Wednesday 28 May 2014

Meme/Tag: Doll shoes!

Well, I have had the idea of this tag for so long, but either I had a hell-of-a-week, or I had another things to post, so this never came up. Anyways, one day a friend of mine took a pic of her doll-shoes, and I decided it was time to start a doll-shoes meme, being the shoeaholic I am, it was just natural. Ok, so the rules for the tag are the following (they are pretty simple, by the way):
  • Take a pic of your doll shoe collection. You can picture all the sizes of shoes you have, even the ones that are handmade/commissioned and so on.
  • Answer the questions! They are only six, but you can add more if you are inspired to do so.
  • Tag friends so they can continue the meme. 

The picture is here, and I will ask the questions after the cut!

1. Which was you first pair of shoes?
The first pair are -in fact- two: the far left black and the white. When I got my first BJD I wanted to buy wigs and shoes in the same store, and I found Coolcat. They have reasonable priced shoes and gorgeous wigs, everything decently priced, so I went ahead and ordered.
I got everything in exactly 15 days, and when I saw the black pair, one of the stitches on the back was open, so when I let Coolcat knew the package had arrived, I simply suggested they should check better the shoes, and what did I get? They sent me a replacement black pair without asking! I was like OMGWTF. Anyways, I love those pairs, and I recently got an idea on how to customize them, and make the more varied.

2. Which type of doll shoes do you prefer?

I do prefer the fancy, ultra special heal pairs, those with ribbons, decorations, button, and everything make them so fashionable and unique. BUT, as you can see from my collection, I tend to buy more classic shoes... besides, it is what you can get in 1/4 size.

3. Do you have any grail pair?
Yes, I do! Ever since I met rRabit I have been fan-girling about that pair of boots that only came in SD size... as everything. Until I saw they have that model in Latte color, in 1/4 size and it instantly became my grail:

Also, since I found out that Paul Zangby's shoes for Tonner 22" fits the Withdoll girl high heel feet, I have been drooling over some pairs, because they are incredible! The bad thing is that he is from China, and Chinese packages are now 100% subject to custom fees in my country, and I don't want to pay taxes nor wait 1/3 of a year for a pair of shoes.

4. Anything that bothers you regarding doll shoes?

Of course! Since my fave size for dolls is 1/4, and not Volks MSD but mature minis, I find it rather hard to get 5.5cm shoes that are mature and have heel, instead of the classical fancy-cute-kawaii thing that comes in that size. I have nothing against people who likes that style, but I think it is going to be time for shoe-makers to make more variety of models!

5. Do you prefer boots or heels/flats?

I have three pairs of boots, two handmades, and the brown ones were a gift from my lovely hubby. But I'm not too inclined on winter-dressing my dolls, so I mostly don't know what to do with the boots, even if I drool over them.
I do prefer heels, I even wear them myself -in human size, of course-, love them!

6. Any anecdote regarding your shoes?
The brown pair in the first line was purchased with a voucher I got from eBay. They were discounted so I bought them only with the voucher. They are from Dollmansion, and even if they are good quality, they took 115 days to come home! I ordered in October/2013 and got them in January/2014! Incredibly fast, that is why I don't want to purchase nothing from Chinese vendors, at least for now =S

Ok, so I'm tagging (I will tag you in Flickr, too :3):
  • Fantasywoods
  • Tjassi
  • Lise

Hope you like the tag! If you want to join and you weren't tagged, just tell me and I will add you :3


  1. Que hermosos los pares de calzados. Todos son muy bonitos, los que más me gustaron son los de cuero marrón con el moño y la botas rosas que son muy llamativas. Muy lindo este post.

    1. ¡Gracias! A mi me encantan las botas azules :3 Y las marrones!