Sunday, October 14, 2018

Ghostly Halloween ~ Lore & Story

Do you remember last Halloween pumpkin patch? Making that garden diorama was not an easy task (you can see the project video on that previous post), so I decided to use it again. I remembered that I hadn't made a story for the tombstones yet, so here it finally is!

I got some FIMO Effect back when customs were working properly at the beginning of the year. When I opened it was all crumbly and hardened, so I hope to restore it. I was suggested water and/or baby oil... I don't dare going somewhere to buy a baby-themed product (I'm childfree), so I guess unless someone buys it for me, I'd have to try with water.

Oh well, crumbly or not, I spent hours kneading some FIMO Glow, until it was manageable. I made some ghost masks, but (surprise!) I burned the first set in the oven. The second set was done perfectly in less than 4 minutes. Anyways... check the photos and lore, and I'll tell you about how I did the photoshoot at the end.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Kitten Fairy Adventures ~ Lore

I made a series of simple photos for Instagram (most of them using my hubby's hands), in which I showed how fairies tend to annoy humans, without them realizing at all. So one day I thought: why not share this as a lore bit on my blog? It also gave me the excuse to knit a rug for Coco's couch, using a wool I've been saving for a lot of time.

I hope you will like this! It is very short, and it is under the cut.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Interview with DreamStudio

Hello everyone!! Tomorrow starts a new month, so here we have a new interview! Please welcome Kira, Mell and Ann from DreamStudio: they are artisans who make amazing doll furniture. As always, all images are used with permission, and the post is translated to English and Spanish. Enjoy!

Hello, and thank you for doing the interview! Will you introduce yourself to readers?
Hello! Thank you for the invitation! :) Dream Studio is a small workshop in Saint Petersburg, Russia. We are making doll furniture for about 4 years already. Our main team consists of three people: Ann (founder and head designer), Kira (head of production) and Mell (designer/account manager).
¡Hola, y gracias por aceptar la entrevista! ¿Se introducirían a los lectores?
¡Hola! ¡Gracias por invitarnos! :) DreamStudio es un pequeño studio en San Petersburgo, en Rusia. Hemos estado haciendo muebles para muñecos desde hace cuatro años. Nuestro equipo son tres personas: Ann (fundadora y diseñadora principal), Kira (que dirije la producción) y Mell (diseñadora, gestora de cuentas).

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Closing Musume & Okasan

Hello everyone! I have not so good news to share with you. Sadly, Musume & Okasan, my mom's Etsy crochet store, had to been closed down. Why, you may ask? We actually started the year really good, selling a lot of stuff, and even made a huge commission for Aileendoll EU, which you should see at LDoll this year. We even made pretty professional cards to start sending away with new orders!

So... what happened? The thing is, we are actually getting limited in what we can ship internationally. We were asked to register as exporters, which means paying a monthly cannon of around USD125. To give you an idea, in my country that is equal to a college teaching assistant monthly salary. No joking in that, actually. So it is a lot of money.

My mom never did that much profit, and we never had a stable flow of orders and stock-sales to get on the compromise of paying that amount, just for... the chance of selling items. We did it because crochetting miniatures was my mom's hobby. She loved creating the miniature clothing. But for now, the store has to remain closed, as we cannot ship any package.

Thank you so much for everyone who supported us up to here. We really enjoyed the travel, and wish that someday we will be able to re-open the store.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

The Griffin Project

I think it was in 2016 when I got this griffin as a gift from Morla. However, I never took photos of him, partly because my cat hates him and I was afraid he would jump and attack it! I guess that my cat sees the griffin as a tiny bird, and he spends his mornings near a window shushing at the passing by birds xD

Anyways, I always felt the griffin was missing something, and not long ago I got my hands on some fur that was the exact same color of it! So I got myself two packages of feathers for USD 3.6 and decided to make a project out of him! Of course, I asked permission to Morla to do this.

I didn't make a video out of this, because I thought nobody would care about something that is not a BJD. However, I did took photos of the process: I can guarantee that doing this with a burned hand was not easy at all! I plan to use this griffin for my tinies, as they fit perfectly with him (yeah, calling him "it" sounds weird...). Maybe I can even make a saddle for it!