Sunday, 12 June 2022

Sleepy Kanon is a Bunny

So this is another set that I made for my Blythe and for the store (there is availability if anyone is interested). I even made the mask and the slippers! All handmade. I think Kanon looks adorable in thie outfit honestly, so I took a bunch of photos that I wanted to share:

Here are some closeups, also, I love how her lips look with the mask--like pouting while asleep! And the buttons are so tiny! They are actually so tiny I had trouble finding a needle that can pass through it, and broke two buttons until I found a needle and stored it on a labelled case! Ha!

I think I made my point, right? Kanon looks adorable on every angle!

Anyways, all of these are taken with the same lens--a Vivitar 90mm which is also a macro lens, and oh my goodness, if you are a doll photographer go hunt a vintage macro lens (especially if you can get a 1:1 or 1:2) because damn! The versatility! And being 90mm doesn't deform the image! Love it, it's perfect! (I'll say each of my lenses is perfect. I'm biased, please excuse me).

Okay, so here are some more weird angles, because I was playing with that--flat lays are not really my thing.

This was all! I'm sorry for photo-dumping without much, but I'm slowly regaining my interest for the hobby and photography and love sharing these!


  1. They are so cute, and the little critter friends make lovely companions.

    1. Thank you kindly!! Yeah, the critters are Sylvanian Families, from those labelled as "babies". The regular ones are taller.

  2. Such a bunch of lovely photos!