Sunday 6 July 2014

Serious Case of "Do Want"

Well, last week, Withdoll released a teaser of two new elven girls. The same sculpts Emma and Ruby, but with long-Lineage-II-like ears. It was a serious case of "do-want" for me. It is kind of strange... sometimes, a sculpt pops up, and then I plan a whole character/look/what I would buy/sew for her, even if I don't plan on buying it. I guess that for me it is part of the plan.

Anyways, in this case, it was Elf Hunter Emma:

Anyways, look how cute she is!

I don't know why, but this girl got me so so fast! And, because I was lately toying with the idea of having a gray doll, I think I would get this girl in gray skin, with those amazing Oscar/Mirror eyes, and buy her a truck-load amount of wigs from Dollwig, all of them in pastel colors/platinum blondes/white. I will also make her some horns, in glittery black.

Oh anyways, I don't know why I'm planning so much, because I can't get her, and since she is limited in time, that is a big no.

In the other side, I have decided the other two dolls that I want that -even after new releases, or high temptations like this elf- I still want: Soom Rosette Vela/Mia, in girl Muse body, and Iplehouse JID Violet, in light brown. I never decide which one of those I want fist, hahaha, but will see... maybe next year, or the other :D


  1. She's lovely - I can certainly see where the temptation (and inspiration) comes from!

    1. Thanks dear :) Yes, she is amazing, but sadly I can't get her =S