Saturday, February 23, 2013

Male Dolls

Hello! I asked a couple of things on the Q/A board on the company I want to order from, but they didn't answer yet. I hope this is only a thing of the weekend, and not a major thing. 
Anyways. Lately, I have been looking for male dolls. You know, the type of male dolls that aren't popular. And with that, I mean: realistically looking, well proportioned, tall 1/4 size, basic, not limited, not baby-faced, adult-like (occidental features) male doll. Hard, huh? Well, I have been doing some improvements on finding something like this, and wanted to share with you, and gather opinions and ideas.
What I'm looking, are finished dolls, not hybrids, because I don't believe I would there to do an hybryd. OK,with no particular order (the order is the way I was remembering them)

The tallest guy of all the ones I listed. Souldoll Vito Edmund. I find him pretty attractive (my hubby think he looks like a drag queen, but oh anyways xD), male like, etc.

He is 52cm tall, and the only thing I would change, is the dark eyeshadow on his faceup. I don't like eyeshadows on male dolls. At least not in the realistically looking, I'm not touching any fantasy theme here.

Well, he looks manly, proportioned, around 27-31 given the styling. But, I don't know if he would be too tall for me, on a really hypothetic future of buying a male doll. And he is expensive, too.

Another Souldoll, this time Souldoll Kid Shaun. He is 47.5cm tall. The promo pics are kind of not appealing, but if you look the body-promo-pics you can see a more manly-like features. To me, he would highly depend on the styling. But no eye shadow, short hair, and the correct clothes, could make him look adequate.

The body is more model-like, but hey, not every guy out there has a chocolate bar on his abs. With make-up he is only $354, and I find it a very comfy price. On the verge, but stll comfy.

You just have to use *imagination* to see him adult like.

Now Iplehouse. Obviosly. Iplehouse JID Boris. I have seen some really nice customs of him out there. He comes with model body or muscle body, both 46cm tall. A little shorter that Souldoll Kid, but with more ethnic features on their faces. And they offer way more skin tones than Souldoll.

I like him in peach gold skin. The only thing that bothers me, is the little smile he has, that you can see when looking him front-to-front. I like smiling female dolls, but male dolls... uh... Nevermind. He is a good option. I don't have any link rught now, but Ban Sidhe did an awesome custom of him, with facil hair and a short styled wig, and make him look like a 29-30 year old. Really nice.

Of course, another Iplehouse. He is Iplehouse JID Kyle. You probably will throw something on me, but Martha Boers's historical custom make me realize he has a lot of potential as an adult-like male doll. If you haven't seen him, go check it here.

As always, the makeup and clothes can make him childish or adult, but at least he is not baby-faced on a developed body. He has strong jaw, and modest lips, I guess he could work.

The problems and adventages are the same as Boris: expensive and shorter, but with two bodies to pick up, and plenty of skin tones.

Finally, we have bodies... but only bodis. For much I love Withdoll females, the males have features that just too soft to me, too androginous. The Withdoll new Male Body is pretty awesome, and right priced.

 In the other hand, with 47.5cm tall and a slender male doll, we have the DIM Happy v1 Male Body. Besides the weird knee joint, it is pretty nice. The problem? (because there is always one) Too baby-faced. In fact, way too baby faced. Most of the male will look just awesome as girls, or as childs. Not what was the point of this seach.

And finally, some others I didn't include, and their cons:
  • Idealian 51: limiteds, and I was looking for basics.
  • Fairyland Chiclines: limiteds, mostly, and even if they are the right proportions, the faces doesn't 'speak' to me, and I don't know how will they look like with the average mature 1/4 female doll out there. 
  • Fairyland Minifee: the bodies are too short (my search said 42cm tall), and the faces are too androginous for my taste. I like seeing them, but don't think of owning them.
  • Mirodoll: The proportions on the body are way too off to me, and the faces... just don't.

And with this, my search continues while I wait for an answer on the Q/A board, before ordering. So nervous! BTW, all the images on this post belongs to Souldoll or Iplehouse.


  1. I didn't knew, you wanted male dolls! O: I'm in shock. Haha.
    I like your choices in male dolls too. Especially the Souldolls!

    1. Maybe some day... but after two or three girls :D. I'm glad you like them too.

  2. a mi también me gustan mas de souldoll, los de iple mucho no me gustan, siempre me dio la sensación de que están "sacando trompa" jajaja

    1. Lo de la boca no me había fijado! Y los de Souldoll los dos moldes que puse la tienen muy parecida!

    2. jajaja pero los de souldoll no da ea sensación de "trompita" jaja de los que pusiste el que mas de gusta es Edmund, es muy lindo :3 también me gusta Sharics de los vito boy.