Sunday, June 25, 2017

Researching BJDs: Mature 1/6 Dolls

And it is time for another of these posts! After so many people got either the Neemo bug or the Momoko bug, a small chat on Twitter about BJDs on this size made me want to share more info. I do hope people find this useful.

Anyways, this time, the post is about mature 1/6 dolls and I selected them with a rule of thumb, so please take in mind this is mostly done from my subjective point of view. I chose the dolls with the criteria of being around 25~30cm tall, and having a mature aesthetic (like a Barbie), not too stylized (by this I mean not childish, not huge eyes, not bobble headed). So, there are not YoSD dolls that 'look adult' in here. This list also includes male and female dolls, when I was able to find them.

Finally, for each brand, I share the following info: head and eyes size, faceups and skin tones availability, choices regarding the body, type of sales (preo-order/open to order), and other info such as reviews, or something else I can find.

Okay, the list starts under the cut, and all photos belong to the companies or artists!

Little Monica: Muse Harmony

Head Size: 11cm/4.5". The website suggests 3-4" wigs.

Eyes: 6~8mm eyes. I'd suggest low dome and small iris, depending on the look you want.

Face ups: Little Monica usually offers one or two types of default faceup, but there is the "other faceup" option, in which you can get the faceup of another doll from them (of any of their lines).

Skin Tones: white and normal skin. Their normal matches Volks, so it is a little yellowy.

Body Options: There are no options for the boy body. For the girl body, you can choose: short/long legs, short/long heel legs, and fist hands; you can order both types of legs (both short and long for the same doll, in flat feet and heel leg).

Sales Type: open to order at any time, although they also have limited editions.They also sell the bodies separately.

Other Info:  Let's make a little history session! When Little Monica originally started offering these dolls, they were magnetic: all the joints looked like BJDs, but had a magnetic peg system, similar to Neemos. They were a little shady about this, and the doll was deemed offtopic from DoA, as it was not a BJD. After that, people who got them started complaining because the parts fell apart, because the magnets were not strong enough. You can see an official video about the original magnetic version here.
After that, LittleMonica redid the bodies as BJDs, and offered a free exchange for those who purchased the originally magnetic one (which is not permanently sold out). Due to this change, the dolls is now on-topic on DoA. Now they also offer an anime-ish head, with painted eyes.

Links: Muse Harmony sales page. For the parts: girl body and boy body sales pages.

Soom: Mini Gem / Faery Legend

Head Size: 10cm/4". I'd recommend 3-4" wigs.

Eyes: 6~8mm, small iris depending on the look you want to get.

Face ups: Soom offers only default faceups.

Skin Tones: Depending on the release, but the common ones are white, normal, tan and gray.

Body Options: Male and female, no breast/hands options. However, limited Faery Legend releases usually offer wings, calfs, feet, horns/antennas, and other special parts. They are even offered in clear resin or fantasy colors.

Sales Type: Limited editions of Faery Legend, and ocassionally the yearly Free Choice Event. 

Other Info: There is not much info about these dolls, as it was a pain getting the photos. However, Soom stopped selling the basic Mini Gem, and now only works with Faery Legend. Also, it is worth pointing that with 30cm, these are the tallest of the list.

Links: Mini Gem sales page (all sold out) and Fairy Legend (need to wait for a release).

Merry Doll Round: Pygmy

Head Size: 3-4" wigs.

Eyes: 4mm. You will really need small iris for them!

Face ups: Depends on the preorder, but the artist offers some basic faceups.

Skin Tones: Once again, depends on the preorder. The most common ones are Strawberry (lighter), Marzipan (pinkish) and Cookie (light tan). However the artist has done some very dark skinned releases of her other dolls.

Body Options: So far, none. However, they come with free fist hands and the normal open ones. Also, there are only girl dolls on this line.

Sales Type: This is an artist's doll, so they work with pre-orders, and skin tones/heads may vary on each of them.

Other Info: As far as I know, they fit Blythe and PureNeemo clothes, as well as their shoes (confirmed by Jindoucel, their artist). Also, here you can see RikkiStar's box opening of her Pygmy doll, and Xhanthi's box opening. And if you want to read more, here is an interview with MDR. Also, with 22cm tall, these are the shortest from the list.

Links: Pygmy sales pages.

XagaDoll: Red Obsidian

Head Size: 10cm, so 3-4" wigs would be the best.

Eyes: 6~8mm eyes, as always, I'd suggest low dome and small iris.

Face ups: only default.

Skin Tones: only normal skin, as I haven't seen any options. Photos here.

Body Options: aparently, there are also male dolls, but I wasn't able to find any photo or info on them.This page may have a comparison of Red Obsidian's body, but I'm not quite sure since it is on Chinese, and the translator is not very accurate either.

Sales Type: open to order at any time, either directly from Xaga or from Alice's Collections.

Other Info: XagaDoll recently released some stylized/anime dolls in this size, with a different body. It has a very different shape and is not part of this list. The thing is, Alice's Collections has them all mixed up with the traditional Red Obsidian, so you need to be careful. The dolls that have this anime body, are (for now): Kimi, Miko, Ximigo, Ximilu.

Links: XagaDoll sales page, and Alice's Collections sales page.

Atelier Momoni: Momonita

Head Size: 4-5" wigs, what makes them the bigger heads on this list.

Eyes: 6mm, although probably small iris.

Face ups: default, but there four options.

Skin Tones: from white, to three types of normal, and three different tans.

Body Options: so far none, but these dolls come with resin heels. For now, only female body is available.

Sales Type: These are artist's dolls, so they work on pre-orders. Head sculpt and resin color availability may change on each pre-order.

Other Info: They can fit Blythe clothes, and Atelier Momoni also sells clothes for them. These dolls were made by 3D scanning the 1/4 version (called Momoni), and now they are produced in resin and all, but so far, there is only one head sculpt. 

Links: Atelier Momoni's official website sales page.

HeartStrung: Ruse

Head Size: 10cm, so 3-4" wigs.

Eyes: 8mm (suggested by artist).

Face ups: during the last preorder, no faceup was offered.

Skin Tones: only normal, as far as I know

Body Options: no options available. There is only one head and one body.

Sales Type: This is an artist doll, so it sells by preorder. The last one was in 2014, but the artist is actively working on other dolls, so I guess that shooting them an email/contacting them on social sites will get you an answer.

Links: Official HeartStrung website.

Limwha: ToYou

Head Size: 9.5cm, so they use 3-4" wig. They are the smaller heads on this list.

Eyes: 6mm, probably small iris.

Face ups: default faceup.

Skin Tones: all sculpts are available in white, but some have normal skin and other tan skin. As far as I know, their resin is environmental/French resin, so beware of the shiny/translucent look.

Body Options: only female body. No additional parts or options.

Sales Type: open to order at any time, but from a dealer.

Links: JunkySpot sales page.

DarakDoll: 31cm

Head Size: 13cm = 5.1". These are the biggest heads!

Eyes: 10mm eyes.

Face ups: On Nine9, they were listed with default faceup. The official Darak English website does not offer faceup.

Skin Tones: white, normal and tan (only on Darak website).

Body Options: only female body. There are two breast options, and two types of knee joints. However, on Darak site only one type is being offered.

Sales Type: always open to order, either on Darak or Nine9.

Links: There is something that needs to be mentioned:
  • Nine9 sales pages. They are all sold out here, and they do not sell bodies separately.
  • Darak website bodies sales page and dolls sales page. However, on the full doll sales pages, they are mixed with 1/4 dolls, so be careful and read the whole page. So far, the 1/6 sculpts are Claire and C_Remy.

Also, there have been other brands that carried these dolls, which are now sold out. Here is a list, but it might not be complete:
I need to add that Bardo Research offers mature 18cm dolls. They are artist dolls, sold by preorder. I did not include them on the list, because of the size: they might be too small compared to the rest.

There is also Dollmore FMD12inch dolls, but they are more fashion-doll-like (with smaller and less stylized heads), and that is why I originally didn't include them on this list. Beware that it appears to be a BJD and non-BJD option.

And this was all for today! If you have more info, more dolls, or want to contribute (for example, a comparison posts) feel free to contact me, or leave a comment. I'm always open to making collaborations and research regrading the BJD hobby!

Anyways, hope you find this useful and interesting! I personally need to resist some of these, because they are way too tempting. Have an awesome weekend, everyone :D


  1. It was very useful :3 I'm still so tempted by MDR Mousse. She's so damn cute ;w;
    Maybe someday I will cave in and buy a small cutie, who knows?

    1. Me too!! MDR girls and LittleMonica tempt me so much!

  2. I agree with Lise, very useful! I have had my eyes on Merry Doll Round: Pygmy. She is such a beauty and her body is so delicate.

    1. Happy to help!! :D I hope you can get her!

  3. there are XAGADOLL Red Obsidian BODY (L→R) Small chest/Big chest/Shinta boy & some comparison

    & other pic on there Weibo
    (muscle/Shinta boy (not the correct English)
    Shinta boy:Sylvia&Emily (muscle/Strong muscle

    1. Don't know if there are MATURE 1/6?

      DOLLMORE 12 inch FMD(BJD)

      alchemiclabo Unoa Light


      LOLI pam(head:6~6.5") & PEPE pam(sold out)

    2. Thanks for all the links! I will check them later and add them :)
      The Dollpamm girls do not get on this category, as their heads are too big. The revers happens for those Dollmores: those are more fashion doll, and do not have that 'slight' touch of stylized dolls on this list have.

    3. other comparison (momoko/Azone),S feet/L feet/heel feet/hands options at XAGADOLL TAOBAO SHOP.

      and skin tones at the end of the page.

      Alice's Collections sales page has Normal & white options with RED OBSIDIAN but no pic.
      but if check Purple Black Obsidian (60cm) you get it.

    4. Thank you, but this post is for BJDs only, that is why Azone or Momoko are not included. Also, i prefer to stick to English websites, in order to make them understandable to the widest audience.

      If you have any more links, please send them to my email (find it on the Links section on the menu).

  4. This size is so rare in BJDs~ I've had a Soom girl once, she was sooo tiny and perfectly sculpted!
    Thanks for the excellent reference!

    1. Happy to help! It is rare, but it is getting more and more common!

  5. This is such a cute size! ♥
    After catching the Pure Neemo bug I have been added Atelier Momoni Momonita and MDR Mousse to my wishlist. I was almost so certain that I only would collect SDs and YoSDs. xD Nothing is sure in this hobby, haha.

    1. It is, indeed!! And I agree, nothing is sure on this hobby xD