Thursday 22 October 2020

Welcome Kanon! ~ Box Opening ClockworkFaery Alice

Hello everybody! Some time ago I told you I was getting a new doll... and now she finally arrived! She did took the scenic route, all in one week. From Japan, she went to China were it changed from a courier to UPS, then to Singapore, and then finally to Australia. She arrived on Wednesday, October 21st, but I was so tired that I honestly couldn't edit her photos.

Here are some photos, and the box opening starts under the cut!

Now, before the opening, we have to do the honours. Mandatory cat-in-the-box photo ensues:

Now that that is done... lookie at the box!! It is wood! Contrary to what you may think, it is extremely lightweight. Also, it has the brand carved on it, and the faux woodlands in the front are layered. It is stunning! The only con is that it doesn't have a bag to store the doll, it is more intended as a display. So I'll be probably sewing a bag soon. I'll probably attempt to put a cover on it, because the acrylic is pretty but not good for storage!

Also, look at that certificate of authenticity! It is the prettiest thing evah!

The ears are magnetic! The magnets are quite strong, but I'll probably add a bit of bluetack there to avoid having the ears rotating while manipulating the wig. And I got the glasses due to the extra cute factor. Just because. Arent they adorable? Hadassa also sent a huge ribbon for the hair as a gift, but all pics were blurry D:

I also got a mohair wig... and oh boy. It was a hot mess. Pure frizz and completely dry. It came neatly packaged in a net, but it was awful. Nothing like the one I purchased on the website. I think something happened during the shipping and the package got overly heated. Plus, with the wig around those paper things used for padding, nothing good happened. So... onto the bubble wrap mummy! The pinkish, heart-shaped bubble wrap!. Cause of death? Cuteness overload!

The one above is a photo reference of the inside of the head. As you can see, she doesn't have eye holes! I was quite puzzled at first, wondering WTF am I going to do? When it hit me. In one of my talks with Hadassa (the sculptor) she told me something about the size of the head affecting the balance. And it makes sense. The doll is very thin and the head is large (about 10"). So if on top of that you add a very thick resin just to have eye holes... then it becomes far more heavy, affecting even more the balance. So it makes sense.

What did I do with the eyes? Well... I just did two "snakes" of blue-tack, made them into two circles, and crafted eye holes out of it. The advantage it has is that the eyes were faaaar easier to arrange. For once, I didn't struggle more than 5 minutes with them, which is quite a feat in itself. Granted, the size of the head may have helped, though. Anyways, the head is a faceplate, and you remove the back half. So it is very very easy to just reposition the eyes with the blue-tack snakes! Far easier than with the holes. But it wouldn't be so useful if the head was smaller, I think.

Anyways, I just realized I never stated what doll she is! She is a ClockworkFaery Alice, in caramel skin. I bough her blank, and I'll paint her myself. Her eyes are from MehiArt (gorgeous!), and the wig is on rehab. If it remains a dead mass, I was thinking on buying one from LeekeWorld. Will see what happens. Now... look at this cutie pie!!! Everybody, meet Kanon.

She is adorable!!! Anyways, I'll be posting a full body reference soon, posability, also some shoes tests, and probably a faceup video. Stay tuned! I am honestly so, so excited about having her, finally!


  1. Very cute! The box is amazing--I've never seen anything like it--and you're right, it looks more like a display box. Her wig doesn't look that bad--it just needs a wig control product. Volks makes several: wig mist, wig water wax, wig oil spray, wig shampoo and conditioner. The oil spray is supposed to be good for frizzies. I love the eyes you ordered for her.

    1. Yes, it is!! Oh, I'm gonna look at those products, honestly. Or order another wig.
      I lvoe the eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hello Kanon, such a cutie! And the box is so beautiful! Congrats!

  3. She is a real cutie! Her face is amazing, even blank. Congrats on having her. I an't wait to see her painted... *_*

    1. Thank you so much!! She is adorable, I'm smitten!!