Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cute Ms Kitty is Cute

Dollzone BBDoll MsKitty.
Hello again! Well, the weather is definitely against me, since for the fifth day, it is pouring outside, grey sky and no single sunny spot. So, I can not take any pictures unless I want them all grainy, since my light setup is bad, and so my camera :(

But, I will squee about another topic. The other day I was spying in the darkness in a forum, and I saw a news topic about this cutie on the left side: Dollzone Ms Kitty. I instantly was like "OMG CUTEEEE"! She is so tender with those little paws, and the mouth all like that! (I posted another pic of her in the bottom of the topic).

Some people was saying that she looks like Doll Chateau Agnes, but in a smaller size. I do agree she has a look, and the body Dollzone is selling her in is this one, and it kind of look like the Agnes's one, but I believe it looks cuter in the small size. I also like that it looks pretty mature, and that is something uncommon to find in the 1/6 size.

She is *so* cute OMG!! But I can't afford her, so I will just squeel at her pictures. I really like this kind of cutie doll, as well as the mature ones. I will put another picture of her (so I can squee moar), and a link to the selling page in Dollzone.

Dollzone BBDoll Ms Kitty

Link to the store page: Dollzone

The pics in this post belongs to Dollzone. I just vent about them :3

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