Sunday, 20 October 2019

Harvesting Pumpkins ~ Lore

Halloween approaches, which is a Autumn-centred celebration. But Down Under is on Spring! Spring! Finally! Nevermind, my point is that every garden has beautiful flowers, saplings, and colorful green leaves, which are not appropriate for Halloween pictures. At all. Then, I remember that a garden nearby had this "floorings" around some large trees made of chopped wood or tiny bits of wood.

And so, I approached my partner with the dreaded question: "Can we go to take pictures to that park so I can lay on my stomach and roll on the ground again?". Of course, here is safe enough to go out and embarrass myself alone, but all habits die hard, and a second pair of hands comes in really handy when trying to collect all props as fast as possible. Because yes. Otherwise, where would I find pumpkins, in the middle of a city, during Spring?

Monday, 14 October 2019

Photography with Dolls: Lenses

Welcome back to another post on the Doll Photography series! You can read the whole post (and watch the video) on camera bodies and types here. Today's post is all about lenses. Of course, this is a simplified version as before, but it will hopefully give you a first quick look at lenses, types, what they are used for, and how they behave in full-frame or crop-sensor cameras.

So after that, the bottom has some links on useful videos (if you want to get more knowledge or insight) from experts because, at the end of the day, I'm just an amateur. And then, there are also some suggestions of possible lenses for different types of cameras.

Sunday, 6 October 2019

Fairies and Flowers ~ Lore

And so, it happened that one day I went to the supermarket with my partner and there was a guy selling flowers outside! He had this beautiful bouquet of purple and white flowers... which we brought home. So I originally thought about taking only a single shot of Cookie to share on Instagram, but then things happened, and the flowers where too pretty.

Therefore, I felt inspired to write a little bit of lore for the fairies, and here it is! I hope you will enjoy it! It is under the cut!

Sunday, 29 September 2019

Interview with Ebidoll

Hello everybody! New month is here, and this time we welcome Ebidoll to the blog! He makes amazing wigs, and is a real-life wig-maker, so his work is amazing! As always, all images are used with permission, and you can read this in English and Spanish. So... let's start!

Hi there! Welcome! Can you introduce yourself?
Hi, I’m Ebidoll a French guy, I’m 27 years old and I’m a wig maker in real life, this is my job. I’m making wig for dolls and also sometimes for people suffering from cancer. I love sharing and talk with people all around the world about our passion which is about the dolls. I remember when I was young (maybe at 5yo) trying a lot of hairstyle on my barbie doll (thanks mom to let your son playing with barbie dolls!), I’m a hair fetishist it obsessed me since I’m born! I remember I wanted at 4yo a plushies, something really different from the other kids because, this plushies was a cotton body but with a big barbie doll head with long hair (I wanted her just for the hair ahaha). So yeah, I’m making my kid dream job, and I can live my dream because of you. I feel really lucky!
¡Hola! ¡Bienvenido! Puedes presentarte?
Hola, Soy Ebidoll, un chico francés. Tengo 27 años de edad, y hago pelucas en la vida real. Este es mi trabajo. Estoy hacienda pelucas para muñecas, y también para personas que padecen cáncer. Me encanta compartir y hablar con las personas de todo el mundo, sobre nuestra pasión que son las muñecas. Recuerdo que cuando era chico (quizás cinco años), intentando muchos peinados en mi muñeca Barbie (¡gracias a mi madre por dejar a su hijo jugar con muñecas!) descubrí que tengo un fetiche con el cabello y ¡que me obsesiona desde que nací! Recuerdo que cuando tenía cuatro años yo quería un peluche, algo distinto de los otros chicos, porque este en particular tenía cuerpo de algodón pero una gran cabeza de Barbie con cabello largo (¡yo sólo lo quería por el cabello!). Así que sí, estoy haciendo el trabajo de mis sueños de cuando era chico, y puedo hacerlo gracias a ustedes. ¡Me siento muy afortunado!

Sunday, 22 September 2019

Draconic Spring!

Well, this is just a silly post of pictures and nothing else. But the first weekend after getting my new camera, we went to a nearby park so I could take pictures. Imagine me, almost 1.70m, literally lying on the ground, belly down, trying to look through the camera's view, pointing and shooting photos of my dragons in weird angles. All of that, while I muttered to myself: "I am an adult. I have 30 years. I am an adult".

I went there with my partner, so I could embarrass him, and when he heard me muttering those words, he told me: "It is funny how you are ashamed of going into a photography store and asking something, but you have no issues on lying here in the middle of the road". I haven't realised. But oh well!

By the way, I am trying a different thing here. Since this pics are not "connected" into a story, I tried different ways of editing, according to the colors or things. What do you think?