Sunday, 4 May 2014

Bee Cookie is Cute :3

Hi everybody! I have a lot of things to say and write before we get to the pictures, so please bare with me with a little text. First of all is to say that May is going to be a pretty hectic month to me due to work -I'm finishing some courses for my PhD and I need to take to intensives in May- so there would be no posts on Saturday but on Sunday... I hope to go back to the routine of Saturday posts in June.

And dolly related, today I want to share some pictures of Cookie dressed as a cute little bee. The full outfit was made by my mom. I didn't take photos soon, because I wanted to make something unusual for me, and go take some shots in "real green" like in a park or garden... but I did not dare to. Then I thought of getting some flowers real flowers and used them as background... but I couldn't find any walking florist, and the stores are too far from home, so nay.

Anyways, I finally took Cookie's to my mom, and both of us attempted to take pictures in a really small rose tree. It looked like the Doll Photography meme that populates Tumblr, but we had a lot of fun. It was interesting trying to capture real green with my shitty camera.

Here are more pics:

I apologize if some of them are repetitive, but I didn't dare to do much posing while she was on the tree, and It was so hard to hold everything on place to take some shots, hahaha.

And here is one at home, with simpler background, in order to show up the outfit:

It has: bloomers, dress, shoes, tulle wings, and the bee headband. I really love this outfit.

I will do another post on Wednesday, regarding something I have been thinking: doing a rework/makeover to Cookie. I don't know, but I want to make some changes to her, that will imply getting some special parts for her.


  1. Cookie es realmente preciosa!! Y el traje de abejita le sienta de maravilla. Me gustaron mucho las fotos 3 y 4, sentada en la rama del árbol. Bellisimas.

    1. Sí es preciosa :3 Y con lo chiquita que es me encanta sacarle fotos y todo, es muy portátil en ese aspecto, jajaja. Gracias por comentar!