Sunday, 27 September 2015

Merry and Cookie's Dragon

Hello!!! I finally bring you a new photostory from Cookie and Merry! If you remember, on a previous photo-story, they went to human world, and found a book: The Hobbit. If you don't know, since in their story animal fairies don't have 'fiction' books, only records, Merry believed that what The Hobbit said was history and not a mere fantasy story.

Anyways, this photostory continues that idea! I bet you can guess something from the title of the post xD Also, I made some cutesy polkadot almost-matching outfits for them. I'm loving the idea of making this type of outfits, with something in common, but with each color/style :3

Before going to the story, anything in italics is my pathetic narration of the story. Hope you enjoy! There are some personal anecdotes regarding this after the story!

It was a nice and sunny day on the fairy settlement, when Merry finally convinced Cookie to follow her map on an adventure. They walked west from the settlement, along with their animal friends, until Merry stopped -by ninth time- to check on her map.

"I believe we must be close!" The mouse fairy said, enthusiastic.

Cookie disagreed. She shook her head, and looked west while Merry dropped to her knees to watch the map.

"I think we must go this way..." Merry doubted, but Cookie turned to look at her friend.

"Merry that map is *old* and you are looking at it backwards!!" Cookie exclaimed, fearing they would be lost soon if they kept following Merry's unreliable instructions.

As soon as Merry rose her head, she saw something, and jumped back to her feet, pointing out the rare sighting.

"Look, Cookie! What could that be?".

"What? That thing over there?" Cookie wondered, finally lowering her umbrella. Merry didn't gave her time, and run to the thing she had seen.

"This must be a lost artifact!" Merry wondered, kneeling and touching the thing. "An old marvel!" Merry added, ignoring Cookie's attempt to add something.

"Merry, that is a ladder made out of wood!" Cookie tried to explain.

"What is a ladder, anyways?"

However, when Cookie was about to tell Merry to leave, she rose her head and found a new and intriguing sighting: a hut completely made of wood.

"What is this?" She wondered. It is so clean and... "Wait!" Merry jumped when she saw something small, coppery and shiny near the entrance of the hut. "Is that a coin?" She asked out loud.

Cookie took one hand to her head, frustrated. "Yes, I wanted to tell you that..."

In that very same moment, a deep growl came from the deepest part of the hut, and then... a dragon appeared!

"Ehh... Merry, allow me to introduce you..." Cookie attempted to start, but it was to late.

"A DRAGON!!!!" Shouted Merry, rising her hands. "AND IT HAS COINS ON ITS BACK!!!!"

"Merry calm down!!!" Shouted Cookie at the very same moment Merry stumbled with the ladder and fell. "She is not Smaug! And it is *she* not *it*!" Cookie said, trying to calm Merry.

"Bu-But... she has coins! And she is a DRAGON!" Merry was amazed.

"That is because she is the Keeper of Wishes!" explained Cookie, helping Merry to stand. "Each coin any human throws to a pond of water, a fountain anything, while making a wish... it comes here, and she guards them!"

Merry didn't said anything. She got close at timidly put her hand on the dragons face. "I'm sorry for the confusion..." she whispered.

And this is the story!! You have no idea how many times I laughed alone while taking the photos, editing them, and writing this story xD.

The anecdote I wanted to share is about the dragon. Back in August, for my birthday, my mom commissioned a local artisan (I didn't knew after my bday) to make a dragon as decoration for my bday cake.... the woman made it from cold porcelain and painted it, and my mom decorated the whole cake with green candles and the dragon xD

After some minutes of eating cake, hubby pointed me out that the dragon may be perfect scale for Merry and Cookie. By that time I've just recently posted the story when they were reading The Hobbit, and after hubby's comment, the first image that came to my mind was Merry running mindlessly while screaming "It is Smaug!!!". I couldn't stop laughing!!! You can guess that this is how the idea for the story came out xD

Anyways, I have yet another idea for a LOTR "themed" story, also consequence of Merry not accepting that the book was fiction and not history. Would you be interested on reading it?

By the way, I hope you are all doing great and have a gorgeous weekend! Any dolly news, anyone?


  1. I really don't like The Hobbit or LOTR but this was pretty fun! I like the idea of a dragon keeping guard to all our wishes and hopes threw into fountains. And Merry falling with the stair was pretty funny!!! Loves all the wood props as well~

    1. Yeah, I don't like the movies at all, to be honest, and there are things of the books I don't like, but oh well...
      Merry is just too cute, and I don't know how patient Cookie must be :3
      Glad you liked everything! And my idea for the dragon!

  2. Yes! More Merry & Cookie LOTR stories is something I always want :D

    I loved this story! The pictures fit perfectly to the humourous story. I laughed out loud several times.
    The outfits are adorable and both girls are such cuties! :3

    1. Thank you!!! Happy to make you laugh!! I also laughed out several times hahahah
      Poor Merry, when she fell xD
      I'm glad you liked the outfits, I was trying new things!! :D

  3. Muy buena la historia. Me he reído bastante. Merry es tan ingenua como adorable. La historia es muy linda y hoy estaba especialmente graciosa. Me encantaron las fotografías y la edición con los comentarios. Espero muchas historias más, aunque no sé si Cookie va a soportar las ideas de Merry, jajajajaja

    1. Pobre Cookie, Merry tiene cada idea! Me alegro mucho que te haya gustado :D
      ¡Espero hacer más historias entre ellas!

  4. Oh my, those two! :D They really make me laugh and I enjoy the stories!

    1. Thank you!! I'm really happy you liked them and laughed :D