Sewing Portfolio

To me, one of the best parts of the hobby is to be able to sew for my dolls. This page is a registry where you can find the dresses I have been making for my dolls, since 2013 -the year when I got my first doll. I'm happy to see my own progress through this photos, and see how I'm slowly becoming better.

The crochet outfits are made by my mother, and the sewing is all done by me. I sew by hand, since I dislike the sewing-machine, and while it is a slow task, I really enjoy the control I get.

The newest works are on top and older on the bottom. Click on a image to go to the gallery of that outfit.

Videos: I have made some videos of some outfits, which you can watch here.

A small note: I'm fully conscious that older pics may be an eye sore, out of focus, over exposed, badly edited... but they show my progress, they remind me how much I have improved and how much I can yet improve in the future. They are a reminder of "Keep working! Learn new things!" :D