Monday 27 October 2014

The Black Widow ~ 20+ Photos

Not Natasha Romanoff, from the Avengers... but the red wig *may* be due to her, haha. This dress is my contest entry for the Halloween Costume Contest hosted in Not-So-Casual group on deviantArt. I must thanks my mom for helping me with this dress, because she made all this awesomeness possible. I just simply threw the idea xD

Anyways, this dress has a lot of thinking behind it, and I want to share it. First, the black dress is tight on the top and "bubbly" on the skirt, because black widows have a big ass (image of the spider, here), and I wanted to reflect that. The spider-web-shawl is precisely that: the web where the spiders hunt their prey... sometimes, they are a little torn on the edges, and that is why the fringe is irregular, and from different heights. The boots were done to enhance Coco's legs, due to the black-widows large and black legs, and me don't wanting to make leggings.

More rambles and photos under the cut.

I want to talk a little more about the dress, and share the effort we put into this, before going on with more pictures:
  • The shawl was made in two parts, to make the hoodie removable. It took around 6 balls of threads, and 40~ hours to make. It was done mixing thread with lurex-thread, in order to achieve some shininess.
  • For the boots, I sculpted the soles heals, sanded it, painted them, and then glossed. The main part of the boots is also done in crochet, even if it looks unbelievable. Mixing black thread with silver lurex-thread to achieve that look. The laces are also handmade, and were braided by hand. It took around 13~ hours per boot to be done, without counting the time to make the soles. Add 6 hours for that.
  • The horns were gifted to my on my b-day last year, by a friend, and they were blank so I could style them as I wished. I painted them and glossed them.
  • The dress is lined (I did post a WIP of that on my Tumblr), and was hand-sewn. Made completely by me in satin, it took me a lot of time to make it, because even if it can't be seen due to the shawl, the corset has a lot of parts.
  • The little six-legged spiders where done by a local artisan, who sadly, I don't know her name. I got them on an artisan's hall on my city, and didn't realize they had six legs instead of 8, just until yesterday. Anyways, I love them.
 Now, more photos :D

Please excuse the image-heavy post, because I took 400+ and wanted to edit so many!

Without the hoodie, the shawl can be worn in several ways, and the tiny spiders holds it :3

Another shape of the shawl :3

Now with both shoulders off:

Finally, that was all. 21 photos, I'm so sorry for the image heavy post, but this is by far the dress that I most like, my favorite (yes, over the modern Hanboks or the Navy dress). I just couldn't stop editing! My rule was: if I like it, and I didn't edit other in the same pose/angle, I edited it.

Anyways, I'm so happy with this dress and so proud of it!! And thanks for reading and baring with me all the images :3


  1. Wow!! I love the boots and the dress, and they are nice enough even as normal clothes and not a costume. The shawl is amazing, very spider-y. Great work!

    1. Thanks!! So happy you like this!! :D And yes, I plan to use the boots as regular wear, too :3

  2. Preciosas las fotos, Los ángulos son increíbles y se ven muy bien los detalles. Coco con su belleza realza todas las prendas. Te felicito. Tienes muy buen ojo para sacar fotos.

    1. ¡Gracias! Me alegro mucho que te guste, pero es todo el vestido, y el chal increíble :3

  3. Wow, you've put a lot of thought into this outfit for sure :o But the result is amazing! You're mom deserves some recognition too, she's also really talented! :o
    I hope you win this contest. If anyone deserves it, it has to be you. :3

    1. Thank you!! Yes, she did the best parts of the outfit! :D
      And thank you so much for the good vibes, I hope the best!

  4. I love the concept and how you've interpreted it. And I especially adore those shoes! They look so good!

    1. Thank you so much!! I truly love the boots, to be honest. I will try to do more shoes! :D