Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Choosing a Doll For Its Body? - Part 1

Well, I have been debating about this, so I thought that it deserved a blog post about it. I'm very picky to what it comes to like a doll. I like realistic proportions, mature, 1/4, and so on.... lately, I have been thinking about 1/6 dolls, but more similar to the KID line of Iplehouse.

Anyways, the thing is that often, when I look at the dolls of a company, I end up really liking they body they offer, but hating the heads. And that happens very often. There are companies where I like the whole dolls, like Withdoll, Iplehouse, Souldoll, Rosette... but the other cases also exists. So I thought about making a post, talk about some of those bodies, and hear your opinions.

So here, under the cut, there is a whole list + pics of said bodies...

Fairyland MNF
Ok, lets start with a classic. I already wrote about a possible hybrid between Withdoll and Faryland in a previous post, but I will mention it again here.

I really like the m-line body, also the a-line. I found them really posable and not so model-like as Withdoll body. I find this could be the body of a normal girl, and not-so-perfect woman as Coco. I also love the fact that are shorter bodies.

The thing is... I hate MNF heads. Don't take me wrong, I have seen amazing customs, stunning pictures, but I find those heads too stylized and bubble-like for my taste.

I have seen pictures of Withdoll near a Minifee and they don't look good together. But, I found myself carving for a doll with MNF body, and a not-MNF head, hahahaha. Something more to add to the damn wishlist, that keeps expanding!!

LoongSould 1/4 Female Body
Aha! I'm pretty sure you did not guess this body coming! Me neither, hahaha. I must confess that the boobies size of this body amazes me, and I only tolerate the middle one. You probably are asking "why do you like this body?" the answer was this body review video of Lady Venetica.

I love how this body is engineered! You doesn't need to suede this body, and it can hold some amazing poses!! Also, there are girls that are all about the front and nothing in the back... instead of the perfect form of a sand hourglass.

The thing, again, are the heads. They are -once again- waaaay too stylized, really bobble-headed and too childish for my taste. The issue with this store, is that I really have no clue about matching resin with other stores. It isn't like the MNF one, that I feel that I really want one... it is just that I love the pose-ability!

Bluefairy Shiny Fairy Blossom Body
This one isn't 1/4 either, but  1/6. It is really similar to the Iple KID style, and it was originally made by Minoruworld.Now, the millon dollars question. Why do I like this body? Because I saw Xhanthi's hybrid with this body.

I really like the proportions, the height. It is like a young girl that is starting to grow, and lately I have been thinking on having younger looking doll that I could dress with frilly dresses and so one, and that will look cute on them.

And, bingo, the issue here is the head. While I don't hate Bluefairy's heads, I can't see the difference between them (even if I love Turbow's Bluefairies), and I don't see a gender in them either. The other day I was bored, had nothing to do, and found myself stalking the DoA marketplace to see what was going on in there, and found the LTF Nanuri faceplate. Instant. Love. But it was a limited head, I have no idea about resin match, and the LTF headback seams to be a hell-of-a-pain to get.

Aquarius AQR Fairy Body
This is the last one, for today. This is Aquarius body. A pretty mature one, with similar measures to Withdoll. It comes with heel feet included, and you can choose the bust size. They have pretty heads, too... I personally love the last one they released: Chloe. I find her so mature, so occidental-looking, that is amazing!

So, another question. Where the hell is the issue, if the heads are OK? Answer: the neck. Oh my, I-hate-that-neck. It has 7.1cm which is *huge* for MSD sized dolls, and the head looks pin-headed because of that neck. I think it needs an urgent sanding to look decent because, if I didn't remark it enough, the neck is huuugeee.

Well, you could think that I like anything, but as I stated before, there are a lot of companies where I like all the "combo" they offer, so I won't be talking about them here.

As you saw, this is part 1... I will *soom* release a part 2, talking about male bodies. Oh my, that is a really long list! It is *so* hard to find 1/4-sized male dolls that I like.

Anyways, thanks for reading me!


  1. I really adore Bluefairy and Aquarius Doll!
    But I think making hybrids may be the right choice for you. Sometimes the head and body is just not perfect together. I also make a lot of hybrids, and I think it's a great way to achieve the "perfect" doll.
    Good luck! :D

    1. Thanks! I really love your hybrids, they have a lot of personality! I love the BF body, too, but I sincerely don't find any appeal on the heads. For now, the one I want the most is the MNF one, but I think it is really hard to find a head for a body, than to find a body for a head. Don't know... never made hybrids before.