Monday, 21 May 2018

Merry & The Beanstalk

This is one of the things I just had to do. We have a dieffenbachia (or dumbcane) which is a gorgeous plant, and since we repotted it and changed its location it is splendid. But saw it and kept seeing the thick stalk and the huge leaves... and I couldn't stop thinking that it would be the perfect beanstalk for Merry. And she, being as naïve as is she, she would have thought the story was true.

So, as an adult, I did what was expected to me. Asked my mom for some beans, which she gladly provided though she didn't understood why I asked for "3 beans" (what can you do with only 3 beans, exactly?), and the proceeded to paint them in gold, to manufacture some magic beans for a photostory xD You don't understand, I just had to!! I took all of these photos laughing alone while my cat was trying to divert my attention to his yoga, but I remained focused, posing Merry on my dumbcane.

Anyways, there is a very short story under the cut, of course!

The Beanstalk

One night, when doing her usual job and retrieving a tooth from under a human child’s pillow, Merry found something very curious. A book. But this book was illustrated, and the pages were thick. It was the story of a human boy named Jack, who carelessly threw some golden beans to the ground, causing a huge beanstalk to grow outside his house; he then climbed it and ended up on a giant and giantess’ lair, to finally run away with some coins. Merry paused the reading at that point, since she still had houses to visit. But special -and giant- coins where something that interested her.

She spent the following weeks researching this story, but nothing looked promising. She had even managed to obtain some golden beans from the fairies that cared for the greenhouses on the settlement, but those weren’t helpful by their own. However, on another night of duty, Merry found the unexpected: she found a beanstalk, exactly as pictured on that book, potted, and in a human house!

Merry couldn’t believe her luck! She took the beans out of her enchanted bag, since she had been carrying them with her since she got them, and looked at them. They were not doing anything special, but she had no doubt. She’ll climb that beanstalk and retrieve the giant coins!

She started on the task, but after half an hour of climbing -and hearing the plant’s whinings- she reached the top… and sadly, there was no giant house on top. Merry was dissapointed. She stood there for a while, gazing at the human house and trying to figure out what was wrong with the beanstalk. When she finally climbed down, she sat down near the roots and inspected her own beans. Maybe this beanstalk was just planted, and it needed more time to grow. Happily, the children living there still had milk-tooth that needed replacements.

And that was all for today! I know it is a silly story, but that plant looks like how the beanstalk is always shown on movies and so on, and I couldn't stop messing around with Merry's inocence. Maybe now Cookie needs to make her understand that not all human books are history. Would you like a follow up? Any ideas/suggestions of what could happen? Have an awesome weekend, everyone!! :D


  1. What a delightful little story! And I love the photos with the sunlight showing through the dieffenbachia leaves. I would love to see a follow-up. There are so many ways this story could go. Maybe this dieffenbachia is not a magical one. Maybe Merry needs to plant her beans and wait for them to grow. Maybe the giants weren't home the first time Merry went up the stalk. Do you have an SD-size doll who could be the giant? Or if you don't, could you borrow one? Then Merry could climb up again and interact with the giant.

    1. Ahhh those are great stories!! I don't have any SD doll, but maybe the husband can borrow his legs for a photo hahaha! He has lend me his hands for photos with my dragons, though xD I originally thought it was just Merry mistaking a plant for a story, but I love your idea!

  2. Love, love, love this one Musume! Your photography really fits well with the story. :)
    Big hugs,

  3. Adoro a Merry por su tierna inocencia. La idea de continuar la historia me gusta, tal vez si ella plantara sus guisantes y brotara algo, Cookie podría explicarle que no todos los libros humanos son de historias reales.
    Muy buenas las fotografías. Excelentes.

    1. ¡Esta también es una buena historia o secuela! Quizás hasta los dragones pueden ofenderse por eso :D

  4. Nothing silly about this story! It was as cute as it can be!