Sunday, August 19, 2018

Calina's Project ~ Photos + Video

Hey there, everyone!! If you follow my blog you know that I occasionally sew and post photos for my mom's doll, named Calina. Calina is actually an artist doll. The artist only made two of them due to resin casting limitations and issues, and so Calina had a lot of steampunk mods to cover those problems. However, the sealant on her body was really worn out and the body blushing had chipped everywhere.

So, after I painted my little dragons, I talked with my mom about the idea of working on Calina. Nevertheless, this project has literally taken me months to complete (I started in Late March, and finished in late June). It implied: unstringing, wiping the paint, cleaning, de-yellowing, cleaning again, painting, full-coverage sueding, stringing, and lingerie making.

It has been a really long journey, with lots of things going on the middle, but I hope you will like to see this summary. I've been posting a lot of WIPs to my Instagram stories, but here is a very long but hopefully interesting video summarizing everything. My idea was for this to work as a tutorial as well.

There are more info under the cut, so I hope you'll find this useful!

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Wedding Dress ~ Sewing Project

To be honest I missed sewing. I had marked several illustrations of dresses I wanted to sew, so I picked one that had a style similar to Regency. You know, Regency and Late Victorian are my fave periods. So, I went ahead and before doing anything, I asked permission to the artist.

In particular, this design is made by Shoomlah (check her DeviantArt and Instagram). If you are into Disney, you may know her: she made the famous series of "Historically Accurate Disney Princesses" (check it here). In particular, the dress I wanted to sew is based on a fanart of hers of Carey's wedding dress from "The Adventure Zone" (see it here!). I'm not into that fandom, honestly, but I loved this dress.

I made a progress video, which you can see here, and there are some anecdotes and photos under the cut. This is actually the first time I went outdoors to take photos of a dress, so please bear with me with all the anecdotes. I hope you'll laugh!

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Interview with PupaShoes

Another interview is here!! Please, let me introduce you to Katerina, the owner and artist of PupaShoes. If you haven't seen her top-notch craft-work, prepare to be stunned! She does amazing footwear.

As always, the interview is in English and Spanish, and all photos are used with permission. I hope you will enjoy it! So, without further ado...

Hello! Thanks doing this interview! Would you introduce yourself to the readers?
Hello! Thank a lot for the opportunity to participate in such a wonderful project! My name is Katerina, I'm from Moscow the capital of Russia. For a long time I have been fond of BJD and now I make shoes for dolls, which are called Pupashoes. Shoes in which pupae (butterflies) turn into butterflies!
¡Hola! ¡Muchas gracias por la entrevista! ¿Te presentarías para los lectores?
¡Hola! ¡Gracias por la oportunidad de participar en tan hermoso proyecto! Mi nombre es Katerina, soy de Moscú, la capital de Rusia. Por un largo tiempo he estado encariñada con las BJDs, y ahora hago zapatos para ellas, llamados Pupashoes. ¡Zapatos que se convierten en mariposas (pupae)!

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Getting Ready ~ Merry's Beans Adventures

It appears that Merry's confusion with the beanstalk ended up being quite a popular story! My original idea was simply Merry not understanding that a story is fiction, but... I had many requests and ideas to continue this, so here I am! I hope to do four "chapters" on this story, including the first one.

I originally wasn't planning on this today's adventure, but after taking a photo for Instagram, I decided to take a couple more and share this on the blog. I hope you'll enjoy it! As always, the story is under the cut!

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Teacups ~ Story Time

Honestly, this short story is a sort of... catharsis that I needed to do. I wanted to make translucent teacups/pots for Coco, so I got some translucent FIMO. And ruined many tries. The first one was under-baked, the second one was too baked and turned orange... so I went and made a teacup with the jade-like FIMO, only to have the acrylic I used to fill it, completely ruined.

My third try of teacups broke while in the oven and I glue them. Hubby suggested me to paint them with blue and gold, like those traditional cups... but the result was floppy. And it gave me the idea for this story. I do hope to be able to make better props in the future, honestly.

So here is a photo, and the story is under the cut.