Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Etsy Update + Promotions!

I don't know if you follow the confessions blogs on Tumblr, but someday someone posted about wanting people who crochet to make baggy sweaters for dolls... so I did it. Simple like that. I also added a small promotion, to help my store to raise up.

You can see it in this banner:

Something I want to address is that I know my prices are different, but also are my products. I run this shop with my mom (who crochets as a goddess, as you can see) and we decided to use high quality and really thin thread in order to be able to add a lot of delicate details to the clothing. This has the advantage of making incredible clothes, shawls, and everything... but also it is more expensive, because the thread isn't cheap, we need to use a lot of thread even in smaller clothing, and it is so thin that it is hard to knit (sometimes, it is even hard to see what are we crochetting).

I know this sounds silly, but please, give us a chance, you won't regret it. Also, if you want to share the link to out store, you are welcome and I will be very, very grateful.

Regarding the shipping, I know it is a little expensive compared to other countries, but I did my best to lower it a little. Take in mind that I can only ship internationally from the customs office, so the trip to go there is something.

About the listings, I also included all the measures for all the items, and I may say that if you like one and want it in another color/size, you can always do a custom request!

I do have positive feedback at DoA, that is a little more extensive that the one on my Etsy (that is also, happily, positive).

Finally, I will be uploading another baggy sweater on the weekend, and sharing more pictures of this items on all my social networks.

Thank you so much for reading this and please, take a look at the store and promotion!!


  1. They are really pretty, but I'm in love with the koala bag XD! so cute!

    1. Thanks! :D Indeed is cute! I have a Koala amigurumi too :·