Monday, March 18, 2013

Coolcat Accesories Arrived!

And here I was, thinking that the mail didn't work on saturday, and I got a notice that the mailman came and nobody was there. I was there! But he didn't knocked loud enough. So today we went to pick the package. As I suspected, it was Coolcat's one.

I bought two pair of basic pumps, and two wigs. For my surprise, when I opened the box, there were gifts too! Two pairs of socks (really nice ones, btw) and a wig cap! With all the gifts I almost got free shipping. So, pic heavy post, here are some pics of everything!!

BTW, I will be posting the review of the company too, as soon as I find the thread over DoA.

Lots of pics under the cut!

As soon as I opened the box, I found everything really nice packaged!

I was so excited by the gifts and everything that my hubby was constantly telling me "take pics, take pics, do not open that before a pic" hahaha. Well! This three things were the gifts: a wig cap, and two pairs of socks:


The wigs came with a net, and inside a sealed plastic bag. The colours were Silver White, and Tea Milk.

I must say that the milky one is gorgeous. The hair is soft, has weight, and looks really natural, with fibers of differents tones; that will be her main. Oh! And it is almost the same tone that the wig my friend made for me, so they will look as different hair-dos!

The white one is impressive too, it has a nice amount of details, and you can't see the headcap inside. The fiber it is a little less soft, and has some milky hairs between the white ones, even if the two wigs were packed individually. I will comb it a little, later.

Finally, the shoes. I ordered two pairs of basic pumps, one white and one black. The quality is awesome! The have a gorgeous finishing and they are shiny! Just like the pics. The only thing was that the black pair has some lose stitches on the back. I will be emailing Coolcat about it, after posting this.

So at this point I was thinking "OMG everything is *so* huge!". And I got the idea of trying everything on my Kitty, and this was the result:

Kitty: "OMG you didn't tell me I was getting a giant sister!"

Poor girl that wig made her look like if she was from the Adams family!

OK, I will be digging in DoA's reviews to find the one from Coolcat and left my opinions over there. Of course, I will be also posting those here, in my blog.

Overall, I'm really happy with all the goodies. The quality is amazing, and the customer service too. The gifts were a nice touch, and they cost almost made for a free shipping (I paid almost $10 for the hipping). 

This is it! Thanks for watching!


  1. Wow, I absolutely love the milky wig! It's gorgeous. :3 And how nice of them to send you free gifts.
    Haha, your little kitty looks so cute in the wig.

    You're on DoA? I didn't knew. Is it okay to ask what your username is on there? I wanted to add you to my friends. I'm Akatsuki. :)

    1. Yes, that wig is gorgeous!

      Of course you can ask! My username is Musume :3 I will be glad to add you to my friend list!

  2. Felicidades por la llegada amiga!! Todo está precioso!! amé las medias!! *o* ahí está mi dama azul acompañando la llegada en la primer foto jajaja tal vez debería hacer una "tamaño bjd" :o
    Es cierto que la segunda peluca se ve muy parecida a la otra! genial!! vas a poder hacer peinados diferentes :)

    1. Gracias!! Si, la Dama me sirvió para tapar la dirección que no soy buena editando! Estaría lindo una que fuera como máscara :3

      Si la peluca larga es parecida, va a tener peinados!

  3. se borró todo lo que escribí -.-........

    Bueno tb te agregué a Doa (creo) :D!!

    me encantaron las cositas que compraste, sobre todo la peluca blanca y los zapatitos!!! y que regalos mas últiles, muy bueno, algún día pediré a coolcat X)

    1. Si, ahí te acepté la solicitud!
      Coolcat resultó muy bueno. Les escribí contando de los zapatitos negros y su defecto, veré qué sucede.