Saturday 23 January 2016

Etsy: Leather Bags + Reduced Shipping!

The first good news, is that due to the new currency exchange in our country, shipping fees on Etsy have been greatly reduced! Because of this, shipping cost to the USA starts at $8,60 and to the EU is now $9,60!

The second news, are that Musume & Okasan Etsy will now include leather bags! It all started one day when my mom got her hands on teeny tiny thin leather. Then, she got herself bags and purses patterns... and then, small chains, hooks and decorations appeared! A week later, tiny bags appeared!

There are three MSD/Mini bags, and two SD sized bags. For now, there are only two models of bags, but if there is interest on them, we will start making more models!

Here is a preview, and there are individual pics (linked to the listings) under the cut!

MSD sized:

The following are MSD sized bags, and will fit dolls of 40~47cm of height. Everything is in-stock! Click image to go to the Etsy listing:

SD Sized:

The following bags are SD sized, and will fit 1/3 dolls. Both are in stock! Again, click the image to go to the listing:

Since we don't have any SD dolls these bags are not photographed on a doll. However, the white with writings will look just like the red velvet bag (of the MSD size), and the brown/red will look like the black satchel bag of MSD size.

Well, this is all for today, and I hope you are as excited about this update as us! Personally, I when my mom showed me one of the first bags, I couldn't stop saying "this is so cute, so tiny!", and even my hubby was surprised! Now we need to think about a new slogan for the Etsy, if we are going to do more leather bags. Suggestions are welcome! Also, if you have questions about the bags, please let me know.

Have a nice weekend everyone!


  1. le quedaron muy lindas, ojalá se vendan rápido!!!
    No entiendo como enviar a USA es mas barato que Chile, maldito sistema de correos xD si somos vecinis XD
    Yo creo que les va a ir super bien este año, la blanca con letras está hermosa~

    1. Gracias!! De hecho, la roja la vendimos :D
      No lo sé tampoco, y encima es más barato enviar al extranjero que local también, pero bueno.
      Me alegro mucho que te gusten!!

  2. Haha, your mom is so cool to do that ~ :D She seems very excited to create some new things!
    The bags are really neat, I have to say I especially like the brown and brown/red ones!

    1. Indeed she is! She really surprised me with the bags, they are so perfect!
      Happy you like them, the brown is one of my faves :3

  3. Hi Musume,
    Your mum is very talented and the bags look lovely. Too big for my tiny dolls though. :(

    1. Thank you!!
      Well, I think we can make some Lati Yellow sized bags if you are interested :D

  4. Looks awesome! :D
    You guys are so creative.
    Love the little trimmings and all.

    1. Thank you so much~
      Happy you like them!!

  5. These are so awesome, really great work!! You totally inspire me to work harder at my sewing and crafts too!!

    1. Thank you so much!! You are really kind :3