Friday, 22 September 2023

Dawn's Flare

I know--three posts in the same month to discuss the same dragon! It turns out, that this is an "outtake" from Dawn's photo session... but I'm obsessed with harnessing/causing lens flares in photos, and also learning how to edit a photo with a flare. I somehow managed several on my other run with Kitty Cookie, but when I took Dawn's out it was literally the golden hour, I put out the camera... and got the biggest flare of them all.

Don't expect much of this post. Just four edits of the same photo, and mi rambling about WTF I got!

Sunday, 10 September 2023

Sweet Dreams!

Well, Sandy is by far, the most neglected doll I have. She's stunning and pretty, yet somehow I never integrated her with Merry and Cookie. I guess that's a photo that I have pending. So, Sandy takes her name from the Sandman, because she's a Fairy of Dreams; cue in, I was listening to a classic song--Sweet Dreams. Mind you, it speaks of anything but sweet dreams, but I had this idea of enveloping the camera in fabric, and making Sandy seem to be between the clouds of dreams, eating desserts.

This is what I got. Mind you, partner had to actually hold the fabric at very specific angles, so I could get the shot. Bless him.

Sunday, 3 September 2023

Hope in Pink

This is actually an old dress I did for Kanon, so it doesn't really fit Hope's thicker neck (the rest is fine, though).

Now, the problem with this photoshoot is that it was a particularly cold and windy day--but there was sun. You know, that good, shiny, unclouded sky that seldom happens in winter. Fastforwards to the second photo, and there I wass, beneath a puffer jacket and a thick beanie, shivering like a madwoman and with a hand so cold it was starting to get red. I had to go to a coffee shop and get a takeaway tea just to curl my fingers around something and continue taking photos.

In any case, some of the photos are nice, and I wanted to share them!

Monday, 28 August 2023

Dawn ~ Character Info

Hello all! I finally bring you the second dragon of the new triad! This time I'm presenting Dawn, who you saw on the very first post--except that I had to completely redo her horns. Her eyes are done by @lunar.tuna from Brazil! We actually experimented a bit with the eyes, and there was some back and forth--but I'm so happy with them! The colour and shape is perfect--and yes, Dawn has a very sligh heterochromia.

Monday, 14 August 2023

New Horns for Dawn

Do you remember the horns I had crafted for Dawn? It turns out that they had a glaring space between the hole and the rim. Rot's original horns are extremely thick on the base, and this looked terrible. Thus, I set up to do new horns.

Phone photos again, but I'll show you the final result and the steps below.