Sunday 12 July 2015

The Unexpected Journey of Merry & Cookie

I can't tell for how much time I have been wanting to do this story. Probably since the hubby got the illustrated version of The Hobbit.

Yesterday I tried to take this photos, but used backdrops that were too white, and the pics -although nicely focused and sharp- looked so plain! So I talked to the hubby and we went to the paper store that is nearby with the idea of getting one or two new backdrops. I came home with six. All reversible. Hahaha! I posted them last night on my instagram, I couldn't resist!

Anyways, today I took all the photos again, using this new backdrops, and they look amazing! As always, the narrative story is written in italics/cursive font. Hope you will like it! Allow me to warn you, this is image heavy!

After all their daily work was done, Merry led Cookie to a book she found inside a tree house. It was big, and heavy, and had a golden dragon on the cover. After their arrival, Cookie knelt next to the book and touched the beveled silhouette. 

"This is a story book!" she said. "I have heard of those before, we can read it!".

"What is a story book?" Merry asked, looking puzzled. "Is it OK to read it?".

"Yes! And it will be fun!" Cookie shouted, standing and trying to open the book.

After a few pages, they found a map. It was big, had a lot of labels and places marked on it. The two fairies walked on top of the map, until they found a place that caught their attention.

"That sounds creepy. The desolation of Smaug". Merry wondered a little and then asked again. "Who is Smaug?".

"I believe is a character of the book. They could have been really good or really bad to have a placed named after them!" Cookie answered. "More reasons to read!".

After a few more pages, some strange symbols started to appear. Merry was scared, thinking they could be forbidden or from an old culture that they didn't knew about.

"It probably is some sort of language created for this story" Cookie tried to calm Merry down.

"But what if something horrible happens if we read this?" retorted Merry.

"Do not worry, I'm telling you".

And so, they started to read. Hours went by, but they kept reading.

After a long time reading, they found a huge and detailed drawing of Smaug, laying on top of his gold. Merry could not believe Smaug was so big and how could sleep on top of the treasures. But also, she was scared of the dragon.

"I had no idea that an evil dragon as Smaug had existed!" Merry said, still looking at the drawing.

"He didn't exist" explained Cookie. "This is only a story, fiction, nothing of this is real".

Merry looked at Cookie with distrust. Cookie must be wrong.. This were history records, not a mere story. Only that Merry wasn't sure of the period of time on which this adventure had happened.

They kept reading, and soon they found about the Battle of the Five Armies. Merry was amazed at the idea, and still believed it did happened.

"Do you know how to get to this place?" Merry asked the kitten fairy.

"To which place?" Cookie wondered. "Merry, I told you, this isn't real, this didn't happened for real. It is just a fantasy story!".

Merry frowned, and decided to keep reading.

They continued reading, without arguing at all, until they found the last drawing: a picture of Gandalf. After she saw it, Merry crawled on top of the book, and started looking at Gandalf.

"You are still having issues with those magical objects, right Cookie?" Merry said after some moments of silence.

"Yes, why are you asking?" Cookie answered, feeling that Merry still hadn't realized that the book was about a fantasy story that had never really happened.

"You should go get him to help you with them!" the mouse fairy shouted, happy with herself.

"Get who?"

"Gandalf!!" Said the mouse, waving her hands on the air, and Cookie just stood there, silent, without a word on her mouth.

And when they finished the book, Merry was as enthusiastic as always. She looked fondly at the last image of Bilbo and Gandalf, wondering if she could ever meet them.

"Do you think he is still alive?" Merry asked Cookie, who looked at her puzzled. "Bilbo, I mean...".

Cookie sighed. "Merry, I told you, they are not real!!"

"Oh, don't start again with that!" said the mouse fairy. "Maybe we should also read those, to find out what happened!".

"Do you know how much time is that going to take?" Cookie asked, feeling that her jaw would drop in amusement in any moment.

And there it goes!Thanks for bearing with me and my silly photostories... but this one was so fun to make!!! Even if I had to take the pictures twice, this new backgrounds are awesome and look really nice with the whole story!

Also, I'm so happy with their outfits, specially Cookie's. I have never made something so detailed on their size, and felt like I improved a little with that orange dress; my mom made me matching boots and she was right, that dark red looks great with Cookie's tan skin. And Merry's outfit was to test out some of the items I got on my last Coolcat order! The tiny buttons are great, and I used one of the plastics snaps for fastening the top on the back, and those are so slim compared to the regular metal snaps I find in my city! Definitely need to order more.

Anyways, thank you so much for reading, just to give you a heads up, if everything goes well, I will start a giveaway this week. Stay tuned!


  1. ¡Me encantó la historia!! Merry convencida que todo es real y pobre Cookie tratando de hacerle comprender que sólo es una historia. Muy buena!!
    Precioso el fondo pero el vestido de Cookie es lo más bonito. Me encanta el corte y lo has hecho tan delicado que parece increíble que esté hecho a mano. Es una obre de arte.
    Muy lindo el post, me divertí mucho leyendo la fotohistoria. Saluditos.

    1. ¡¡Me alegro mucho que te gustara!! Me reía sola cuando hacía las fotos, pensando en la historia que hiba a escribir xD
      El vestido naranja me encanta, el detalle del pecho le queda tan bonito!!

  2. That is so sweet! I love reading Tolkien too! Glad they had a nice time, imaginary or otherwise. ;)

    1. Thank you!! Yes, the other books on the background are mine: The Silmarillion and LOTR1 are mine!
      Sadly none of those are illustrated editions, so a possible continuation of this will have to wait xD

  3. Haha, this story was so funny and cute!
    Merry is just adorable, but poor Cookie :P
    The pictures are, as always, super pretty ^__^

    1. Thank you!!
      I thought the same, poor Cookie trying to make her understand!
      Happy you like the pictures, I'm really proud of them :3

  4. Such a great thing to do and what a nice story. I have seen the movies and even the new ones about the adventures of Bilbo. The pictures are amazing and your blog looks good, saw you made an update!

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, I saw the movies but I don't like them xD They are too different to the books for me hahaha.
      Happy you like the blog too!