Sunday 20 March 2022

Pretty Hope with Earrings

Well, I don't post much of my adventures with Hope (my modded Takara Blythe), and I think it's time I do! Also, quick chime in, but feel free to check my Blythes' clothes store (there is an intenational free shipping event going on!). Anyways, now into the photos!! Yes, my grey wall--I love it, and I regret nothing! Besides that, I have three styles of photos I want to share, so... let's go!

So, the first thing to share is that, yes! I did the entire outfit myself. I had to practice with some scraps before being able to sew that coat, because that fabric was difficult to sew on the machine--so I practiced with a pink scrap I had, and then did this coat. Also... see the earrings? She has earring holes! I made earrings for Hope!!.

So, these photos were taken with my Jupiter-9, from 1962. I **love** the effect/feel it gives to the photos! Anyways, this is an 85mm, so it gives her a more "rounded" look, because this is a portrait lens. You'll see the difference with the second set of photos.

Now, I also wanted to take some closeups on the outfit (which are here below), and I grabbed my Tamrom 35mm f2.8 because I wanted a wide angle for the closeups...

But then, the 35mm tends to "thin down" faces, because that's the effect of a wide angle lens. So, just for the funsies, I tried some weird angles that would actually enhance that "weird" proportion you get from the wide-angle. What do you think?

And afterwards, I just got bored, realised that the green/aquamarine colour was looking great with the blue, so used an HDR effect (which exaggerates the sharpness) that leans towards bluer shadows. This is the same Tamrom 35mm, and the effect was done completely in Lightroom. What do you think?

Overall, the lenses are very different. The Jupiter-9 not only is 85mm, but also creates that "softened" effect with a something that looks like haze but it's not. And then the Tamrom creates a clear image and it is 35mm. What do you think? I had so much fun testing this out!


  1. Well, that grey wall does wonders! The photos look great and I love the close ups. To have fun and try new things is the best way to learn!

    1. Indeed it does! It's a fave spot for photos honestly!

  2. The outfit looks lovely on her, and your pictures are great with any lens. I like the softness of the tamrom. And the little critters :)

    1. Thank you!! The Tamrom is great, cheap and sharp!
      The critters are Sylvanian Families!