Sunday, June 17, 2018

Aion ~ Character Info

Now that my dragons are complete, I think it is time I finally introduce their characters properly! I sort of rambled about it when I first disclosed my secret project... but that was ages ago! I will be using the same items that I used for Cookie and Merry. I will start with Aion and Nyx will be the next one with a character info sheet.

I hope you will find their characters interesting! Anyways, here is a photo, and everything is under the cut :D

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Cookie's Kitty Form

To be honest... I realized I never explained how it is that Cookie can transform into a kitty. I did mention it on Cookie's questionnaire, but then I thought it would be interesting to make a small story sharing how she actually transformed for the first time.

This is not a photostory, but a text, and the photos go along with the story. I hope you will enjoy it! It starts after the cut :D

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Interview with Geminick

Hello everybody! A new interview is here! Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Jessica, aka Geminick. She is a BJD-maker from Sweden who sells her dolls as Geminick Creations and she was also part of the JointedHearts committee.

This interview has some questions as part of a video, and others as a traditional written interview. All images and footage you'll see were kindly supplied by Jessica and used with her permission. The video is subtitled in English, Spanish and Sweedish, and the written interview is on English and Spanish. I hope you will enjoy this!

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Dragon Myths ~ Lore

Hello there!! Well it is official! Here is the first story with my dragons! I had this crazy idea when I first showed my dragons to my dad. He was thinking on something like... Cuartos dragons, probably, and he started laughing when he saw the cuteness of Plapicos.

So, anyways. I asked my mom, and she very patiently drew the two portraits you'll see on this photos. I took her a little because I am a very picky person, and we couldn't agree on the concept. So anyways, here is the first photo, and the story is under the cut.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Merry & The Beanstalk

This is one of the things I just had to do. We have a dieffenbachia (or dumbcane) which is a gorgeous plant, and since we repotted it and changed its location it is splendid. But saw it and kept seeing the thick stalk and the huge leaves... and I couldn't stop thinking that it would be the perfect beanstalk for Merry. And she, being as naïve as is she, she would have thought the story was true.

So, as an adult, I did what was expected to me. Asked my mom for some beans, which she gladly provided though she didn't understood why I asked for "3 beans" (what can you do with only 3 beans, exactly?), and the proceeded to paint them in gold, to manufacture some magic beans for a photostory xD You don't understand, I just had to!! I took all of these photos laughing alone while my cat was trying to divert my attention to his yoga, but I remained focused, posing Merry on my dumbcane.

Anyways, there is a very short story under the cut, of course!