Sunday, 19 March 2023

Dragons' Chess, Take Two

Not quite sure if you remember... but Eiar (green) and Theros (pink) are quite keen to play chess. Turns out, I found a garden with a gigantic chess! (For comparison, the "king" piece reached my hips!). Anyways, there isn't much to this post except the dragons having another go at it, and me crouching into insane angles because the bokeh was stunning.

Sunday, 5 March 2023

Merry & Cookie Have a Merry Bday Without Cookies!

I'm not sorry about the title, because I *had to* do the pun. In any case, it's Merry's and Cookie's arrival anniversary. They came on 2014 and 2015, and Merry was actually a gift from Withdoll. Cookie is now my oldest doll, since I sold Coco before relocating. I crafted all the food you see here with airdry clay, and the bags are papercraft. The outfits are made by me, but the teacups and dish are from an tiny porcelain set. The bottles in the back were taken apart from a fridge magnet.

Anyways! I really love the ethereal, blueish light on these photos. It was quite a cloudy day, the photos didn't end up bright, so I decided to play on the blueish hue and got this interesting, soft effect. What do you think? There are more photos under the cut!

Sunday, 26 February 2023

A Flower for Summer

Well, when I created the dragons, I "assigned" them seasons and meanings. So Theros (pink one) is Summer, and Eiar (green) is Spring. Since St Valentin's was nearby, here is a set of Eiar consistently offering flowers until he finally, finally (!), steps up his game, and gets some nice flowers for Theros.

Sunday, 19 February 2023

New Dragon Crew! Project + WIPs

Hello all! Well, it turns out that xmas got me me a new trio of dragons! It all started when I saw a white Ashes on Aileendoll EU website, and had an idea for a wild mod. Then, the shipping was twice the cost of the dragon, so I added a white Violet, to compasate--after all, I had another idea for another wild mod. Then, it turns out that Judit, from Aileendoll EU, decided to play Santa and gifted me a white Rot. I didn't knew about the last one, as my partner not-so-subtly confiscated the box upon arrival, and held it captive until Xmas day.

In any case, you are set for several posts about the dragons, since I'm having some (as aforementioned) wild plans. More under the cut (alogside phone-wips).

Saturday, 11 February 2023

Lovely Kanon!

This was meant to be a Valentine's Day outfit, but the coat didn't look nice at all, and the dress wasn't reddish/love-related enough. However, the photos are very nice and I refuse to waste them. I did try to enhance the red on the photos and give her this golden glow, but oh well... sometimes, it just doesn't work.

In any case, I took these photos with the Jupiter 85mm lens from 1962. I love that not-haze that it has (it's not haze per se, but a "characteristic" of this lens' construction). In any case, Kanon always looks adorable!