got this idea of Kitty Cookie in the "human jungle" trying to find something...

I had other posts scheduled before, so I kept pushing this story... you know I tend to schedule my posts with a lot of time ahead! So anyways, here are some simple pics and the story!

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Calina Awoke!

Well, finally! She always had an open eyed head, but we never had eyes for her... and she had one eye-well slightly bigger than the other. So when I repainted her I made her eyes even, and we purchased urethanes from Shrike Aesthetics. And after they arrived, I made her a new outfit to celebrate!

But you know me, and I tend to have posts scheduled ahead of time, just in case something happens. So I made this back in November, and here I'm finally sharing the photos! No story, just photos. Enjoy!

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Double Birthday! ~ Short Story

And yes, it is another bday post!! Merry and Cookie have their anniversaries on the 4th and the 13th, so once again I'm making a single story for both of them together. I'm sort of running out of ideas for their presents!

Anyways, as always, the story starts under the cut!

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

I Rehomed Coco ~ My Thoughts

Well, it is hard to put into words, but I had to take this decision. I need to make a payment regarding my kitty's immigration during this week, and I did not have enough money for it -I did a sale on my Etsy, but I barely raised around $30, as patterns are quite cheap. I need to thank DaggrySaga for the moral support she gave me.

I did not let Coco go because I wasn't bonding or something like that, but because I needed to be an adult and prioritize my cat. Merry and Theros were gifts, and I cannot sell them. Cookie (fairy and kitty version) are sold out, and cannot be bought again. Venezia is way too expensive, my grail, and knowing Iple tendency to randomly discontinue dolls... Coco was the only one, sadly.

I hoped she would go fast, and I had seven (!!) people interested on her, the same day I posted her in a local group. She is going to a home with a guy who appears to be very kind, and owns all legit dolls (as far as I know, though). He even asked me if he could keep her name, and I said yes.

So I got thinking about why people tend to list dolls as rehomed or adopted instead of sold. And now I know. Coco she wasn't a simple object to me. She taught me so many things! Like sewing, photography... but most of all, that I could get anything if I put my work into it, even if it took me years of saving pennies. She taught me to never say something was "impossible". She was my princess, as cheesy as it may sound.

So no, I could not refer to her as sold. Because she was much more than a collectible. I cried when I washed her and redid her hot-glue, while packing her, while picking the gift eyes I would send... and then I realized that it was slightly easier to think of her as rehomed or adopted. It made me feel less bad about this.

BTW, I am keeping her eyes and wig, and the Cinderella shoes I had. Someday I will bring her back. Her character is not dead or something.

Just a warning. As I am moving soon (probably near end of April/early May), I had quite a few post already prepared... up to August, if I'm honest. So you will see some photos and posts with her in the upcoming months, even if she is not here anymore. I don't know if that will make things harder or easier. Probably the first one, to me.

Thank you for reading this, but I had to vent a little about my thoughts, and this blog is my place to do it. Random mindless and happier posts return this weekend, as scheduled ;)

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Interview with SleepySheepy's Dreams

Hello everybody! Another interview is here, as proof that time flies! Today I want to introduce Niki from SleepySheepy's Dreams to you: she is a very versatile artist based on the USA. I hope you will love this interview!

As always, all photos are used with permission, and the interview is in English and Spanish. So without further ado... let's start!

Hello and thank you for doing this! Would you introduce yourself?
Hello, my name is Niki, I’m known as Sleepy.Sheepy’s.Dreams and I am a doll maker, BJD wig maker and face-up artist located in the USA, in the smallest state - Rhode Island!
¡Hola, y gracias por la entrevista! ¿Te presentarías?
Hola, mi nombre es Niki, y me conocen como Sleepy-Sheepy’s Dreams. Soy una artista de muñecas BJDs, hago pelucas y maquillajes desde USA, en el estado más pequeño: Isla Rhode.