Monday, 23 October 2017

Fairy Halloween ~ Lore + Diorama

Hello everybody!!! Halloween is closing in, so here we are with the first Halloween-themed post of the year... well, actually, the second one. If you remember, in August I shared a post in which I was starting to make a garden-themed diorama. Well... today is the day!! I made all of that, simply to make this lore snippet for my fairies :D I do plan to make another lore for the tombstones, as those do have a meaning for the fairies, and not a creepy one, actually.

I have a lot to share today, so have a photo of the set up, and let's get with the lore first!

Halloween Celebrations

Fairies do not have the same holidays or celebrations than humans. However, many of them do enjoy some of the more light-hearted events, such as Halloween -because of the sweets and the costumes- and Christmas -due to decorating trees and exchanging gifts-. But besides this, most of the holidays have different meanings for the fairies.

In particular, a tradition during Halloween is preparing months ahead of it and growing and harvesting pumpkins, which are then cooked and prepared on the widest variety of food. This treats are shared among fairies, who also worship nature and great cooking abilities. Some of the most popular dishes are oatmeal, pancakes, smoothies and cinnamon-toasted seeds. Also, though animals are not mean in the fairy settlement, fairies usually decorate their pumpkins patches are usually guarded by handmade ghost-like scarecrows.

Finally, there are the costumes. Most fairies spend the whole month doing their job in costumes… except for Dragonflies, as their aesthetic sense usually forbids them from wearing such outfits. For this very same reason, Kitten and Owl fairies are often requested to pose as witches’ friends, while Dog fairies most common costume are ghost: they say that it allows them to do their job undercover.

Well, but... what about the garden diorama, you might say?? Thing is, I have something special prepared! During the time working on it, I attempted to record myself working on most of the stages... so here is a video in which you will see me sculpting pumpkins, making the tombstones, painting my fingers the bricks, and glueing my fingers again the moss on the base! xD Yup, you guessed it, I'm a terribly messy crafter, sowhat can I say. I'm guilty as charged hahaha!

Anyways, the video ends with assembling the diorama, and also some recording of the set up for the photos of this post. Good thing is everything can be dissasembled, and they fit on my fishing box with all the other props! Hope you'll enjoy this, and please excuse my voice... I forgot to tell it, but I'm explaining how I did the steps, so hopefully it will also help as a tutorial!

And this was all for today! I must say, the damn bricks tested my patience, and the glue on the base almost knocks me down because of the smell. But I love how this turned out!! What do you think? Next week, it is Coco and Venezia's Halloween party :D Because they needed more fancy clothes. Of course they did. How is your Halloween-planning going? Any related doll projects or plans?


  1. Dios, el diorama te ha quedado genial!! Me encantaron los detalles de las calabazas con los rulitos de enredadera y la glorieta me gustó muchisimo con sus fantasmitas. Que trabajo tan detallado, precioso.

    1. ¡¡Gracias!! Me alegro que guste :D
      Las calabazas son mis favoritas, la verdad. Respecto de la glorieta, tengo que buscar formas adicionales para usarla :D

  2. Great work with the diorama and props! I loved to watch the video! Everything is in the details. And glue can really be rather smelly and sticky - especially those super ones. Once I got a drop of that on my skirt and right through on my leggings and leg. Had to work fast. O_o
    Look forward to reading about the Halloween party!

    1. Thank you so much!! I'm so happy you enjoyed the video :D
      Yeah, glue was terrible... my figers were so sticky afterwards!! D:

  3. I love your diorama! It was great fun watching the video and seeing how you put all the pieces together. The pumpkins are so adorable. At first I thought they were candy. You've given me lots of ideas for making props.

    I bought some cold cast porcelain once. Unfortunately, by the time I got around to using it, it had hardened completely. I'll have to buy some more and try again.

    1. Thank you so much!! It was a very fun project, honestly <3
      I know, those pumpkins look like candy!! :D Tricky candy, though.

      That is weird about cold porcelain. If you keep it on a ziploc bag, without air on it, it should last a lot of time. I had packages of mine lasting around 4~5 months, even after opening and using them, mostly because the bag was sealed properly. You really need to try it, it is really fun and easy to use!

  4. This turned out so great!
    And congratulations for pulling through, even with all the struggle :D

    I would love to celebrate Halloween with the fairies, it sounds so fun :3

    1. Thank you so much!! I'm very happy you enjoyed the proyect. I hope this is useful as well :D