Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Some Saddle Progress Update

Hello! Happy new year guys! This is the first post in the year... so happy! Well, I'm here to update with some progress of my repainted Barbie horse project. I decided to try to do the saddle first, and I painted it with some acrylics (the ones used in modelism) and then barnished with mate barnish. I tryied to make it look like black leather, with some silver garnments.

Repainted horse saddle.

But, it couldn't go out too easy...

The problems started when I was trying the saddle along with the two blankets I did, and found out that with only moving it, the plastics strings started chipping here and there, even when I did put several layers of  barnish and sealants on them. But that wasn't the only thing. With the two blankets, it didn't tie up in the belly of the horse. You can see this on the next pic:

Horse with the saddle and the two blankets.

It looks pretty realistic, even if in the pic they look like too loose, that is because the saddle wasn't tied up. What I'm going to do, is to cut those strings of plastic leaving only a 0.7cm end, make a hole in it, and the put some leather cords thru those, so they will be more real and will not -hopely- chips if I move them.

I will also try to style the mane/tail, and post some updates in that topic.

Well, that was all for today, and here is a last pic featuring a comparison between the original saddle, and the same but after the painting and sealing process.


  1. Feliz año nuevo! sí que te está dando trabajo la silla, espero que puedas solucionar los problemillas ^3^

    1. Felicidades! Sí, veré si hoy puedo volver a ello, tengo varias telas/cueros y hebillas pendientes para ver cómo solucionarlo.