Thursday, June 20, 2013

Formal Silk - Coco's Model Shoot

I was finally able to finish that damn white and cyan dress! I had to redo the corset twice, then replace some parts several times, and then, I did not like the original skirt. So I came with the idea of a double skirt, one cyan and one white. I really like how this ended up. It is pretty simple, with no embellishments, but I really like it. So here are some pics. Coco lost her shoes in the process and ended up barefoot. Hope you like the pics:

And some dress shots, paired with the shoes.

Doll: Withdoll Basic Rachel (NS).
Faceup: Modded Default.
Dress: handsew by me (Musume).
Shoes: Coolcat MSD
Wig: Coolcat 6/7
Eyes: DD-Anne Imperfect Glass Eyes in 10mm.

Creme Shawl (on the "floor"): crochetted by my mom. It is human size and I always wear it in dates with my hubby <3
White Shawl (the one hanging): bought by my hubby. Do not know about its brand.

Well, hope you like it! Thanks for reading me!


  1. She's stunning! I think you're really great at taking pictures of Coco. Considering how long you've had her, you're getting good really fast. Have you been taking pictures before BJDs?

    1. Thank you!! I have take some pictures of Kitty, the OOAK one I have. I always wanted to do some photography course, and I think now I have the perfect excuse to do it :3

  2. It's such a beautiful dress and really great pictures! ^^

    1. Thank you!! I'm really glad you like it!

  3. que linda!! me encantó el vestidito!! *o*
    me recuerda a Alicia en el pais de las maravillas!
    justo estaba pensando "nunca le toma fotos parada" cuando voy bajando y la veo paradita jajaja hermosas fotos amiga!!

    1. Jejeje, si hay varias paradas, solo que en una sola se le ven hasta las piernas xD Es que por ahí le tengo más mano a sacar retratos que fotos más amplias :D Me alegro que te guste!