Monday, 9 December 2013

Lovely Dark Lolita Calina

Hello everyone! A lot of things have been happening recently. I had been almost out of the loop because I had to make extra hours at work almost every day in other to fulfill my deadlines, and then I was really tired to take pics. Also, bad weather didn't help. I'm trying to get Paypal accept my credit card in order to pay my dolly xmas present! Yay! I will told everything about that as soon as the purchase is certain.

Today, I want to show you the cute outfit+wig+shoes my mom did to Calina. I was *amazed* by her talent, and the handmade wig ended up being *so* amazing! The only credit that goes for my are the pics ;)

Calina is a Peregrina Ofelia, artist cast, in white skin.
More pics under the cut!

The detail on the shoes:

The steampunk mods on the arms:

Calina ended up gorgeous, I'm so proud of my mom and how much detail and effort she put into this outfit!! Anyways, I hope to be back soon, with details on my next order! ;)


  1. Que bonita se vé Calina! Las fotos te han salido fatásticas. Muy bella.

    1. ¡Es preciosa! :3 Tengo que conseguirme más fonditos para las fotos, jaja.

  2. quedó hermosa! me encanta todas las cosas que le hizo! el vestido, los zapatos y la peluca! preciosos!! ♥

    1. ¡Si! Le quedaron preciosos, a mi me encanta la peluca :3