Sunday 4 December 2016

Interview with Cocoriang

December is already here, it is unbelievable!!! This year went by so fast, and that means the last interview of the year. Please welcome Kim Sujung from Cocoriang! They are known for making cute bunnies and adorable tiny animal dolls :D

As always, the interview is in both English and Spanish, and all images were used with permission from the artist. Also, photos of dolls that are not currently sold out are linked to their sales pages. Anyways, without further ado, let's get onto the questions and answers!

Hello! Thank you for doing the interview! It is a pleasure :D
Hello, I’m artisan Kim Sujung of COCORIANG. Cat lover, BJD collector.
¡Hola! ¡Muchas gracias por hacer la entrevista! Es un placer :D
Hola, soy la artista Kim Sujung de Cocoriang. Amante de los gatos y coleccionista de BJDs.

How did you first found about BJD?
When I was studying for a game illustrator (college student), casually I met a Japanese artist's BJD in website. That beautiful doll was remained in my memory for a long time. After I got job in game company, I learned about the ball jointed dolls from a friend of same company. It was a beautiful and perfect artwork. After considering several times, I purchased an 'Alice' from Volks. This first doll selection was biggest worry in my life!
¿Cómo conociste las BJDs?
Cuando era una estudiante universitaria estudiando ilustración para videojuegos, casualmente conocí a un artista de BJDs en un sitio web. Seguí recordando esa hermosa muñeca por mucho tiempo. Cuando conseguí un trabajo en una compañía de videojuegos aprendí de las BJDs de la misma empresa. Era un trabajo arte hermoso y perfecto. Después de pensarlo varias veces, me compré una “Alice” de Volks. ¡Elegir la primera muñeca fue la mayor preocupación en mi vida!
Cocoriang Tobi, open eyed and dreamy.

And then, how did you start with Cocoriang?
I just needed a cute bunny for my Alice. For the perfect 'Alice in wonderland'. And I couldn't stand this too tough company life any more. You may not believe it, but I worked 17~20 hours a day without Holidays. For these reasons, my husband gave me a business proposal about BJD company 'COCORIANG'. Truly, from a year ago he had persuaded me to continue. He always had told me 'You have more talented in BJD field than game field.' Finally I agreed.
¿Y luego, cómo comenzaste con Cocoriang?
Simplemente necesitaba un lindo conejo para mi Alice, para la perfecta “Alica en el País de las Maravillas”. Y no podía soportar esa dura vida de empresa por más tiempo. Podrán no creerlo, pero trabajaba de 17 a 20 horas por día sin vacaciones. Por estas razones, mi marido me propuso hacer un negocio, una tienda de BJDs: “Cocoriang”. La verdad, estuvo un año intentando persuadirme. Siempre me decía “Tienes más talento en el campo de las BJDs que en el de videojuegos”. Finalmente estuve de acuerdo.

Do you have any artistic background? What inspire you for these cute dolls?
I have drawn manga since I was a child. And I majored game illustration in the university. My partner(my husband) was a painter and animator. I just began to make what I wanted without any previous experience sculpting. I just want to make dolls what I want!
¿Tienes formación artística? ¿Qué te inspira a crear esas hermosas muñecas?
He dibujado manga desde que era una niña. Y me gradué de Ilustración para Videojuegos en la Universidad. Mi pareja (mi esposo) era un pintor y animador. Comencé a hacer lo que quería sin tener ninguna experiencia previa en modelado. ¡Simplemente quiero hacer las muñecas que me gusten!

Cocoriang Peppi.

Regarding the doll-making process, do you have a workspace? How do you organize the process?
I have a small workspace. Draw the very simple and cute picture first. The shapes are not the same with drawn picture, but I just modified until they feel the same with the picture. So my work takes a long time.
Respecto al proceso para crear muñecas, ¿tienes un espacio de trabajo? ¿Cómo organizas el proceso?
Tengo un pequeño espacio de trabajo. Al principio dibujo un bosquejo simple y adorable. Las formas no son las mismas que las dibujadas, pero las modifico hasta que se sienten similares. Así que mi trabajo toma bastante tiempo.

Design process of Cocoriang Reh-Reh.

Have you been to conventions and BJD expos?
I often participated in Seoul doll free market and other Korean doll festival.
¿Has estado en convenciones y exposiciones de BJDs?
He participado a meno en el Seoul Doll Free Market y otras convenciones de muñecas Koreanas.

You mainly focus on tiny cute animal dolls, but you also have some human dolls. Have you considered making other sizes (both for the animals and the humans)?
Surely, I want to make other size dolls. But now, I plan to make small size dolls more. In the future, when I want, I’ll try to make to other size dolls.
Principalmente realizas muñecas de pequeños animales, y tienes algunas muñecas humanas. ¿Has considerado hacer otros tamaños (tanto para animales como humanos)?
Por supuesto, quiero hacer otros tamaños de muñecas. Pero ahora, planeo hacer más de tamaño pequeño. En el futuro, cuando lo desee, Intentaré hacer otros tamaños.

Cocoriang at #56 Doll Free Market, on Seoul.

Sadly, despise being small artists, some of your dolls have been recasted. Do you have any statement or something to share regarding that?
When our doll was only one, it was pirated. That was a very hard time for us. Emotionally, financially both. I was produced Peppi for a year. The feelings of loss was very huge. I was suffering insomnia for a few days and got angry. But I could not stop pirated. I just had to believe the people who loved the dolls of COCORIANG.
Lamentablemente, a pesar de ser pequeños artistas, algunas de sus muñecas han sido recasteadas. ¿Tienes algo que compartir al respecto?
Cuando sólo teníamos una muñeca, la piratearon. Fue un momento muy duro para nosotros. Tanto emocional como finacieramente. Me llevó un año producir a Peppi. El sentimiento de pérdida era enorme. Sufría de insonmio por varios días y me enojé. No podía evitar ser pirateada. Simplemente me queda creer en las personas que aman las muñecas de Cocoriang.

Finally, is there anything more you’ll like to share with us?
Thank you to those who love our dolls. I want to make a doll such as a companion. Like my cats :)
Finalmente, ¿hay algo más que les gustaría compartir con nosotros?
Gracias a todos aquellos que aman nuestras muñecas. Quiero hacer muñecas que sean compañeros. Como mis gatos :)

Thank you for doing the interview! :D
COCORIANG only running two years, but we plan to make our own unique and cute dolls for a long time. Please watch our work steadily, give us more love and interest! Thank you :D
¡Muchas gracias por hacer la entrevista! :D
Cocoriang sólo tiene dos años, pero esperamos hacer nuestras adorables y únicas muñecas por un largo tiempo. Por favor, ¡sigan nuestro trabajo y esperamos su amor e interés! Gracias :D

Cocoriang Ruppe

And this was all for today's interview! Many thanks to Kim Sujung for the will and availability to do the interview. I loved doing this! If you want to find Cocoriang, here are some links:
Also, remember that there will not be an interview in January, but I already have scheduled both February's and March's! Have a great final month of this year!


  1. Thank you for doing this interview! I was not familiar with Cocoriang. Her bunnies are so adorable! I think I need to get one.

    1. Happy you liked it! Their bunnies are adorable and I may be an enabler xDD

  2. ¡que buena entrevista!! No conocía esta línea, pero los conejitos so adorables. Muchas gracias por acercarnos a esta artista.

  3. Thanks for this wonderful interview! Have to admit that i did not know about Cocoriang and I do not know what kind of talents she has in the game field, but one thing I do know - her work is amazingly adorable! It is sad to hear that her work has been recasted!
    Shall visit their site, too see how things are there. :)

    1. Happy you liked the interview! I love sharing more artists, so I'm glad you got to know them too :D

  4. I didn't know Cocoriang at all, thanks for sharing!! She seems so talented and nice~ loved the dolls!

    1. Happy you met them now! I love their dolls, they are so cute!

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    1. Happy you liked the interview and you know them now! They do supercute dolls <3

  6. You do these so well Musume and I always enjoy them. I do love Cocoriang, they are all so cute, I mean who doesn't love bunnies. :)

    1. They are, right!? So cute!
      And thank you for your sweet words, it means a lot!