Saturday, May 10, 2014

Modern Short Hanbok for Coco

Hello everyone! Yesterday, Friday May the 9th was the first year birthday of Coco. I can't believe already a year passed, and that she has been with me for so long. Anyways, gladly I started the project for the short hanbok just in time, and was able to present this post with her new fancy fashion :3

I want to thank everyone that pushed me to go ahead with the project, thanks!! Also, I know it doesn't has nothing to do with the style, but I couldn't help myself and snapped some pictures with one of the shawls... Coco looked way too beautiful with it.

Some pics without the bolero:

Some with the white shawl (this are my favorites of the set):

Pic heavy, I know, but I couldn't stop taking pictures of her, because she looks so beautiful with this dress, and so *her* that I really liked this. Also, I'm so glad I was able to learn so much doing this. Now I'm giving some time to Cookie, while I collect the fabrics for the main long fusion hanbok.

Also, Coco says "thank you" to each of you who read my blog, and follow all of my rants:

The set includes:
  • White satin panty.
  • White chiffon petticoat.
  • Main dress (golden bodice with double red chiffon skirts)
  • Orkuron in black.
  • Black satin bolero.


  1. You did such good work with this dress! I love it so much ;_; Now I want one for my girls too haha

    1. Yay! I'm so happy you like this :3 Thanks!! *happy dance*

  2. Estoy convencida: ¡Coser es un arte! Eres muy habilidosa, realmente el traje te ha quedado maravilloso. Te felicito.

    1. ¡Muchas gracias! Yo también estoy muy contenta como quedó :3

  3. It's such an amazing project and it looks so great! I'm amazed by your talent! :D It looks great on Coco.

    1. Thank you so much!!! I had lots of fun making this :3 and I'm really glad you liked it.