Monday 17 September 2018

Gardening ~ Merry's Beans Adventure

So... Merry's adventure with the beanstalk has been really popular so far! Thank you everyone for that! It all started when Merry confused a plan with the beanstalk, but decided to plant the beans by herself. She needed some tools for that, but now she is all set up!

I made an overall outfit for her, specially for this occasion. I wanted to do it with jean, but the fabric I had was a little too thick, so I had to improvise. And then, I forgot to add the straps when doing it and the ribbon ended up loose and I had to glue it with fabric glue. Oh well! Anyways here is a pic, and the story is under the cut!


In retrospective, getting the tools had not been a difficult task… especially compared to the fact that the only pot she had found was human-sized. Merry was sure about her choice: her beanstalk will be a gigantic plant and, therefore, it would need space that a fairy-sized pot would not be able to provide.

But would she get a human-sized pot? She could not steal that as it would be against fairies’ laws. And so she waited. There are human settlements and communities scattered around the world that still believe in fairies and occasionally make offerings to them. Many fairies travel to those places, searching for items that they would not find other way.

And one day, doing one of her tooth-fairy jobs, she passed near a house that had some offerings on its garden. Merry was thrilled to found a pot that was approximately her height and not too heavy; even better it was painted on a very funny way. She opened the portal right away, and pushed it to her house, hoping it would arrive safe and sound.

That night, she planted her beans’ seeds as soon as she arrived home after turning on the teeth she had collected. Little did she know that her actions were closely followed by some workaholic dragons. Maybe those beans were missing from a certain vault…

And this is it!! I have two more stories on this saga, and finally Merry, Cookie and the dragon crew will meet each other formally! I can't wait to do that story, honestly. I hope you are having a great time! Any dolly news to share?


  1. Oh-oh, what are those two dragons up to? I hope they don't interfere with Merry's hard work. I can't wait to see the next chapter in this story!

    1. I'm sure they will!! I'm happy you like this story :D

  2. Que hermosa historia, no veo la hora de que Merry vea a los dragones, ella es tan dulce, me imagino mil reacciones distintas. El traje te quedó genial, valió la pena tanto trabajo.

    1. ¡Gracias! Me alegro que guste :D ¡Pronto se los va a encontrar!