Sunday, September 23, 2018

The Griffin Project

I think it was in 2016 when I got this griffin as a gift from Morla. However, I never took photos of him, partly because my cat hates him and I was afraid he would jump and attack it! I guess that my cat sees the griffin as a tiny bird, and he spends his mornings near a window shushing at the passing by birds xD

Anyways, I always felt the griffin was missing something, and not long ago I got my hands on some fur that was the exact same color of it! So I got myself two packages of feathers for USD 3.6 and decided to make a project out of him! Of course, I asked permission to Morla to do this.

I didn't make a video out of this, because I thought nobody would care about something that is not a BJD. However, I did took photos of the process: I can guarantee that doing this with a burned hand was not easy at all! I plan to use this griffin for my tinies, as they fit perfectly with him (yeah, calling him "it" sounds weird...). Maybe I can even make a saddle for it!

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Gardening ~ Merry's Beans Adventure

So... Merry's adventure with the beanstalk has been really popular so far! Thank you everyone for that! It all started when Merry confused a plan with the beanstalk, but decided to plant the beans by herself. She needed some tools for that, but now she is all set up!

I made an overall outfit for her, specially for this occasion. I wanted to do it with jean, but the fabric I had was a little too thick, so I had to improvise. And then, I forgot to add the straps when doing it and the ribbon ended up loose and I had to glue it with fabric glue. Oh well! Anyways here is a pic, and the story is under the cut!

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Calina's Adventure

Hey there!! I recently showed you Calina's overhaul project. After that, I went into sewing her some new outfit to celebrate. Of course, that outfit had to be steampunk-themed, so there I went. As expected, I pressed my fingers with the pliers trying to put the studs, and left my hands sore after hand-sewing leather. Oh! And I bent a needle that ended up looking like a C! Oh well, things always happen while sewing, right?

I hope you'll enjoy some photos! And yes, picture me moving that old radio from here to there, just for photos purposes. Because you know... it looked too damn good as a Steampunk background!

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Interview with Nihilum Dolls

Hello everyone! It is time for another interview, so please welcome Fedor from NihilumDolls! You have probably seen his faceless dolls in different cons and photos. He makes some very unique sculpts, so I asked him for an interview.

As always, all photos are used with permission, and the interview is in English and Spanish. I hope you will enjoy this!

Hello! Thank you for doing this interview, it is an honor having you! Will you introduce yourself to the readers?

Hello! My name is Fedor Lisovoy and I am a founder and creator of the Nihilum Doll House project based near Moscow, Russia. Nice to meet you! I've been making BJDs for around seven or eight years, starting with just one or two dolls a year, building up skills and knowledge that are necessary for this art. I made my first BJD in 2010. At that time, I studied at a university, and generally was a carefree person :) This was a time for experiment, and making a doll was one of them. Whilst BJD-making started as a hobby, later it grew into something larger and much more important for me.
¡Hola! ¡Gracias por hacer esta entrevista, es un honor tenerte aquí! ¿Te introducirías a los lectores?

¡Hola! Mi nombre es Fedor Lisovoy y soy el fundador y creador del proyecto Nihilum Doll House, ubicado cerca de Moscú, Rusia. ¡Encantado de conocerte! He estado hacienda BJDs por siete u ocho años, comenzando con una a dos muñecas por año, y construyendo el conocimiento y habilidades necesarias para este arte. Hice mi primera BJD en 2010. En ese momento, estudiaba en la Universidad y era una persona bastante suelta :) Ese era un tiempo para experimentar, y hacer muñecas era eso. Si bien eso comenzó como un hobby, luego creció para ser algo mucho más importante para mí.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Calina's Project ~ Photos + Video

Hey there, everyone!! If you follow my blog you know that I occasionally sew and post photos for my mom's doll, named Calina. Calina is actually an artist doll. The artist only made two of them due to resin casting limitations and issues, and so Calina had a lot of steampunk mods to cover those problems. However, the sealant on her body was really worn out and the body blushing had chipped everywhere.

So, after I painted my little dragons, I talked with my mom about the idea of working on Calina. Nevertheless, this project has literally taken me months to complete (I started in Late March, and finished in late June). It implied: unstringing, wiping the paint, cleaning, de-yellowing, cleaning again, painting, full-coverage sueding, stringing, and lingerie making.

It has been a really long journey, with lots of things going on the middle, but I hope you will like to see this summary. I've been posting a lot of WIPs to my Instagram stories, but here is a very long but hopefully interesting video summarizing everything. My idea was for this to work as a tutorial as well.

There are more info under the cut, so I hope you'll find this useful!