Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Coco's 1st Month Birthday

On Sunday, it was the first month since Coco's arrival! To celebrate it, my mom and dad came to my home -they are awesome- and my even-more-awesome mom crocheted a swimsuit for Coco, and did a tiny little cake. So there we was, my mom and I playing with Coco, and my hubby and my dad hanging the white fabric so I can snap some half-decent pics to post in here later. Sadly, it was almost noon but had been pouring outside, and I had no light for pics. Anyways, here are some pics.

I will be posting a little photostory later this week.

Coco's 1st Month Birthday :D

Continue reading for more pics.

I'm so happy to have this girl home :3 Now I just need to edit the photostory pics!


  1. Such a cute swinsuit! :3

    1. Ty! I will have better pics soon :3

  2. Feliz Cumple-mes a tu querida Coco!!!

  3. feliz cumplemes!! está preciosa! se ve que la tienen muy mimada entre todos!! :3