Saturday, 24 December 2016

Merry Xmas! + Stories

Hello everybody! It is amazing how another year has passed by. Today is Christmas and I want to wish you the merriest and happiest of Xmas! You all deserve it so much <3

Today I want to take the chance to move a little forward with my dolls. One of my 2017 goals will be sharing more about my doll's stories, in both "worlds" (one for my minis, and one for the tinies), in the shape of stories and lore. The latter is more applicable to my tinies, I guess, since they have a more 'original' story. As you can see, I'm starting earlier xD

Anyways, I though that with the tree I made and all, my xmas photo was a great start to share a little about my tinies world. So, here is the traditional Xmas photo of the year, and after the cut there will be some writing about end-of-the-year festivities in my doll's stories.

Fairies Festivities

The inhabitants of the Fairy Settlement have always considered themselves attune with nature. Because of this, during the last two weeks of each year the fairies hold festivities to thank the woods and the nature for its hospitality.

Since they mostly live in hollow trees or in caves, depending their animal guard, fairies decorate plants and vegetation to show their affection. This is always done in a respectful way, as fairies value nature and animals above all.

Fairies also exchange gifts between them, specially with those they are related either by friendship, camaradery or work. Gifts are usually crafted by themselves, or traded to other fairies that manufacture tools, clothing and other goods.

On the last day of the year, fairies go to the Ancient Tree, whose roots hold the Elder's Room: the place where old fairies in charge of community decisions discuss matters that affect the whole fairy settlement. Under that tree, fairies leave presents for the woods and the nature. These gifts are always handcrafted personally by each fairy, and are considered a token of affection.

I know this is a fragment of "lore", to say so, but I really want to start sharing more about my stories. I really do hope to share more... do you prefer photostories, or short text fragments? By the way, my mom made those awesome crochet sweaters and boots for Cookie and Merry! I love how they look! Also, the snowman is a present from her <3

Anyways, thank you so much for reading, and once again, I wish you the best Christmas ever! Enjoy, do not get tummy ache, and hope you'll have tons of dolly presents!


  1. Que lindas las fotos!
    Me encantó el texto, quiero más!!! Las fotohistorias también me gustan mucho, no sabría cuál elegir de las dos, pero creo que los fragmentos de texto sirven más para conocer mas a fondo la historia.

    Feliz navidad!!!

    1. ¡Gracias! ¡Me alegro que guste!
      Al menos con las tinies intentaré continuar con las fotohistorias, pero esto de escribir textos cortos me gusta :D

  2. The tiny pine-cone tree is too perfect!

    And Merry Christmas! :)

  3. Que bonita historia! Me gustaría que escribieras cortos textos, porque complementan muy bien las fotos. El árbol de navidad se vé perfecto para las pequeñas haditas.
    Que tengas una Feliz, Feliz Navidad XD

    1. ¡Gracias! Intentaré escribir más, el árbol me encanta como quedó!
      ¡Feliz Navidad!

  4. So wonderful! I love the stories, I love the crafts I love the dolls!! <333

  5. Happy Holidays Musume! Finally caught up on reading your blog. Good to see the progress on the tree stump, you've done a great job. Congrats on attaining most of your goals this year, and for heavens sake stop worrying about your photos they are as good as any I see elsewhere (but I do understand the need for attaining perfection when you're a perfectionist). :)

    It's been lovely popping by and reading all your interviews etc. and I shall be back in 2017.

    1. Happy Holidays!!
      Thanks for the compliments xD And well, regarding photography, I've been disliking it a lot, but somehow ended up liking my xmas photos a lot!

      I will post more interviews on 2017! :D

  6. You're way, way better at creating stories than you think yourself! I'm really impressed by this lore. It could have been a very real book for kids, it surely has the feeling.
    Merry Christmas to you as well ^^

    1. Aww thank you, you are too kind!!
      And hope you had a wonderful holiday!