Saturday, January 9, 2016

Tag: Liebster Award

Hello! I've been tagged a lot on this award, by Sherimi at Grande Masquerade, DollsDolour at Dolls & Ordinary Life, Xaya at A Little Book of Bluefairies, and OrionCain at Earl Gray Atelier.

Since I've been tagged so much, and I don't want to bother people with answering zillion of questions, I'm going to just crop the questions, and answer those that are only dolly-related, and those that are nor repeated. Also, all my questions will be related to dolls.

Anyways, the tag is very interesting, and I'm going to put the rules, and the answer the questions detailing who was the one who asked me!


  1. Thank the person who presented you the award and link back to their blog. 
  2. Post the award image on your blog. 
  3. Answer 11 questions posted by the presenter. 
  4. Nominate 5-11 blogs with less than 200 followers. 
  5. Create 11 questions for the nominees to answer. 
  6. List these rules in your post. Inform the people you chose of their nomination by leaving a comment on their blog and link them your post.

Sherimi's Questions:

1. Do you prefer enjoying the hobby by yourself or by socializing a lot with other people (meet-ups etc.)?
I love to share the hobby on my blog, share photos on social sites, and participate on DoA. I also always try to leave comments on other people's photos, because they mean more than faves only. Regarding meetings, 2015 was the first year I had any doll meets; although I like them, I wouldn't say that they are my main mean to enjoy the hobby.

2. Do you ever take a doll with you when you travel?
No, never.

3. Is there any doll/figure that you didn't like at first, but then later fell in love with?
Well, my tastes changed a lot since I found the hobby! I think that at the begging I didn't like DollChateau that much, but then I came to appreciate them and be fascinated by them as abstract representations and not realistic ones. I haven't been able to like gore dolls, though some mods are impressive.

4. If you miss a limited doll, do you want to hunt down that exact one or wait for new similar releases?
I missed several, but I haven't gone hunting none of them. The ones I miss the most are the Rosettes, but since the full brand appears to be on a big hiatus, I find myself thinking on a replacement than on getting them second hand.

5. Have you ever thought of quitting the hobby? If so, why?
Well, long time ago a quit a regional forum because it was full of recasts, and I also left a country group because of the same reason. But the hobby, no, I love it. It is very important to me.

6. What company has impressed you the most and why?
I love Withdoll and that is common knowledge! But I have always had a soft spot for Iplehouse. I hope this year I can finally own one!

7. If you had to get a doll of some existing anime/movie/game/other character, who would it be?
It would be Ahri from League of Legends! In particular, I love Angell-Studio's Cynthia in Ahri version fullset. Even if she is 1/3 and expensive. I love that doll.

8. Do you prefer male or female dolls/figures?
Female. I can't pose male dolls, and find more fun to sew for female dolls.

9. What is the most memorable comment that you've gotten about your hobby?
Oh! I could make a treaty out of this! I have had comments ranging from the unexpected reaction to the you-are-crazy, to awe of the dolls, and from ridiculous to plain insulting. However, I think the most memorable is one of the top ridiculous.
Once I was speaking with this newbie person on the hobby, they have just gotten their first doll. We were talking about wigs, and then they ask me about a particular brand, and my opinion on it. I explained what I knew, their popularity, clothes availability, and ended up saying how well the dolls posed... and this person told me that referring to how well a BJD poses was indecent? obscene?? WTF!!?? I can say I never understood this. I tried to explain that pose-ability on BJDs was a common topic and very important, but they kept saying it was obscene??? Double WTF.

11. If you had your own doll company, what kind of dolls would you make?
Semi-relalistic mature minis! Like Withdoll, Iplehouse, Narae, and so on.

DollsDolour's Questions:

3. What are your plans for your doll(s) this year? New wigs, clothes, new dolls?
I did my Goals post previously. You can read it here.

5. Which doll would you get if you could, not matter what? Why?
"No matter what" is too much, I think xD I guess the Iplehouse that is on my wishlist this year. But if I can't get her I won't cry either. Dolls are a luxury, not a priority.

9. Have you ever felt that your hobby is too much and that you do not connect well with your dolls?
Never felt that the hobby is too much, but I did had trouble bonding with Cookie, until I changed her character and gave her a makeover. That was life-changing and went from stress to love the doll.

10. You are going for a trip, a week long, and you can only take ONE doll with you. Which one and why?
None. I don't like taking dolls on trips.

Xaya's Questions:

1. What sort of book would you make from your dolls?
I don't know. I've have a very big story thought and planned out, but I've no plans on dolly-fying its characters, or writing the story anyways. So I don't think this counts either xD

4. Do you have nicknames for your dolls?
Yes! Coco is also Coquito (you must read that in Spanish) or "my queen" when I'm sewing for her. I usually call Cookie and Merry as "my princess", and a friend of mine refers to Merry as Mari (I don't know why, though).

5. Is there anything that you'd like to learn to make yourself for your dolls that you currently don't? (Clothes, shoes, face up, furniture etc).
Yes! I would like to do face-ups! But it is just too much money, and fabrics take a lot of space to have to make yet more room for a different type of supply.

7. Have you been belittled by anyone because you have dolls?
Sadly, yes. But it is pointless to repeat what I've been told.

8. Where do you photograph your dolls? Do you have favourite spot in/out?
I don't have backyard, so I take pictures inside. I set everything on a high table, and stick the backgrounds to the closet's doors xD Then I put the tripod in front. It is not much, but you can see a little of the set up on this Instagram photo:

A photo posted by Musume (@musume.desu) on

9. Do you keep your dolls out of sight or somewhere where you can see them continuously?
I keep them on their boxes, usually undressed, hidden in a dark and dry closet. I take them out to play with them, or sometimes I put them near me while I'm on the PC. Cookie or Merry usually hang out with me when I play flute.

10. Is there one doll that got away? Why?
Yes, a second hand Soom Rosette Vela. I think I've told that story already :3

OrionCain's Questions:

1. What is the first thing you look for when you're sculpt hunting?
This is going to sound weird, but that I like them and need them. I like a lot of stuff, but I don't buy everything I like. If I know I like them and play with them, then I see to save to get them :)

3. Are you in the hobby because you simply like dolls and think they are beautiful, or is there another reason?
Even though the dolls are beautiful, what I most like is how many things I can do with them: sewing, photography, writing, even photo-stories! The versatility is amazing :3

4. Describe how your perfect sculpt would look like!
Female, 1/4 size, semirealistic and with resting bitch face :D

6. Tell us something interesting about one of your resin family members!
Merry's last name is Brie, like the cheese.

8. What is one question you hate being asked in this hobby?
I hate the classic "But if XYZ happen, then may I get a recast?". No. The answer will always be no: nothing justifies a recast.

10. What is an aesthetic you hate in BJDs?
I don't think this is an aesthetic, but I dislike badly positioned eyes. From the empty stare, uneven eyes, to the each-eye-looking-their-way. I'm too picky regarding eyes, and eye sizes, so this annoys me a lot! Eye gaps do not bother me that much, except in my own photos xD

My Questions

This are the questions I putting for people to answer:
  1. Have you learned any craft because of the hobby?
  2. Have you gotten a doll you thought you would never get?
  3. Do you have a preference for any BJD size in particular?
  4. Do you collect any other type of doll besides BJDs?
  5. Have you ever "re-shelled" a character?
  6. What calls your attention first: the head sculpts or the body sculpts?
  7. Do you "research" the hobby? (find new releases, read reviews, find info about brands...)
  8. Do your dolls have a back story?
  9. How do you take photos of your dolls: go outside, prepare a big setup, or just snap in any place?
  10. Which is your main avenue to enjoy the hobby? Blogs, videos, forums, social sites?
  11. Have you done doll cosplay?

My Tags:

A lot of people has been already tagged, so I'm trying not to repeat anyone:
Hope to read/hear your tags, then! Have a wonderful weekend people! :D


  1. It was lovely to read your answers, especially to Orioncain's number 8. was just so cool answer! That's something I hate too! No to recasts! Also in Sherimi's questions I was surprised that there are communities that are recast positive so much. That's sad. :(

    Thanks for answering to my questions too. ^^ I like your new questions!

    Coquito is such a cute nickname for Coco!

    1. Thank you, happy you liked them! And I've been using "Coquito" for a lot of time :3

      And yes, sadly there are many recast communities. Since I'm pro-artist, I have nothing to do there.

  2. I always love reading these tags - even with bloggers I've followed for a long time I always learn something new. And thanks for the tag! I'll put something together for it soon. :)

    I'm curious about the drinking glasses in that Instagram photo - is there a story behind them? Are they for light reflection? Or a modern art installation? Or a Sci-fi story about the planet of the crystal glasses? I may be getting carried away now... ;)

    1. Happy you liked being tagged, can't wait to see your answers!

      About the drinking glasses. I wanted to use crystal cups as "props" for a pink dress I made, and went to my mom's and we picked up the glasses you saw on this Instagram pic. The thing was that those were too short for Coco (all around 25cm~30cm), so I went again to her house, and we measured some bigger jars, and re did the photos. The ones I published were the second attempt, and you can see them here:

      Why the cups/jars? It was mostly just to mess around and try some things with the camera. Although I did got a nice reflection on Coco's face when I used the bigger jars :3

  3. Thanks for the tag! I always enjoy reading people's answers to questions like these. It always surprises me to find new variations on them. I will give your questions some thought and then post my answers on my blog. My only problem will be in finding other bloggers to tag. Some blogs that I used to follow have been abandoned. That makes me sad.

    Thanks also for answering the question about the drinking glasses. I was curious, too.

    1. Glad you liked the questions, will wait to read your answers, then! :D
      Sad to read that many blogs have been abandoned =S

  4. Jajaja retaggeada saliste! esto de ser famosa XD!!!

    eran muy personales el resto de preguntas que te saltaste? sé que no te gusta hablar de tí en internet, :o

    Yo peleo mucho con los ojos de mis monos, me ha costado estar conforme, me acuerdo que al principio sin importar lo que hiciera mis monos quedaban con los ojos mal. Creo que he mejorado si ajajaja o eso espero XD los de mako les quedan re lindos

    1. Algunas eran tonteras, pero también había preguntas repetidas o muy similares, y no creí necesario responder cosas muy similares xD

      Si, los ojos a mi también me cuestan mucho. Por eso tengo mi wishlist llena de ojos para todos xD

  5. Oh my aren't you the popular one Musume. (I mean that in the nicest way) :) You poor thing having to answer so many questions at once! I must say it was very interesting reading it all though, and I am with you on the recasts.

    1. Hahah, it surprised myself how many people tagged me! :D
      Nice to see more pro-artist people. That is very encouraging!

  6. Somehow that made me laugh a lot, the person who thought posing BJDs was obscene? :D Must have been quite a conservative person XDDD;; but I wonder why they'd buy anatomically correct dolls in that case... TT;

    I enjoyed reading your answers very much ^^

    1. I know, right!! My jaw dropped so hard that time! I don't know if they are so conservative or not, I barely chatted with them explaining some things about dolls. But I agree with you: if posing is so obscene, then why get an anatomically correct doll?

      Glad you enjoyed my answers! :D

  7. Thanks for taking this tag and making it more interesting by cropping the questions like that! It was great to read!
    One meets a lot of strange reactions in this hobby, but the thought of a dolls ability to pose being obscene was a new thing! This really needs a face palm ;D
    Have a great weekend!

    1. I apologize I didn't answer anything, but there were very similar questions xD
      Let me agree with the face-palm at the thought of dolls posing as obscene! I never heard something as ridiculous as that!
      Have a great weekend you too!

  8. Your answers were fun to read, and you love for the dolls is really sweet as well! I'm the opposite with traveling with my dolls though. XD; I travel quite a bit, and I take my dolls with me everywhere. I have been lucky with people being more interested in my dolls though, than making any sort of fun. Who knows why we all have different experiences with that. One of the best times I had, was taking photos of my dolls while I was in New York. I had a lot of people compliment them, and only one older lady look at us like we were nuts! XD I don't care at all though. There are weirder people out there. Haahaa!

    1. Glad you liked the answers!
      Also, it is nice to hear you have only had compliments when taking your doll outside, I never dared to!

  9. Thank you so much for the tag! I loved reading your answers.

    I ended up doing my response in two parts because rambling, but they're both up now. :)

    1. Glad you liked the tag! Gonna read your answers now :3