Saturday, May 17, 2014

Grail Item/Doll Meme

Well, I must be honest, I wasn't tagged by anyone, but I saw this meme and thought it will be great to also take the change and rant a little about my dream/grail order to Iplehouse. I want to share everything that I want to buy in that order, as well as the final amount, so you can scream with me hahaha!
*Rules of the Tag*
Everyone has a "grail" item whether it be a doll or outfit set or accessory. What is/was your grail item?

 Name your "grail" item, describe how you obtained it (or plan on obtaining it) and state why the item is your grail item. Do NOT steal/borrow other people's photos. Instead, photograph a foot to represent a "needed" pair of shoes or a doll wrapped in a towel for a "needed" outfit or an empty spot between two other dolls to represent a "missing link". Be creative! Please note that providing a link to the item you desire is a-okay <3

The only other "rule" is to tag ten others to participate :)

I sincerely can't tag ten people, so feel free to make this if you want! Add yourself on the Flickr picture here, so I can know about your meme, and read it.

My grail item is a doll, that I have always dream of, but also always thought it is too expensive: an Iplehouse CDS JID girl. I originally wanted Cecile, but after they released Violet, I knew she was the one.... I don't know, maybe from here to the time when I actually get to ordering, I will change the sculpt again. I want it for Coco's best friend: Hazel -tentative name, still don't know.

Ok, I did this while playing with the cart on the site, so I could know the exact final value. Given that I want Violet, I need to get her from the CDS. I want her in Light Brown skin, with Ashanti Type B faceup (the one with nude lips). She sums up to 520$, not considering any possible Xmas discount event, like last year:

Then, giving that Iplehouse sells a wig just like the one I want, I will also be adding the wig to the order. It will be this wig, in Black:

Then, it is widely known already that I'm a dolly-shoe-aholic. Iplehouse sells gorgeous shows. Why shouldn't I be buying some shoes? Here it goes, adding some pairs:

I would have added two more pairs but know, I don't want to spend so much. Anyways, next thing is that I love to sew... and you don't know how easy it is to measure/test patterns while having the doll securely hold in place throughout a stand. Also, it makes it easy to have her standing by my side, without worrying she will fell. So, here I add a saddle stand for Hazel, because Coco has her own and can't be bothering sharing... also I want to stand them both side by side displaying the awesome dresses I'm gonna make them :3

Finally, I need to move the order from Iplehouse's headquarters to my country and my home, so there it goes a lot of money:

So, with all the tiny bits (and without counting the eyes, that are MasterPiece Afghan, at 31$ plus shipping), the order ends up at 641$ + 73.8$ = 714.8$

And here, is when I went WOW. Shocked, then thinking it is a damn dream and that I won't be able to get her. I told hubby, and he told me "714.8+40 (from the eyes) is 754.8. If you can get at least 650$ from commissions, we can buy her". He is so cute!!!!! *loves her husband*. But it is a really long road before I can get such amount, so I was thinking, maybe I should stick the DreamSelfy I printed to make the picture of the meme, and put it near my computer or printer, so I can watch her and get motivated.

Don't know. But I'm sure I will spam Twitter and this Blog if I ever reach that amount and I'm able to get her. And please, don't get me started on buying a camera... that is a whole lot more of savings, hahaha.


  1. I hope you'll manage to find the funds for her someday. She seems like such an exciting project! :)

    I don't know if I'll post this meme too, I don't know if I understand the rules. Haha. :P

    1. Hahaha, thank you!
      Well, this is about your grail item, would it be a doll, shoes, or whatever. Just need to post how did you got it, or the plans to get it :)