Sunday, 29 June 2014

Playing with Light

Well, this Tuesday we had a happy arrival: our custom-made couch! Back at the end of April, hubby and I purchased our first couch, in a store that offers customs, so we picked up a really nice environmental leather in a nude colour. It arrived almost on the deadline they gave us, and this morning had a nice sunshine, so I decided to test it, and take some pictures on it.

The nice thing, is that the window near the couch has a complete different location than the one that is in my usual photography-spot, so I got to test some things. I tried using the reflection on Coco's hair, and also different positions with my reflective panel. The poses are great, because I was mainly focused on achieving some light/shadow contrast. I don't know if I achieved it, but I do know that I learned some new things :3

Also, I want to show you all the cute antlers I customized long time ago, with a new -increidible made- crochet blouse that my amazing mom did. Can you see the detail on the shoulders? Also, it is made on a vintage thread that can't be acquired anymore.

Here are some other pictures:

That was all! I have two parks nearby, and I want to try and take some nature pictures, but I don't dare to go! I think that hubby doesn't want either, so maybe I get to annoy my mother/father to go with me xD hahaha, man, my family does have patiente with me.

Anyways, thanks so much for reading, and I appreciate any feedback you may want to give me regarding this pictures :3


  1. Lovely photos! I don't know a lot, so I can't offer feedback, but it looks great to me :D
    And the blouse is gorgeous!

    1. Thanks dear!!! I love that blouse she made :3