Sunday, 8 December 2019

Fairies Healing ~ Lore

You always tell me you like the story bits of the fairies, so here is another bit. I took this photos casually, not actually wanting to make the story, but I think they work perfectly for this. So... I don't have much to say today, but... let's start with the story!

Sunday, 1 December 2019

Interview with Lydioteision Customs

Hello everybody! Today we have the last interview of the decade! That is quite the statement, so let's welcome Lydioteision Customs, a Spanish artists that makes great faceups. I once asked on Instagram to get input in who I should interview next, and she was recommended.

As always, the interview is in English and Spanish and all images are used with permission. Let's dive in, without further ado.

Hello! It is an honour to interview you!
Hello! First of all, thank you for the interview! It gives me the chance to reach those that know little about me and expand my frontier. I am Lydia (25 years) and the only artist of Lydia Studio, where I work since a some years ago. Something like around 2011. I’m Spanish, from Pamplona, a city in the north quite isolated from any artistic thing.
¡Hola! ¡Es un honor hacer esta entrevista contigo!
Hola! En primer lugar, gracias por esta entrevista! Me da la oportunidad de hacerme conocer mejor entre los que menos saben de mi y expandir un poco más mis fronteras. Yo soy Lydia (25 años) la unica artista de Lydia Studio, trabajo sola desde hace ya unos cuantos años. Algo así como desde el 2011. Soy Española, concretamente de Pamplona, una ciudad del norte bastante aislada de cualquier tacto artístico.

Sunday, 24 November 2019

Plotting About Beans ~ Merry Beans Adventure

Well... it is time for another chapter on this story!! Things are getting more complicated, and it is funny to see how this evolves, honestly. I've been having so much fun with this! So, as always, here is a pic before we start, and the story is under the cut.

Sunday, 17 November 2019

Calina & Mom ~ Photos

I've always loved those photos of owners with their dolls, as I find them super cute. But alas, I don't like to take photos of myself least of all share them. So, in March I did a last dress for Calina and my mom allowed me to take some pics of her with Calina... well, her hands and lap, anyways.

Here are some pics! No story, so just scroll and enjoy!

Sunday, 10 November 2019

Dragon's Meaning

What seams like an eternity ago, I shared my ideas for my dragons (read here). I did explain a little that they are based them on different mystical things. Some friends helped me define at least some of the basic concepts (like the runes, I have no idea about them). For example:
  • Aion has two Elder Furthark runes on his forehead: Jera (harvest) and Eihwaz (growth/life/death).
  • Theros (and the missing three dragons) have elemental symbols on their forehead. Theros is fire (the upward triangle).
Another thing, is that they are based on Tarot cards. I used an artsy deck to take these photos, and I will share a little more about their meaning here. I think this was a cool concept as in their lore, dragons are energies of the world so... the whole fairies story is quite mystical per se. Anyways I will stop writing and share some pics.