Friday, December 21, 2012

Princess Dress Finished!

Long ago, in October, after a month of test, exams and projects in the U, I started a sewing project for my Kitty. I wanted to do a really elaborate princess-like white and pink dress. You. I had to stop in November, due to another wave of exams and test, but in the lasts weeks, I have been able to finish that. You can see more post of the progress in my Flickr.

Some weeks ago I returned to the project, and was able to finish the skirt embellishment, and the headdress. I wasn't able to take pics before because -as I have already wined hundreds of times- weather was against me, and there was no sunny spot to take the pic. Today I came a little sun, and I literally rushed to my living room to set up my backgrounds and take some pics. 
Well, here it is. It is a white ribbon, with a lace-rose in pick, that I did by myself. Since my doll is a Kitty, this goes in her ear, with the ribbon  in the back of the head.

Headdress for the White Princess outfit.

I hope to be able to take the other pics soon, so I can start the Gallery on my blog, and then start researching for my first historial sewing project. Wish me luck


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