Saturday, January 19, 2013

Some Ideas and Planning...

The other day I tossed up a little list of the dolls I like. So far, I have the money for the doll, but I'm missing the shipping costs, and a little extra for some possible and unwanted custom taxes. But, I know that after my wallet recovers itself, I will be able to buy her some things I do want.

I'm afraid to say the sculpt, because eveytime I said which one I wanted, something happened. So, kipping the girl in mistery (not so much, she is in *the* list), I will just put some images and links of the wigs/eyes/shoes I want for her. I will sew her the rest myself, and maybe try some OOAK clay eyes... after all, I did the ones Kitty is wearing.

So, here we go!

The wigs are:

Dearmine S-Lamb in Brown
Moonlight Doll in Ashe Blond
Moonlight Doll Wig in Chocolat Brown.

Ok, now time for shoes. I know she will be a shoeaholic, but this is the pair I want to start with: some simple white pumps.

Moonlight Doll White Pumps for MSD

And finally the eyes. I have been thinking about blue, light blue, cyan or shades of green. I can not decide myself, so I guess I will have to actually see the combos to be able to make up my mind about this. But, I'm thinking about something like those:

Alice Colecctions Glass Eyes 10mm

Alice Colecctions Glass Eyes 10mm

Well, this is it. Now I can go and stalk some more shoes stores because... I want some of those shoes in human size!! I would wear them all! Oh my, anyways... The painting in the horse is rather slow, but I will be able to get up next week.. I guess, and hope.


  1. Me encanta el color de la peluca, la primera es la q mas me gusta :3

    quiero ver bocetos con opciones de vestuario!! *o*

    1. Pensé en hacer algunos, me diste una idea, voy a sacar fotos de las telas y de los modelos que quiero hacer.

  2. That's a great list of nice things for your future girl! You have a very nice taste.
    I think the green eyes would look nice with the color you have chosen for the wigs, but you're right, it's easier to judge in person. :)

    1. Thanks for the compliment! I think the same about the green eyes, but since my Kitty has green eyes too, I was thinking about other color. I would maybe try my hand and do some OOAK ones, to have more options! I know I will eventually get her all the props I want to!