Sunday, May 13, 2018

A Roomie for Bday ~ Story Time

Hey there! This new story had a lot of delay but it is finally on time! I actually made so many props for this! Besides both outfits, I made the couch (see the tutorial her), the frames, the coffee table, the plants, the cushions, and the bag for the teddy-bear (which is actually from a key-chain, hence why it is so size appropriate).
A year ago, Coco had to spend her bday alone, but no more! She got herself a roomie! So, this is the story, and I hope you will like it. Also, happy 5th bday to Coco!!! As always, time passes by and I feel like it moves twice as fast as it should. Oh well, let's get on with the photos and story.

New Apartment

Venezia was not sure how it all had happened so fast. She almost felt as if the last couple weeks had happened while she was simply watching and doing nothing at all. It had went from finding herself in a rushed search for an apartment, to doing more inspections than she had hoped for, to texting Coco about it… And now, she was on her -now shared- apartment, with her stuff cased inside a couple traveling bags that rested in her new room.

She was sitting on the couch of the living room, and it was hard to think of it as hers. The room had the most perfect distribution she had ever seen, and the windowed wall gave an amazing view and an incredible natural light. The whole apartment was decorated with succulents, cacti, and frames with motivational quotes written in different types of lettering. She had been there before, but apparently she had never given too much attention to the decor. It was perfect, and if Venezia had to describe it, she could only use one word: Coco’s.

The light haired model pointed to the tea cups that were on the coffee table, offering one of them. Venezia picked it up, hoping to not drop it on the white couch, and drank without thinking. But soon, that soft, dark, and intense taste of cardamom, cinnamon and ginger mixed on her mouth.

“You got me chai tea!” she said, and Coco started laughing.

“It is your favorite, isn’t it?” Coco answered, putting the cup down. Venezia was about to ask how she knew that, but then remembered the darkest truth: she sold herself out. Each time they went to a Starbucks or tea house, she would invariably ask for chai tea with either one of two desserts: cheesecake or tiramisu.

“Too many Starbucks, I guess?” Venezia admitted, raising an eyebow, and wearing the sincerest smile she had had in a long time. “And tea houses” the other model added, barely keeping her face straight. They looked at each other with a complicity that the black-haired girl had never felt, and suddenly, their laughs filled the room. It took them a couple minutes to stop, as each time they were calming down they would look at the cups and laugh again. And for Coco, that laugh meant more than just the chai tea: it was the joy of having someone there -a friend. Could that be true?

Eventually silence overcame the laugh. But it was comfortable, happy, shared. Coco stood up after some time, as if searching for something. Venezia had thought she was trying to move the cups to the kitchen, and attempted to collect the dishes to help her out. Coco froze in place, a slight frown on her face. “No, no. You stay there”. She said, and Venezia sat again. “And close your eyes! No peeking allowed!” the additional shout came from another room, and she feared the worse: Coco had probably spent money on another welcoming gift, even if giving Venezia a home was more than enough.

After the original invitation through text messages, Venezia had arrived to Coco’s apartment in order to discuss that idea. But apparently, Coco had it all planned out, whether she liked it or not. Each of them would pay half of the common taxes, and the only conditions were to keep healthy food on the fridge, keep the rooms clean, and do not invite people without discussing it previously. Venezia had thought it was a fair request, even more considering Coco’s fame –she probably wanted to keep her home safe and as free of paparazzi as possible. Granted, living in a high building gave them more privacy than a regular house.

Venezia went back to reality as she felt a bag softly landing on her tights. She had lost the notion of time while sitting in the couch, hands on her eyes, dreading on what Coco could have possible spent more money on. “You can open your eyes already”.

Venezia slowly took her hands off her face, and saw a brown bag with a ridiculously huge, shiny ribbon on it. The bag was big but light, and it was apparently open in the top part… with a suspicious pair of fluffy ears peeking from the top. Could that be? Coco watched her friend nervously. She wanted to give her something that would make her feel home, but maybe… she had overstepped their bounds. Her worry increased as Venezia inspected the bag, and Coco felt her heart would stop when Venezia grabbed the bag, looking inside.

The model raised her head, a smile wide on her face, and Coco bit her lip. Did she liked it? “Oh my goodness, this is so fluffy!!!” Venezia exclaimed, grabbing a huge, cute teddy-bear out of the bag. It was a light tea color and it had a green ribbon around his neck. “Do you like him?” Coco asked, worried and fearful of having offended her.

“Of course I do!” shouted the other model. She hugged the stuffed animal, and moved around like a child. “He is so fluffy and soft!” she explained, burying her face in the bear’s belly. “He is Fluffy”.

“Yes, you said that” answered Coco, still nervous, but laughing and sitting beside her again.

“No, that is his name” Venezia clarified, her face without a hint of doubt. “How did you knew?” Venezia asked, as she was sure she had never told Coco about her love for stuffed animals. Actually, she had tried her best to hide it.

“You have a couple stuffed dogs on your keychain” Coco explained, but Venezia remained unconvinced. “And that time I went to your house… you hid a fluffy black kitten thinking I hadn’t seen it”, she continued. Coco was going to list other times she had noticed the stuffed animals, but Venezia’s face was still and bewildered, her gaze fixed on Coco’s. And her heart heart sunk. Coco knew it had been a risky move, but maybe it had been offensive… she had been observing things she wasn’t supposed to know. “I’m so sorry, I thought you would like it…” she apologized. She mumbled different apologies until Venezia’s hand landed on hers. She stopped, her eyes looking for her friends in hope of forgiving. “No, thank you. Coco you cared so much for all the details -the room, the chai, Fluffy…” A knot on her throat prevented her from talking, but she was able to mask her own emotions on that pause. “Thank you, Coco. Sincerely”

The genuineness on her eyes and words calmed Coco. She did not dared to say it out loud, but she felt that no amount of gifts she could buy could thank Venezia enough. Thanks to her she had a friend but, more importantly, it was the first birthday in a long time that she would not have to spend alone. And that was something she could never thank enough.

“But now, let’s go!” Venezia said, standing and leaving Fluffy on the couch.

Coco was bewildered. “To where?” she asked, looking at Venezia’s extended hand.

“To buy you a birthday gift!”

And here it is, finally! I'm trying to make the chapters shorter. Do you like this length better? I have a couple more ideas thought, but I won't be making any props soon, so oh well... plus, there is a dress I want to sew for Venezia, so... I still don't know how this will continue. Ideas are welcomed, though!! And thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this. Have a great weekend and week! :D


  1. Love the story! And the length is just right: not too long, not too short. (Not that I would complain if it were longer. :D) Your props are perfect, the sofa looks so elegant in this setting, and I'm enjoying the motivational quotes on the wall. I also love Coco's high heels!

    1. Happy you like her!! I loved those quotes as well? Did you spotted Coco's fave quote? "Shoes speak louder than words"!!

    2. I didn't spot that one! Venezia's head is in the way, so I couldn't see all of it. It's a great quote!

  2. Me encantó, la historia y la ambientación también. ¡Cuánto trabajo has hecho!! Pero valió la pena, el sofá es un lujo y me encanta la decoración con las frases, muy apropiado para la personalidad de Coco. Tienes todo muy bien pensado.

    1. ¡Me alegro mucho, gracias! Espero poder hacer el dormitorio con otros detalles. Pero todo desmontable, porque así es más sencillo de guardar :D

  3. Love it, and don't you worry about the length! :) The props are amazing and I had fun reading the quotes on the wall! Well done and what a cute gift, a fluffy teddy!

    1. Thank you so much!! The teddy was actually a keychain that hubby and I found! :D

  4. Hi Musume!
    Great story, love all the props you used in the photos, they do make the dolls more life like. :)

  5. You did an awesome job on the props, I would move right in with your girls. Great pictures, and I had to laugh about the 'shoes speak louder than words'. Haha.

    1. Thank you, that is so kind!!
      That quote is just *so* Coco. It just *had* to be there!

  6. I love this story! And Coco, she's so thoughtful! ^___^ This story made me feel so happy and warm! I love it! And the girls they are beautiful and awwww just awwww for Venezia and her Fluffy! Great props as always.

    1. Happy you like it!! Thank you for all the kind comments, I thought that was really nice of Coco, as well <3