Sunday 19 November 2023

Dawn, at Dawn

Apologies everyone for another delay. This was a pre-prepared post I hadn't shared. Not sure what I'll do, to be honest. In any case, enjoy the photos--I think some of these are stunners.

Well, one of the unexpected advantages of winter, is that I was able to walk my way to a park to take photos soon after dawn... and didn't have to wake at 4am to be ready! In any case, my dragon Dawn, deserves to be photographed at dawn, as she invokes it.

Truth to be told, taking these photos was quite difficult. As you know, I shoot with adapted vintage lenses and leverage Sony's system to use focus peaks to help with manual focus (you can read more on my post here). The problem is that shooting with the high contrast levels that I wanted here totally screws the peaking system, and I was left to rely on my insticts.

Good thing that my photography instincts are so attuned!

Sunday 29 October 2023

Dragons' Eyes

First of all, I apologise to my readers. Life happened, and it was increasingly hard to keep posting. I have some more posts to share, but I'm unsure what will happen, to be honest. It's been a bit rought, sadly =S

In which I was bored, and wanted to play with a macro adapter. I took this with a large Vivitar, and a few boxes to hold the unwielding thing steady. It was quite demanding, you'll see, because every teeny tiny movement would literally bring things out of focus. Likewise, since I was so up-close the doll, generally a single eye is in focus. Here is a teaser, and more under the cut.

Friday 22 September 2023

Dawn's Flare

I know--three posts in the same month to discuss the same dragon! It turns out, that this is an "outtake" from Dawn's photo session... but I'm obsessed with harnessing/causing lens flares in photos, and also learning how to edit a photo with a flare. I somehow managed several on my other run with Kitty Cookie, but when I took Dawn's out it was literally the golden hour, I put out the camera... and got the biggest flare of them all.

Don't expect much of this post. Just four edits of the same photo, and mi rambling about WTF I got!

Sunday 10 September 2023

Sweet Dreams!

Well, Sandy is by far, the most neglected doll I have. She's stunning and pretty, yet somehow I never integrated her with Merry and Cookie. I guess that's a photo that I have pending. So, Sandy takes her name from the Sandman, because she's a Fairy of Dreams; cue in, I was listening to a classic song--Sweet Dreams. Mind you, it speaks of anything but sweet dreams, but I had this idea of enveloping the camera in fabric, and making Sandy seem to be between the clouds of dreams, eating desserts.

This is what I got. Mind you, partner had to actually hold the fabric at very specific angles, so I could get the shot. Bless him.

Sunday 3 September 2023

Hope in Pink

This is actually an old dress I did for Kanon, so it doesn't really fit Hope's thicker neck (the rest is fine, though).

Now, the problem with this photoshoot is that it was a particularly cold and windy day--but there was sun. You know, that good, shiny, unclouded sky that seldom happens in winter. Fastforwards to the second photo, and there I wass, beneath a puffer jacket and a thick beanie, shivering like a madwoman and with a hand so cold it was starting to get red. I had to go to a coffee shop and get a takeaway tea just to curl my fingers around something and continue taking photos.

In any case, some of the photos are nice, and I wanted to share them!