Rehomed Dolls

This page has the dolls I have once owned and had to rehome, due to different reasons. I don't want to forget them, so I decided to move their questionnaires and info to this page, where they can be remembered.

Coco Seong

Sculpt: Withdoll Rachel, basic edition, big breast, new wrist, normal skin.
Size:  41cm ~ mature mini.
Faceup: default ~with requested modifications.
Wig: LullabyPoem LPW-002, in Milky Brown.
Eyes: Garodoll urethanes, 12mm small irises, light blue color.
Character Profile:  [ here ]
DoA's Doll Profile: [ here ]
Box Opening:  [ 2013-May-09 ] (excuse the horrid photos).
Rehomed: [ 2019-March-04 ]

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