Sunday 2 January 2022

Goals for 2022

Hello! It is that time of the year meant for planning ahead and planning where to go. Given what I shared on the balance for 2021, this one is probablygoing to be along those lines. Honestly, I'm in that phase most people had wjere doing anything is taxing and the hobby is not that enjoyable--but the point is that whenever I manage to actually get my dolls off their boxes and take photos, I really enjoy it! So here you have a planning Cookie, and my goals under the cut.

1. Take more photos. Yes, I'm going easy on myself. I love photography, but between the lockdowns and the lack of a nice place to take photos, I ended up loosing motivation. I hope I can rekindle this. I won't mind if I only do "photo dump" posts, or if I rant about my settings/edit/behind the scenes, because I think that's something nice to discuss for me, and may be helpful to others.

2. Keep working on my Blythe store. Well, I honestly hope (Hope, like the doll) I can make this work. I really like to do it and it will be useful. Also, I really enjoy sewing for that particular size. I'm not sure if I'll add props or possibly patterns to the shop, but at least keep working on it. Will see what happens. If you are interested, the Instagram is @musumesatelier and the store's website is here.

3. Try to sew for other dolls and distribute my attention. It tends to happen that I only play with the smallest ones because they are easy--more portable, easy to fit in any setting, allow better shots with less props. Venezia generally needs more. But it turns out that since her leg broke, I feel very, very bad because of it. So I honestly need to take more photos of her.

4. Possibly do something for the blog anniversary? On December 15th this blog reaches 10 years. It is an amazing milestone, and I honestly have come very far, changed a lot (as a hobbyst and a person). I'm not sure what I'll do for that date, but at least a blogspot about it. I hope I can remember!!

5. Engage more in other blogs. This is a repeat from last year, and you already know everything I explained in the 2021 Balance, so I won't repeat myself. But I hope this year I can truly do a bit more, and put more effort. I'm honestly missing reading your adventures!

I know this was a small post, but it is time to start a new year and plan ahead. Perhaps one year I should try to go goal-free, but I think that doing this motivates me.


  1. Wow I didn't know you are so active in Blythe community. I like Blythe dolls even tough I don't have any myself and I'm now following your Instagram for Blythe things. ^__^ I hope you have the biggest success. It's great to read your goals and I support and share with you the photographing more and sharing more in blog goal. I've mostly photographed with phone, like Christmas holiday, I had a dslr with me buuuut it was so cold I decided to only have phone photos instead of stressing the water condensation inside the camera after photographing. I wish you all the best for 2022! ^__^ <3

    1. I started last year! I was gifted one, and needed the extra money as well.
      I have a decent phone, but I honestly enjoy my mirrorless too much. I think I wouldn't enjoy it that much if I used modern lenses. The vintages are so cheep and allow me to explore and learn!

  2. I hope the New Year will bring you strength and joy!

  3. The Blythe community is rather big, so I hope that you can reach many with your shop. Some clothes/props can even suit some Pureneemos, so I hope you succeed. For myself i hope to take more photos too. Sometimes I take many photos and even have different backgrounds/clothes, but never come to post them on Instagram or on the blog. Need to change that.
    10 years! That is an amazing milestone! Would be lovely to see a blog about that and some changes that has happened during this time.
    Happy New Year and I wish you hope, strength and success!

    1. Thank you so much! My clothes do fit Pureneemos, though!
      You definitely need to share more photos, I really like your crew!
      Happy new year, and thanks for the good wishes!!