Monday, 30 January 2023

Flowery Kitty

Hello again! So, I keep posting some photos from the holidays--just two days, but I ended up with roughly 2.5k of raw photos, and the prior day had 40 (!) edited (!!) photos. This one was a bit milder, with only 12 edited photos, but nevertheless that's quite a lot. It was quite funny because I took some, then panicked because Kitty Cookie was missing her tail, and then found it on the cushion she'd travelled. I only lost three shots because of the missing tail, and I did manage to retake one, so... no big deal.

Let's start with a flowery one, and then I'll make some comments on the other photos that are somewhat "related".

Sunday, 22 January 2023

Dragons on a Holiday

Yeah, well... they get stressed and need some days to relax, right? Poor dragons, they have so much on their plate. Anyways, I did a small trip to a nearby place which had the most amazing, otherworldly gardens with all these little nooks for photos... and I had Eiar (green dragon) and Theros (pink dragon), Kitty Cookie, and three (!!!) lenses that I managed to squeeze into a decent-size and reasonably-weighted bag. So... you'll see quite a lot of photos from these, as I managed to create content for 7 posts! I took over 2.5k of photos!!

Anyways, today is a mashup of some nice places I found around some old structures in this garden. These were very pretty, so I somewhat tried to get them to look similar. Most are taken with my Tamrom 35mm f2.8, explaining the wide angles.

Sunday, 15 January 2023

BJD Questions!

Hello all! Well, last year I was contacted by Fran from Hat's Nekocomiccon, who is a BJD blogger as well. It's incredible that we are still here! Anyways, Fran and her created a 100-questions tag, and invited me to answer it. I haven't done this in *checks notes* ~9 years, so I said "why not?" and here you have the result.

I did took the liberty of merging/omitting some questions whose answer alone would've been too plain. Nevertheless, you can find the entire list of questions in the link I listed above. Also, I had this idea for a thematic photoshoo, so here you have the dragons urging Merry with questions.

Saturday, 7 January 2023

Venezia's Bday!

I cannot believe how many years have gone by, honestly. Anyways, I had this idea of doing a photoshoot with very harsh shadows, and I think I nailed some! Of course, this wouldn't have the same effect on colour photos, so I did it black and white. I did add some tint to it so that it wasn't fully grey, but anyways! Her hair does look quite realistic though.

Saturday, 31 December 2022

Happy New Year!!

And another year just came and went, everyone. Just like that. I know these photos are a bit more xmas-sy than expected, but I couldn't pick from the set, so they are here anyways. Before the photos, I want to wish you an excellent 2023. I wish it treats you kindly, that you live it at peace, and for the inevitable bad moments to be short, scarce, and mild. I wish you the best, and thank you to read my blog. It's been 10 years of blogging, and although I'll make some changes in 2023, this journey isn't over.

Best wishes, everyone! Onto 2023!