Monday 2 October 2017

Interview with Belachix Dollworld

Hello everybody! Today I have a new interview to share with you! Today we have Epp from BelachixDollworld who makes amazing furniture for dolls and high quality alpaca wigs. As always, the interview is both in English and Spanish, and all images are used with permission.

So without further ado, let's start!

Hi there! Thank you for accepting the interview!!
Hello, I am really honored that you wanted to do interview with me. My name is Epp, I am from Estonia, 29 years old, in BJD world I am known as BelachixDollworld. All my life I have liked dolls and in BJD hobby I have been about for 2 years.
¡Hola! ¡Gracias por aceptar la entrevista!
Hola, estoy honrada de que hayas querido entrevistarme. Mi nombre es Epp, soy de Estonia, tengo 29 años, y en el mundo de las BJD me conocen como BelachixDollworld. Toda mi vida me han encatado las muñecas, y en este hobby he estado por dos años.

How did you find out about BJDs? Do you have any artistic background?
I saw many beautiful BJD photos on Pinterest and one day I decided to look more into it – and I was hooked. Soon I ordered my first BJD (Fairyland Minifee Chloe). I have no artistic background, I worked as an accountant and was on maternity leave, when I found about BJDs.
¿Cómo conociste las BJDs? ¿Tienes alguna formación artistica?
Encontré muchas fotos bonitas en Pinterest, y un día decidí buscar más información –y me quedé encantada. Pronto encargué mi primera BJD (Fairyland Minifee Chloe). No tengo formación artistic, trabajaba como contadora y cuando encontré las BJD estaba en licencia de maternidad.

And from there, how did you decided to work on doll furniture?
When I received my first girl, I wanted to make pretty pictures of her, I didn’t like “real life” background. I always loved doll dioramas and wanted to make one myself. Lucky for me, at the same time with my growing hobby, we started a family business with CNC laser cutting. I started to experiment with roomboxes and doll furniture, posted them on Instagram, people were very supportive, so I was inspired to try more. Our workshop is under larger renovation at the moment, so I don’t have any good pictures, but in few months I shall I have my own room for all my crafts, many roomboxes, dollhouses and other things – I am really excited for it.
Y desde ahí ¿cómo decidiste trabajar en los muebles y casas de muñecas?
Cuando recibí mi primera muñeca, quería tomarle fotos bonitas y no me gustaban los fondos de “la vida real”. Siempre me han encantado las casas de muñecas y quería hacer una por mi cuenta. Para mi suerte, al mismo tiempo que con mi hobby, comenzamos un negocio familiar con cortadoras láser CNC. Comencé a experimentar con habitaciones y muebles, y al compartirlos en Instagram la gente me dio mucho apoyo, así que me inspiró a hacer más. Nuestro espacio de trabajo está bajo renovaciones, así que no tengo buenas fotos, pero en unos meses tendré mi propia habitación para mis manualidades, casas de muñecas y otras cosas. Realmente estoy entusiasmada.

You also make lovely alpaca wigs! How did you started on them? What is your favorite style?
When I was waiting for my first BJD girl, then I started looking into wigs, clothes etc. I wanted very realistic hair, alpaca wig. I wanted to try to make some myself. I got a good deal from an alpaca breeder and bought 20kg raw alpaca fiber. Since this hobby is expensive, I needed to earn some money back. So I started to sell washed & combed alpaca locks in my Etsy shop. Processing raw alpaca in large amounts is tedious work, so I started to make wigs and tried to sell those instead. After about 6 months I started to sell only wigs and at the same time started with roomboxes and furniture.
I follow many hairstylists on Instagram, I get 90% of my inspiration from real life people and their hairstyle. In all my life I have been blonde and never have the courage for colorful hairstyles, so I make them for dolls. Colorful is my favorite style. In making wigs, my favorite part is gluing and second best is making final pictures. I rather dislike processing raw alpaca and dye process.
¡También hacer hermosas pelucas de alpaca! ¿Cómo comenzaste a hacerlas? ¿Cuál es tu estilo favorito?
Cuando estaba esperando por mi primera BJD comencé a mirar pelucas, ropa, etc. Quería cabello realista, como alpaca, así que intenté hacer algunas por mi cuenta. Hice una compra muy Buena por 20Kg de alpaca cruda. Dado que este hobby es caro, necesitaba ganar algo de dinero. Así que empecé a vender alpaca limpia y peinada en mi tienda de Etsy. Procesar la alpaca es un trabajo tedioso, así que empecé a hacer pelucas e intentar vender esas. Luego de 6 meses, sólo vendía pelucas, y al mismo tiempo empecé con las habitaciones y muebles.
Sigo muchos estilistas en Instagram y el 90% de mi inspiración viene de personas y cabellos reales. Toda mi vida he sido rubia y nunca he tenido el coraje de usar peinados de colores, así que los hago para mis muñecas. Al hacer las pelucas, mi parte favorita es pegar, y lo segundo mejor es sacar las fotos. No me gusta mucho procesar y teñir la alpaca.

Regarding your furniture: Do you sell kits? Do you only offer stock or take commissions?
Few of my furniture have kit options, most of my products are bit hard to assemble, so I do that part myself (you can choose unpainted version for more personality). All my furniture is made to order, I don’t have active stock and I don’t take commissions. All my dollhouses and roomboxes can be bought as kits.
Respecto a los muebles: ¿Vendes kits? ¿Trabajas sólo con stock u ofreces comisiones?
Pocos de mis muebles tienen kits, ya que la mayoría es dificil de ensamblar, así que hago esa prte yo misma (sí pueden comprar los mueles sin pintar, para personalizarlos). Todos mis muebles son a pedido, no trabajo con stock y no hago comisiones. Mis casas y habitaciones sí pueden comprarse como kits.

You also make kitty furniture! How did you started? What do you like the most to work with?
All my life I have been a huge cat fan, so of course my BJDs needed to have a cat. Cat needed to have a place where to take pictures and hang out. I googled a lot of real life cat climbing stations and stared to recreate. Adding finishing touches (such as ball hanging on a rope) is my favorite part.
¡También haces muebles para gatitos! ¿Cómo comenzaste? ¿Qué es lo que más te gusta hacer?
Toda mi vida he sido fanática de los gatos, así que por supuesto mis BJDs necesitaban tener gatos. Los gatos necesitan lugares donde estar y donde sacarles fotos. Busqué muchos árboles y estaciones para ellos, y comencé a recrearlas. Agregar los toques finales (como una bolita colgando de una cuerda) es mi parte favorita.

What inspires you to make the furniture? Do you have any personal favorite among your work?
I use real life furniture as inspiration. Sometimes I just go out to a furniture shop and make pictures of furniture and try to recreate it. My favorite piece is the daybed.
¿Qué es lo que te inspira para crear los muebles? ¿Tienes algo favorito dentro de tus trabajos?
Uso muebles reales como inspiración. A veces simplemente voy a una tienda de muebles y saco fotos, para luego recrearlos. Mi favorito es la cama de día.

What about your personal doll collection? Do you have a favorite brand or size?
My favorite size is MSD. From MSD size I have five Fairyland Minifees (two Chloes, two Celines and one Mirween). I also have two Fairyland Feeple60 dolls (Celine and Mirween). And of course I have a bunch of BJD pets – four cats and one dog.
¿Y respecto a tu colección personal? ¿Tienes una marca o tamaño favorito?
Mi tamaño favorito es MSD. Tengo 5 Fairyland Minifees (dos Chloe, dos Celine y una Mirween). También tengo doos Fairyland Feeple60 (Celine y Mirween). Y por supuesto, tengo muchas mascotas BJD: cuatro gatos y un perro.

Finally, is there anything more you’ll like to share with us?
We are building our online store, there will be a blog section, where I will share some tutorials, dolly finds and more :)
Finalmente ¿hay algo más que quieras compartir con nosotros?
Estamos construyendo una tienda online en, donde habrá una sección de blog y compartiré tutoriales, cosas de muñecas y más :)

And this was all for today! If you enjoyed this interview, feel free to share the link, but do not respost the interview. If you want to translate it to yet another language, contact me first.

If you love Belachix's furniture and wig, you can find her on the following sites:
Thank you so much for reading, and wish you a spooky October, with some tricks but mostly treats!


  1. Epp is new to me, and I really fell for her work. This is a nice and personal interview, she feels very open hearted. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Happy you liked the interview and that it helped you to meet someone new! :D

  2. I hadn't known it was her work, those beautiful sofa's made from plywood. I love it. Thanks for the interview and how surprising she is at our neighbour country!! ^__^ Definitely new follower for her work.

    1. It is amazing how this hobby can connect us with people around the world :D
      I love those sofas as well, they are amazing!

  3. Me encantó la personalidad de Epp. Muy bonitos los muebles, me encantaron los árboles de gatito. Muy buena entrevista

    1. ¡Me alegro que te gustara! Sus muebles son hermosos, no?

  4. Thanks for sharing this! I love following BelachixDollworld's work on Instagram. I'm a little sad that she doesn't make SD sized furniture, but I also understand that it would be very space demanding with the larger size and probably difficult to ship. xD

    1. Happy you liked this! She makes amazing furniture, right?
      I can imagine SD furniture would be expensive xD

  5. Another new site for me to browse, hadn't seen or heard of her before your interview Musume. Thanks for sharing, she really has some lovely pieces.

    1. I'm happy yo spread knowledge about artists in this hobby, then!! :D
      She really does have some amazing things!