Sunday, 18 October 2020

Successful Trick-or-Treating ~ Short Story

Hello everybody! Yes, Halloween is almost here, so my cute fairies decided it was time to go trick-or-treating! I had this pajamas sets my mom had knitted, and I made those cute slippers that match the animal they are -a black kitty and a mouse. So this year... they dressed as themselves, literally!

Anyways, I know the colour scheme is not much Halloween-y, but oh well! I really liked these photos. Here you have the start, and the story is under the cute with more photos.


Cookie and Merry were finally at Merry's place, after a very, very successfull night full of trick-or-treating. Cookie sta down on the couch, worn out.

"I think this is too much for us! What are we going to do?" she asked.

Merry was pushing a cart full of candies into the room and stopped dead on her tracks. She looked around. They had a chest full of candies, several pots and boxes of multiple sizes, plus the cart she was carried.

"Too much?" she wondered, out loud. "This is not nearly enough!" she added.

Cookie's eyes widened at the response. Of course, Merry's eyes were far larger than her stomach. She would eat everything, and then get sick for a week. The mouse fairy had no control in regards to chocolates, candies and cheese.

"But this is not near enough...!" the pink haired faired murmured. She sighed, sounding defeated. "I guess this will have to do!".

After that, she proceeded to get handpick some candies, and handled those to Cookie. The kitty, aware of friend's tendencies, had not tried to pick any candy by herself.

After some bites, they decided that the yellow candies had a lemony flavour, while the red ones were most likely strawberry. They talked extensively about the costumes they saw that night, how some humans had left candies ready for them, and wondered about the origins of the tradition. 

 After a while, the conversation had changed into the different types of candies they have seen or tried before. Suddendly, Cookie realised she was talking alone, as Merry was very quiet.

 "Everything okay?" the kitty asked. "What are you thinking of?" 

 Merry's eyes light up. "We should go out again to get more candies!"


And this is all for today!! I know, Merry has a bottomless stomach. Or at least, she thinks of it. I have enough stories showcasing her stomachache! Ha! Anyways, Did you enjoyed this story? Are you doing anything with your dolls for Halloween?

Have a nice one!


  1. This is a cute story. Merry is a girl after my own heart--or should I say stomach?--always thinking of sweets. I absolutely agree that they should go out and get more! :D

    1. Thank you! I know, Merry's stomach is otherwordly, ha!

  2. Adorable props. And I love the matching kitty-shoes and embellishments on their dresses. Very cute.

    1. Thank you!! Yes, I did the shoes myself! :D