Wednesday, August 14, 2013

New Crochet Designs!

Hello!!! Well I have been pretty busy, I'm trying to finish the other commission I had. I mus confess I'm really happy, on Monday was my b-day and my friend just sent me a doll as a present! (along with many fabrics and a love declaration for Coco from one of his boys, hahaha!) Anyways, I will introduce the new doll family member on Saturday :3

Today I want to show some new designs we have up for the HQ Crochet Service :3. I also want to confirm that we do accept Paypal!. Anyways, remember you can order any size/colour. If you are interested, the info is right here.

We have some cute hats here:

More under the cut!! :3

And a new bolero style, with some circles details!

This is all for today, hope you like the designs! I think we will have a shawl and a full ensemble in stock for sale soon -think of September-. The ensemble is called "Golden Scarlet". So anxious to do my part on that ensemble, just after finishing the commissions!

Have a great day, everyone!