Monday 10 September 2018

Calina's Adventure

Hey there!! I recently showed you Calina's overhaul project. After that, I went into sewing her some new outfit to celebrate. Of course, that outfit had to be steampunk-themed, so there I went. As expected, I pressed my fingers with the pliers trying to put the studs, and left my hands sore after hand-sewing leather. Oh! And I bent a needle that ended up looking like a C! Oh well, things always happen while sewing, right?

I hope you'll enjoy some photos! And yes, picture me moving that old radio from here to there, just for photos purposes. Because you know... it looked too damn good as a Steampunk background!

Turns out that radio is from 1929 (if I understood my mom's story), and was purchased in 1929. Quoting my mom, she told me "back then, buying that radio was like purchasing a 70" smart TV". I loved that metaphor and, of course, burst in laugh at the thought of it. Good thing is that it still works! I turn it on from time to time, just to check it out. And the watch Calina is holding is even older I think.

Anyways, I imagined Calina as an explorer in a steampunk world, setting out to find some treasure... and finding this contraptions scattered around. Of course, she would need to take some photos with them! But since she is my mom's doll, I didn't dared to write a story. She is not my character to play around with.

But all of these photos look too modern! I love vibrant colors, but I dared to try something different as well! What do you think? It reminds me of Marty and Doc's photo from "Back to the Future III". It only needs a bigger watch! And another doll in the photo, of course...

Anyways, I apologize for the silly post, but I hope you enjoyed the photos! Do you have any on-going project? Have an awesome week, everyone!


  1. That's a cute outfit. Did you follow a pattern or make it up as you went along? Either way, it came out great. I love the old radio--I can't believe it still works. Is that an eye on the front underneath the speaker? I don't think your Mom would mind if you made up stories for her doll. She might even be flattered. Why don't you ask her? I'll bet she says yes.

    1. Thank you! Now, I didn't follow any pattern, I never use pre-made patterns actually, but make my own. I sort of knew I wanted pants and a shirt, so I went along with that.
      Yup, the radio has an eye!

  2. Bello el traje de Calina, esa gama de colores le sienta muy bien. Me encantó la última foto en sepia. Tuviste una excelente idea, porque quedó genial. Felicitaciones.

  3. Yes, things surely do happen when sewing! But that comes with the hobby, right? :)
    You did an amazing job with the outfit and Calina looks so beautiful in it.
    I enjoyed this post with so many beautiful photos. The last one is just great!

    1. Indeed! I'm happy you liked the outfit, I liked the photos as well!!