Sunday 7 February 2016

Tiny Stands ~ Blessing Shop Review

First thing of my wishlist is here! Yay! This was probably the cheapest of them all, and I also got them to "test" the current situation of incoming packages, since so far, nobody knows anything in here xD

Since I'm crazy and I don't feel safe leaving my dolls standing around me without a stand, I always had Cookie or Merry sitting next to me. But that way, I couldn't see their outfits or their animal tails! Therefore, I required stands. I don't remember who suggested this store to me, but it is Blessing on Etsy, and the owner is Evali905, from Hong Kong. They have an incredible positive feedback, too.

Since I haven't seen a lot about this store, and I don't know of any other that sells stands for 16cm dolls, I will try to be as descriptive as possible. Hope you'll find this useful!

General Impressions

The stands arrived on a padded envelope, and although safe and sound, I would have preferred a small box, like FMD does with their wigs. There is a picture of the packaging on the feedback for the shop, below this section.

The white base is made in plastic, and the top part is metal. The stand can be adjusted by moving the metal part on the bottom plastic stick. Since there is no screw (like in my AS stand) the top part holds on the base only because of the shape it has. Here are some pics because I'm not that sure I explained myself well.

Checking the information on the envelope, each stand weights around 20gr, so they are really lightweight. Nevertheless, they can hold my tinies in crazy poses and be sound and robust at the same time. The stand even holds Merry's long tail without any issue! Although I doubted the stands when I first saw him, I realized they are solid.

Another thing to mention, is that when I remove the tail, the stand C part wants to get glued to the tail's magnet xD So if you are considering on purchasing this, and have tinies with tons of magnets, you should know this.

Blessing Store Feedback

What did you order?
Two 1/8 stands for BJD. This listing on Etsy.

When did you order?
January 4th of 2016.

How was the communication?
I didn't need to write the owner. She did wrote me to thank me for the purchase, and state that she will ship soon, which she did.

How easy was it to pay?
Easy, with Paypal. I originally wanted to pay with the creditcard only, but this store only accepts Paypal.

How long did it take to ship?
Two days. I was sent the notification via Etsy, with a custom message from the owner. My ownly concern is that the stands were shipped on a padded envelop and -although they arrived safely- a tiny box should have been better. I guess this is why the shipping is so cheap!

Was the quality appropriate for the price, in your opinion?
The stands were lighter (talking about their weight) compared to what I expected, but they work perfectly.

Did the item look like the sales pictures?
Yes! From color, to shape, everything the same. However, I imagined them bigger... I tend to think my tinies are bigger and then get surprised about how small they are.

Were you satisfied with the product?
Yes! The stands can even hold my tinies with their long animal tails, and making weird poses!

If you weren't satisfied, how did the company solve?

Would you order from this company again?
Currently I do not have anything on my wishlist that could be acquired through this store, but talking about quality and customer service, yes, definitely! The store also sells wigs, shoes, headbands and some props for tinies.

Would you buy this company's products second-hand?
I don't think so. I prefer to buy "props" and all directly from the stores.

Ok, this was all! Hope you'll find this review/feedback helpful! So far, I'm really happy having my tinies on their stands, I'm such a sucker of them looking so cute :3 Have a perfect day everyone!


  1. Thanks for the thorough review! I'm always on the look out for doll stands (somehow they're one thing that always vanishes when I move), so this was great to see. :)

    1. Happy you find this useful! :D
      So far I'm in love with this stands!

  2. Oh how cool, first time seeing stands for so tiny dolls~ super cute!!! And the poses you did are all so pretty

    1. Thank you!! :D
      Yes, I've never seen such tiny stands, besides the ones that are sold out at Lati.

  3. Muy lindos los stands, ahora las pequeñas posan muy bonito. Te felicito por la compra

    1. ¡Muchas gracias! :D
      La verdad que me encanta tenerlas paradas con los stands!

  4. Hi Musume,
    I have purchased Yosd shes from Eva in the past, so I agree with your review in regards to promt shipping and service. I have similar stands, but in metal for larger dolls. I didn't realise you could buy stands so small and didn't see them when I was at her store, so must take another peek as I could use a couple of the tiny ones myself.

    Thanks for doing the review.

    1. Yes, she even has some even smaller than this, that are fit for 10cm dolls.

      Maybe you missed the stands because the listing is only one, and you need to select the type through a variation. The price also changes, and the listing says which size do you need for each range of doll.

  5. Great review! I love these types of adjustable stands for my Pullips too and I bought some entirely metal ones (for BJD & Pullip off taobao before :D I had no idea they sold ones THIS tiny ~ :D lucky you to have found some!

    1. Happy you liked the review!! :D
      Yes, I also wasn't aware that this size of stand was available, and that is why I did the review. I'm loving them so far!

  6. Such cute, small stands! :D
    I should really start buying stands for my dolls. It makes so many things easier!

    1. Indeed!! And it is so easy and cute having them around standing in funny poses :3
      Coolcat has some great stands for SDs, but they are more expensive.

  7. I love reviews like this! I always have an eye out for the "extras" with bjds! :D

    1. Nice that you find the review useful! :D
      And yes, I love getting extras for BJDs!