Sunday, 9 August 2020

The Beans are Back!

I know, it took me a lot of time to actually keep doing this story. My excuse is I couldn't find a small, affordable inside-house plant that was similar enough to the diffembachia I used to use in this story. Guess what? I got one! And it grew a little bit enough for this story!

So now, the magical beans are back! And Merry is set to inspect that new plant that appeared in the house of a human she went to collect milk teeth from...

Sunday, 2 August 2020

Interview with HopeEyes

Hello everybody! New month is here again, and thus we have a new interview! Today we feature Vy the artist of HopeEyes. She makes stunning urethane, hand'made eyes for BJDs. And even more awesome, today is her b'day!

As always, all photos are used with permission, and the interview is in English and Spanish. Let´s start!

Hi there! Thank you for doing the interview! :D
Hello, thank you so much for having me. My name is Vy and I’m a BJD eye-maker for Hope Eyes. I’m located in the US but I came here from Vietnam 7 years ago, so please excuse my English. I’m currently a college student graduating hopefully this Fall 2020, so eyes making has been my part-time occupation.
¡Hola! ¡Gracias por hacer la entrevista! :D
Hola, muchas gracias por invitarme. Mi nombre es Vy, y hago ojos para BJDs para Hope Eyes. Estoy en Estados Unidos, pero llegué desde Vietnam hace 7 años, así que disculpen mi inglés. Actualmente soy una estudiante de universidad, y espero graduarme en Otoño 2020, por lo que hacer ojos ha sido una ocupación a medio tiempo.

Sunday, 26 July 2020

Potting Plants with Magic ~ Short Story

Hello again! This time, now that Eiar is fully painted and the Robotime house is assembled, I have a proper story to share! I definitely need another one of these for Aion and Nyx, but for now, enjoy this pics! It is another silent, no-text story.

Hope you will like it :D

Sunday, 19 July 2020

V's Portraits + Editing Fun

Hello everybody! Turns out, I was bored during lockdown around Easter, and decided to take some pics of Venezia with my Minolta 56mm. I wanted some casual look for her, but since changing a little her character (and selling tons of clothing before comming) she needed something new.

I first wanted to make a very bright pink shirt, and then take black and white photos and enhance the colours only... but that died quickly when my only pick fabric turned out to be terrible thick for a shirt.

So I went to surft for inspiration, and ended up in Iplehouse's website. I decided to mix a shape like this with colours like this, since I had a blue-ish light cotton, and also some gold trimming left from a past dress. Overall, the second shirt took me about 6 hours to finish (sewing by hand, of course), and then went to take pictures.

The photos are with my trusty Sony a6400, and most portraits are taken with the Minolta 56mm that I bargained last year from eBay (pros of being a very, very vintage lens from 1969), and some closeups with the Tamrom 35mm f2.8 macro that I got last year. Totally recommend the latter if you own a Sony E-Mount camera! It is pure perfection for photos!

So, here is a first picture, more ramblings and photos under the cut.

Sunday, 12 July 2020

Red & Blue ~ Trying Things

Hello everybody! Well, sometime in 2019 I went to an event and got two of those plastic things that you hit together and light out. Truth to be told, I just wanted the little lights! And finally, I got to try them out.

Setting the camera for this was quite hard -I was hand-holding, thus my speed was about 1/160, and I had to rank up the ISO to about 1800 or more, and that is why the pics are noisy as well. I kept the aperture at f2.8 on my Tamrom 35mm, because I needed the autofocus -the Minolta lenses are fully manual.

I hope you'll like them! I thought the lights were barely too small for V, and the red beam was weaker than the blue.