Thursday 17 July 2014

Photo Challenge: Words

I don't know if you remember that with the introduction of Cookie's makeover I said that I was going to do a photo-challenge with her, and made a special page with the topics I'm going to use. Today's topic wasn't the next one to get done, but I had the idea for the romper -hubby bought me that fabric as a gift, he even picked it up himself!- and no idea for the shoot.

Then, due to several things I joined deviantArt, mostly because I wanted to participate on Resin-Aperture and join the community over there. Browsing RA's gallery I fond this tutorial about negative space on photos, and immediately went  to check my topics, and came with a good idea for words. I didn't want to make the classic letter story, or something like that.

I used a wide resolution, and printed to words clouds in A4 size to make the background :) All the photos have a similar concept, as I tried to portray negative space.

That was the main idea that I got, and this is some experimenting I did:

A portrait, because I couldn't stand how cute she was looking, without taking a closeup:

And finally, my setup. I put this on B&W because the wood door of the closet behind is lacquered and I can't take a picture of it without making the colors look awful.

I love my teeny tiny kitten fairy! Two A4 pages were enough to make some cute backgrounds for her. And also, after spending more than 3 weeks on Coco's hanbok, I started and finished this pink polka-dot romper in the same day! So simple, and so cutesy!

PS: yes, the printer went crazy with the second word cloud and I had to fight against the printer for like 30 minutes until I got it to print. I *so* hate printer.

Anyways, hope you liked this, and any feedback is appreciated :3


  1. buenísimas las fotos, me encantó la idea de la nube de palabras, aunque seamos sinceras, gran mérito en las fotos lo tiene Cookie que es preciosa XD, hablando en serio, las imágenes son impactantes. Te felicito.
    PD: el mameluco rosa está muy bonito y le sienta de maravilla a tu niña.

    1. ¡Gracias! Si, me gustó mucho la idea para las palabras de fondo, porque tienen distintos tamaños y tonos de grises. Me alegro mucho que te gustara :3

  2. Such an interesting idea! I think you made it work great. :) And Cookie is so cute as usual.

    1. Thank you dear!!! :D Yes, I can't handle how cute she is xD