Sunday 27 February 2022

Kanon is Cute + New Lens

Hello everybody! Well, I ahve been chasing a particular lens for a while, and it turns out I expressed my interest for such lens long enough that it appeared under my tree during Xmas 2021! How convenient! I'm very much grateful, anyways.

So, today's post is to show you the cutest outfit I did for Kanon, and to share a bit about the lens in particular. So, first you'll get a nice photo dump, but before you look a it, there are also some before-and-after photos. I feel this lens sort of has a... "character" to it. Like it imprints something in the photo without edition that makes it look quite unique, to be honest. You'll see what I mean in the before and after!

Okay, some pretty photos first!

Before and After

I want to show you what I mean with "character". At first I thought this was haze, and that the lens wasn't in optimal conditions (I mean, it is from 1962) [you can see what haze is in this short video]. But it's not, it is something of the lens itself. Aparently, the version from the '80s doesn't have this sort of... "blur" or "vintage feel" to it, but this one has. And honestly I love it. It's a very very unique lens. Look at this photo first, you have three: left-most is the original-as-is from the camera with no edits at all, middle one is only-colour edits, and right-most is the edit I used for the entire set. Can you see how the original has this sort of blur/colour/something about it? (The full final-edit photo is below).

I think that what I mean is a bit more visible in the photo. The original one, without edits, already has some sort of feel to it.

The Lens Itself

The lens itself is a Jupiter-9 f2 85mm from 1962. It has a contax Kiev mount, which is very old and was exclusive to some old Russian cameras. You kind of need a double adapter for them, because the focusing ring was embedded in the cameras. So the people making the adapters basically takes a piece of the camera out, and assembles it on top of a regular adapter for Sony E-mount [you can watch a video of how it is done here].

Here you have some photos of the lens mount and the adaptor for my Sony E-mount camera. And also some photos of how the lens looks. Yes, vintage and full metal construction. Also, as you can see, the numbers are basically ilegible when mounted because they are backwards!

What I do have to say about the mount is that it's flimsy. It doesn't feel very sturdy, and it does have a quarter-arc movement that shouldn't be there--or that it isn't there in regular full-plastic adapters. In any case, after investigating, it appears to be correct as-is. So I'll just have to get used to it. Your thoughts?

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