Friday, March 22, 2013

Thinking on Sewing Projects

Victorian Ball Gown
So here I am, waiting for Withdoll to give me a shipping notice, and waiting for the postman with some more accesories packages (if he doesn't come soon, I swear I'm going crazy)... and I can't avoid thinking on my incoming girl and the projects I want to do for her. 

I came to the idea of listing some of the big sewing projects I want to do for my girl. It includes not only historical costumes, but some fantasy ones, some coctail/proms, etc. I hope I will be able to sew them all, but I'm not sure about the order of the list, because I know I need more skills than my currents to sew some.

Here is the list:
  • Spiderqueen Coctail dress.
  • Snowqueen dress.
  • Victorian Ball Gown.
  • Rococo Ball Gown.
  • Civil War Steampunk dress.
  • Regency Evening dress.
  • Regency ball gown.
  • Steampunk Victorian gown.
  • Steampunk Regency dress.
  • Lord of the Rings Elf-like dress.
  • Warrior Elf-like dress.
  • Traditional Korean dress.
  • Tang Dynasty Female dress.
  • Many coctail/prom dresses.
  • Rennaiscence dress.
  • Borgia-like costume.
  • Vintage costumes from de 1930s, 1940s.
  • Opera-like costume.
  • Fantasy mediaval-kimono fusion dress (saw it on dA, need to ask permission to sew it)
  • Fantasy fairy with wings. 
  • Red queen from Alice (saw two ideas in dA, again, need to ask permission)
  • Many cosplays from League of Legends champions.
  • Some cosplays from Tera cloth armor (elfs) 
  • Ada Lovelace costume
  • Clara Clayton's Victorian gown (from the movie Back To The Future III)
  • 1950s dress from the movie Back To The Future I
And of course, a lot of of casual clothing. I want to do a comission store  for dressing, but the shipping costs in my country make me think I won't be able to do that. So sad. Anyways, so far, I can say for sure that the Spiderqueen is a fact, since that will be the first big project with my Rachel.

What do you think of all the projects?

BTW, the pic is not mine, if you click it, you go to the original site.


  1. :O esa es una larga lista!! que lindo!! *u*
    te paso un dato sobre los envios: tenes la opcion de envios internacionales como "pequeño paquete certificado" aparece dentro del rubro "postales" en la web del correo, es una opción económica para envios chicos como sería un vestido de bjd, es para paquetes desde 14cm x9cm hasta de 60cm x 60cm. en paquetes de 100g los precios van desde 43 pesos hasta 49 pesos. y son entrega con firma.

    1. ¡Gracias! Y gracias por el dato del envío también!

  2. Ooh, it sounds so interesting! I'll really look forward to your projects. :3 Good luck!

  3. That will be so much fun to sew all these doll outfits! I think it's a great list! I'm waiting for my first doll too and I can understand how excited you are! I hope Rachel arrives very soon! :)

    1. Oh, congrats on your first doll, then! I know, it is just too exciting!

  4. Wow, that's some really interesting projects you're planning. Good luck with them! :D