Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Interviews News + Coco Pics!

Hello everyone! Well, the other day I did a small twitt when I was really excited about this news, and now that is for sure I can finally share it: I'm going to have a collaborator with the interviews, the lovely Custom Lovers :3 

She offered to me to publish some interviews that she was going to make, to small BJD artist, mostly from Russia, Poland and other countries from East Europe. Most of them doesn't even speak English, so getting the interviews will be a challenge. This type of inteviews will be called "Short Interviews" -given that they are shorter and smaller- and the publishing calendar will now go like this:
  • 1st of each month, the regular Interviews made by me. Surely posted each month.
  • 15th of each month, the Short Interviews made by Customlovers and posted when she gets an interview.
 I'm really happy about this and I hope you will enjoy this new section as much as I do, as it will help us to find out about new emerging artists. Also, here are some pics of Coco. Under the cut I will tell something else about it :3

Do you like that pic? Well, the thing is that I'm trying to improve my Photoshop editing skills, and I wanted to try something new. I personally really like how this set ended up, and I think I learned a lot about posing Coco in this particular photoshoot. Hopefully, next pics will get better and better.

The headband and the sweater where made by my mom, and the lingerie and bloomer by me. The wig is Angell-Studio.

Well, that was all for today! I hope to have any news from Cookie soon, or I'm going to stress the hell out of my husband hahaha.


  1. Me encanta la segunda foto, en la que sale tumbada =3

    Y va a ser un placer poder colaborar contigo... ¡ojalá muchos artistas se animen!

    1. Si, esa foto me encanta :3
      Gracias a tí por la propuesta, es un gusto y un honor!

  2. Estupendas las fotos, Mis preferidas son la segunda y la quinta.
    Me encanta la idea de leer sobre las artistas de Rusia. Estaré esperando para leerlas.

    1. ¡La segunda es de mis favoritas también!
      Gracias por el entusiasmo :3