Tuesday 22 February 2022

Dragons Bdays!

I'm bunching up my dragons' bdays, I cannot keep up with them any longer. Aion and Nyx (grey and purple, respectively) arrived together on Jan 20th (2018), Eiar (green) did so on Jan 17th (2020) and Theros (pink) on May 3rd (2018). That's it, this is the closest date to three of them, hahaha! So they are all bunched up in this. I used a lovely book for this, the Spanish-translated edition of The Hobbit, illustrated with lovely designs.

There isn't much, but a bunch of photos. I did these with a new acquisition (also at an absurly low price around AUD 50) of a vintage lens. It's a Vivitar 90mm f2.8 macro 1:1!! Macro 1:1!!! *squals* It's an amazingly versatile lens. You'll see photos of it below, and hopefully, one day I'll manage to do a comparison. Not today, though.

So first, we have some photos of them playing with the book and evidently trying to read it!

Now some portraits, and as you can see, I completely forgot to actually take a portrait of Theros (pink one). No, I didn't realise until I was editing the photos the next day, so zero chance to reassembling the setup for that.

This is all for today, there isn't much. Sorry about that. The photo below is me holding the lens. It isn't fully extended, and can get quite lengthy honestly. But it isn't heavy, and it is absurdly sharp as well. All hail vintage lenses that make a photography hobby cheap!

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